Online Business Blogs Secrets by Top 15 Successful Bloggers

Many people really thinking about the possibility of starting online business blogs to really make money online blogging. Here we have gathered the secrets of those top bloggers who are really making it big when it comes to blogging.

Though we have many ways of starting online business blogs to make money online as a blogger, but I just decided to streamline some experts opinions in this post to expose those top bloggers secrets to newbie blogger like me out there who really aspiring to be a great blogger like my friend from Cameroon Enstine Muki who is one of the greatest bloggers in the African continent.

The names listed below are the greatest and most successful bloggers who are really making money by Starting Online Business Blogs

Online Business Blog Secrets

John Chow

This is one blogger who is really against starting online business blogs and start looking for Adsense or seeking for 3rd party advertising company to display advert links on your blog.

He said to really make money blogging, you need to create an email list to capture your readers to form a relationship with them, establish your brand, and recommend products and services to them that will help solve their problems, and make you money. John Chow believes will increase your blog reader visitation time to your blog and add more value to your income than any third-party ad network.

Brian Dean

This wonderful blogger simply said you need to have your own product to really start an online business blogs to be making money online. According to Brian Dean “Selling affiliate products has its place in a blog’s monetization, but you’re not fully in the driver’s seat”.

The offer that’s pulling in 25% of your revenue could suddenly go under or pull its affiliate program without warning. But when you have your own products and services, not only do you get 100% of the revenue, but you’re fully in control.

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Yaro Starak

He said the most effective way of starting an online business blog to start making money online is by selling high priced items. There was a time he ran a campaign for a product promoting ($3,000 training program). Yaro Starak sold 18 copies and earned 50% commission from it. Secondly, the most effective way to make money blogging is to sell subscription products.

Though these products might only cost $25 per month, if you can sign up a number of people and it’s the kind of service or product people keep paying for (like an email autoresponder service), you keep making money. You can also read: SEOlium – How to ensure 99.7% accuracy of Worldwide SEO projects

Matt Smith

One of the reasons why he loves starting online business blogs is so much in the fact that there are so many ways to monetize a site. For that simple reason alone, it is difficult to select only two. Affiliate marketing can be such an effective way to monetize a site. Some sites fall into the trap of promoting anything and everything that they can find online, which only serves to dilute what you are saying.

The added benefit of starting online business blogs with affiliate marketing is the higher margins that you can earn from them. Matt Smith said if a site wanted to display an advert, they could choose to display AdSense ads, which would earn a few cents every time someone clicked on it OR you could display an ad that links to an affiliate product that you were promoting.

Nick Loper

Nick Loper believes the most effective ways for me to starting online business blogs and be making money blogging ironically have not been blogging related at all. The first step was having a product or service to sell; The second tactic that is working for him has actually been his podcast.

A podcast is a powerful medium to reach a really broad audience, connect with some awesome and inspiring people, and develop a deeper connection with your listeners than you ever could from a blog post. If you can get people spending 30-40 minutes per week with you in their earbuds, you’ll build a higher level of trust than if that person spent 3-4 minutes reading your blog.

Adam Connell

He said Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online, a lot of people definitely struggle. Adam Connell said you need an engaged audience to make this work, but you can make it work.

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Don’t just promote any product; get behind products that you really believe in. The second way to make money blogging is to offer a retainer-based service, which is a great way to earn money but you can add another dimension by offering a retainer-based service where you charge a monthly amount.

You could still offer one-off services by starting online business blogs, but encouraging clients to engage your services on a regular basis is the way to go. In order to do this, you need to find a problem people in your niche are facing that you can help them with. You also need to minimize risk to yourself too, so offering a service to help someone with a third-platform can work, and work great but it’s worth diversifying.

Jacob Gube

Starting online business blogs and making money blogging is all about your site traffic not just about the number of page views, but also the type of readers the blog draws in. A blog that is appealing/influential within a niche readership consisting of people who have disposable incomes or available funding to spend on relevant products/services.

Jacob Gube said a blog for professionals like lawyers, doctors or software engineers, will generate more advertising income than a blog three times its size, but whose readers are not engaged and in a position to make any sort of purchase.

If you agree with me that making money blogging directly correlates to your site’s ability to generate the right type of traffic, then what follows are two ways that will help you do that.

  • Ask your readers to have conversations through email and social media. Learn about the things that interest them. Continually analyze and gain insights about past blog posts to see what makes one better over the other. Then, test your theories.
  • Starting online business blogs without substance will not convert visitors into long-term readers. I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting up another web property in the near future and I’d like to test my theory about this by earmarking funds into a solid launch campaign.

Timo Kiander

Starting online business blogs is all about list building. The essence is to connect with them one-on-one. Contact those you think can help you further.

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If they took the time to answer my question, they will be available to work with you. I know you guys are so busy but you created time to provide the content accurately. Timo Kiander said he ever remain grateful and thanks again for taking time to reply to comments here on this post.

Kevin Muldoon

A blog can be monetized in a number of ways once it has established a readership. Over the last two years, Kevin Muldoon said his 2 main sources of income through blogging have been affiliate referral commissions and selling my own products and services.

I mainly generate affiliate commissions through in-depth reviews, as opposed to displaying banners on my sidebar. I have found this to be a much more effective way of generating income, and it offers great content to readers too.

As traffic to my personal blog has increased, so has the number of freelance writing gigs that have come my way. I have also seen conversions for my books and for RiseForums increase in line with this traffic.

If you have a loyal readership, you are in a good position to provide useful products and services to your readers. Therefore, starting an online business blogs makes sense to cater to their needs and offer them something that they need.

In my personal final advice to bloggers who want to make good money blogging but still struggling to get substantial traffic to their blog is to start selling your own products and subscription products. That way you only need a few customers to make good money but if you can get more visitors to your blog and increase your traffic, then you will be selling more products than you ever imagined.

Culled from Enstine Muki Website | Make money blogging ~ 18 Top Bloggers reveal how they do it massively!

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