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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Free Mobile App Features

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a picture processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and macOS. The software allows you to view, organize, and retouching large numbers of digital images. The Lightroom’s edits are non-destructive. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC cannot do many Photoshop functions like adding, removing or altering the […]


Loan Application for Kenyans, Tanzanians and Nigerians

The branch loan application makes it easy for you to get access to credit anytime, anywhere. Complete our application in seconds and receive your loan straight to your account. It’s fast, convenient and reliable. Available in Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria. The branch online loan application mobile app has eliminated the challenges of getting a loan […]

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Meet Twinpine Mobile Advertising Network Cofounder

Twinpine is a Pan-African mobile advertising network company currently generating a lot of buzz in Nigeria’s advertising and technology circles. Twinpine mobile advertising network company is different from other mobile advertising networks because the company focuses on the tangible value for advertisers and publishers on the network. Twinpine doesn’t just serve impressions but work to […]


17 Microsoft Business Management Mobile Apps Download

Most of the Microsoft business management mobile Apps are available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Microsoft has spent so much in the development of mobile apps for its customers using the Android mobile devices and Apple devices respectively/ Some of the mobile apps include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Microsoft Azure, […]


Mobile App Development Tips for Online Business Websites

The mobile app is a tool or software application developed for webmasters specifically to use on small wireless devices like the Smartphone and Tablets than the usual desktop computers and laptop computers. Many of the devices are sold with several apps bundled as pre-installed software. The simple way to convert your blog or digital marketing […]


50+ Best Business Management App for Inventory

If you are you looking for the top, best free business management app to increase your business productivity, then you are in the right place. There various management app on Google Play Store and another mobile app store for productivity. We have done some deep research and compiled a list of the best business productivity […]


Purpose of an App Development Agency in San Francisco

San Francisco is considered to be the most beautiful and fourth populated city of California. People from various parts of the world come here to visit and spend their holidays in summer because of its exotic beauty and beaches. Nevertheless, app development technology has accelerated in San Francisco in a very short span of time. […]

About Akinpedia

Welcome to Akinpedia, a resourceful blog where we live, dream, and think all about information. We are so passionate about information and everything that goes along with it. Our main objective is to share the latest and greatest information, tips, findings on Business, Digital Marketing, Technology and Digital Currency, Business Mobile Applications and Software, Business […]

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eCommerce Platforms: Which to choose? the 4 best compared

If you have decided to take the path of eCommerce by creating eCommerce platforms, there are some important aspects you need to think about with your trusted web professional: • Creating eCommerce sites does not only mean developing it and making it available online. It also and above all means to manage it on a […]

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How To find the right SEO Services for Your Product Service

In this fast-changing world of the digital revolution, the whole world is focussing on making its brands and companies known in the cyber world through advertisements using SEO services promotions through the Social Media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linked In, etc. India too is taking giant leaps in this fast-changing digital world. How SEO Services […]

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