Online Computer Degree at the University of New England

The University of New England has provided flexible education for over 60 years, they know what the challenges are, and have a lot of support services in place to help students overcome them. The online computer degree is designed to be inclusive and to create a learning community for all students to engage with each other as well as academic staff.

This is one of the reasons why the University of New England has been rated the best online university by Online Study Australia in its national list of top ten online universities. Flexibility is the key to their online learning programs.

Whatever is your commitments you can study at any time or any place around the world. At your home, travelling or at work. Your study can be balanced with the competing interests of work, family and social commitments.

How does University of New England online study work

Instead of turning up to a lecture on campus at a designated time, the course content is provided online for you to get access to when it suits you each week. It might be a podcast (recorded lecture), a set of readings, questions posed in a discussion board, an online quiz or a video.

Your lecturer will guide you through the unit with a weekly plan of study. To make sure your learning can take place when it suits you, The University of New England provides facilities which allow you to send questions, submit assignments, order library books, check your grades and access other resources, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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The University of New England also believes that a vital part of the online study is your engagement with the learning community. Communication with your classmates, teaching staff and university support staff will enhance your study experience and make sure that your skills extend beyond just the subject. applied.

How does University of New England online study work

Online Computer

The online computer degree course includes a core of units that give all our students solid programming, mathematical, and software engineering background.

From the core units, students will learn multiple programming languages as well as the modern collaborative tools and practices that software teams use to design, develop and deliver software that solves problems for their users.

They will also take a team capstone project, where they must develop solutions to real-world computing problems drawn from community organisations and industry.

The Online Computer Degree has two Majors

– Software development Topics include artificial intelligence, functional programming, development for the modern web, mobile development, and interaction design.
– Applied Modelling Includes topics that are of particular relevance to applying to compute to science, such as statistical machine learning, distributed computing, and computational science.

You can also take both majors or a single major with your own customized set of extra units. The Bachelor of Computer Science has a professional-level accreditation from the Australian Computer Society. Get more details information on available and remaining courses online at the University of New England official website.

How to apply to the University of New England Online Computer Degree Courses

Prior to applying, the university suggests you

– Check out the Course and Unit Catalogue, to see all the degrees UNE has to offer. You can search by course or for specific subjects. If you find yourself thinking ‘that might be good’, then have a look at which degree program is linked to those subjects.
– Check if you need to add any entry requirement documentation to your application.

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– Check the closing dates for applications. Some courses have earlier closing dates and requirements.
– You may also be eligible for credit for study you’ve previously undertaken successfully, find out about Advanced Standing. Apply now for University of New England online degree courses. Applications are now open for Trimester.

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