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Personal Digital Assistants Pros and Cons

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Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs are among the cutting-edge tech gadgets that everybody wants to own these days. Personal assistants are very common for personal use, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and of course, Microsoft Cortana. However, personal assistants also have several uses in business.

All PDAs allow you to combine the functionality of planners, organizers, mobile phones, web browsers, GPS maps, and many other features in one convenient assistant.

The Pros and Cons of Personal Digital Assistants

PDAs are in use almost everywhere you look. People use digital assistants to do everything from booking hairstylist appointments to paying Spectrum Billing. They are versatile, smart, and most importantly, convenient to use. But like most forms of modern technology, personal digital assistants have both a light side and a dark side. Let’s take a look at some of the common pros and cons of having a personal digital assistant:

  • Pro #1 Better Connectivity
  • Pro #2 Better Organization
  • Con #1 More Distraction
  • Con #2 Vulnerability

Let’s examine the Personal Digital Assistants Pros and Cons in more detail below

Pro #1 Better Connectivity

One of the biggest advantages of having a personal digital assistant is the increased connectivity it provides. A digital assistant can reach across multiple devices and platforms. For example, you can dictate an email to your assistant, ask it to run a spell-check, and even send the email for you. Your assistant can also alert you to incoming calls, messages, and emails.

Most importantly, since it organizes your calendar for you, it can use it to inform you of upcoming meetings and events. You can even use your assistant to communicate with anyone from your contact list. Most digital assistants also feature voice controls, which allow you to stay connected to everything you love with nothing but voice commands.

Pro #2 Better Organization

Another huge advantage digital assistants offer is better organizations. People, especially business professionals, are extremely busy these days. Work and life are both increasingly fast-paced, making it harder to keep up with the things you need to accomplish.

A digital assistant can help make this task much easier. It can keep track of your meetings, tasks, to-do lists, and important reminders. Using this, it can update your calendar, send you alerts, and prompt you to start specific tasks at specific times. You can even automate your assistant to perform certain actions for specific items. All of this makes your task of organizing and planning your day much easier and more convenient.

Con #1 More Distraction

With so many glowing advantages of using digital personal assistants, it is hard to imagine a flip side to it. But it does exist, and the biggest con I associate with virtual assistants is a distraction. Technology has an unfortunate side-effect of lowering our attention span. In many cases, adding more technology to your life can make it more confusing instead of simpler. Your assistant may become a source of distraction when you are trying to accomplish important and time-sensitive tasks.

Digital assistants are also fun when you are looking to waste time. Asking weird questions and giving funny commands makes for hours of entertainment. But it can also eat significantly into the time you could spend productively doing important things.

Con #2 Vulnerability

The ability to distract aside, the single biggest con that virtual digital assistants have is something that is common across all types of tech. That’s right, vulnerability. Theoretically, it is possible to hack into anything with an internet connection. That puts your smart speaker and home assistant squarely in cybercrime crosshairs.

If someone can hack into your Amazon Alexa, they can listen in to your conversations. They can also extract sensitive information that it may possess, like your name, address, bank information, and credit card details. These days, my smart digital assistant has information on everything about me, from your eating habits to how much I spend on my Spectrum channels.

I don’t know about you, but for me, that is an awful lot of information to expose to risk. Unfortunately, like most tech, smart assistants are not safe from cyberattacks. That means you should be extra careful while using them.

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