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Online Marketing Tools That Changed My Business Online

If I am honest, I’d readily admit that I’m a little bit of a lazy online entrepreneur. Sure, I love to watch as passive income comes pouring into my multiple websites but to be truthful, I have not done a whole lot of “web optimization” in some time. I was making more than enough to get by more than I ever had worked a “real job”, and didn’t really see the reason to do anything else.

I had the perfect blend of work, fun and then more fun going on, and so no real reason to rock the boat. Then a friend of mine showed me the advanced reporting from his online marketing tools, and everything changed in an instant.

All of a sudden, I hated my business. Well, hate is probably too strong a word but I was certainly disappointed with how to relax I’ve gotten about optimizing, split testing, and paying attention to my critical numbers and data. With one glance at these advanced reports directly from the online marketing tools, I knew that I should be absolutely smoking my friend and their business – but was in fact a getting crushed by the amount of money that they were pulling it.

Online Marketing Tools

Not to let something as petty as money come between a friendship, I decided right then and there that I was going to grab one of the online marketing tools and smoke them but probably take the high road and keep my numbers to myself.

Probably, these online marketing tools was easy to set up, even easier to use, and easiest to understand

Jumping on the online marketing tools website was a ridiculously simple and straightforward experience you can tell that they have used their own platform to optimize the process. From there, signing up for their account was even easier, and digging around the dashboard was intuitive, straightforward, and well laid out across the board.

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However, it was when I really started to track my clicks through this platform (and looking at all of the different advanced – and custom – reporting that they made available) that I was blown away. I could track all of the essential details about my clicks (where they came from and who they were like other analytic tools) but there was something else.

I was also able to use IP rotation and redirection services, built-in geo-targeting to push specific advertisements and marketing campaigns to specific geographic regions, enjoy a real-time (yes; real-time) reporting system, and split testing tools that seem to be pouring out my ears.

Never before have I seen a more complete set of online marketing tools in one easy to use the system, and I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to fight with all of the different services out there to pull them into some sort of seamless solution like this one. Recommended online marketing software.

Now, I think that I will stick with the online marketing tools and keep optimizing my business more and more as time goes on. You’d be wise to do the same grab an account just as soon as you get the chance and take her for a test run.

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