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Online Review Websites to Make Money from Home

Online review websites are the standard way to make money online from home which provides a legitimate resource through which people are able to identify products they want or need to buy. The premise of a website review sites is that you remove all the corporate bias, instead of providing an objective resource for people to identify the best way to obtain what they want.

If you are looking at getting the most out the product review opportunity online, you would basically be tied to getting Google ranks. Whilst this worked well, added competition, changes in Google’s algorithm and the rise of the mega eCommerce store such as Dealspotr are leading the product review business in the past 5+ years.

Online business review sites are not dead, like most things in the commerce world when one opportunity fades, another rises. This is exactly what is happening with the product review websites.

Online product review websites are sites dedicated to reviewing different products to make money online through commissions on the sales you refer to the various companies on the web pages

The point of the websites is to provide unbiased references for different markets. We actually see this quite prevalent in the personal finance space with a myriad of comparison websites for the likes of insurance, loans and banking services.

Table of Contents

Most classic online review websites are basically made up of several different elements that are populated with content to provide users with the ability to determine which products are best etc, like

Online Review Websites
  • Main home page (where a summary of reviews are kept)
  • 5+ Review pages (the actual reviews for different products)
  • 10+ Content pages (this works like a cross between a blog and tutorials site) the content on these pages is generally very rigid/static
  • Blog (opinions on industry news etc)
  • About/Contact/Legal pages

The most important thing to understand about the product review website to really make money online is that in order for these sites to have any value at all, they need to be seen and used. This can only happen if you’re able to effectively promote them which is typically why most people relied on Google ranks to make them viable. The problem with this as mentioned that if Google decided to kick the site off the site effectively becomes worthless.

How to Actually Make Money Online with Product Reviews

  • Referrals (from other websites including article directories, news sites etc)
  • Direct (people typing your site indirectly)
  • Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)
  • Marketplaces (Dealspotr, Amazon, eBay, Envato, Fiverr, etc)
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

The most effective way to make money online on Online review websites is by utilizing the power of social media which is simply any sort of website that requires you to use your own identity to engage with others. This is not just limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram either.

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If you are looking at a more sustainable model of cultivating traffic to really make online, you will need to cultivate an actual brand and other essential elements. This is where social plays such a vital role it pushes the need for a much more authentic marketing strategy.

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