Online Accounting Software for Small Business Enterprise

The small business profit book online accounting software is a simple business tool that keeps track of the money flowing in and out of a business. The online accounting software is designed for micro, small, to medium-sized enterprises; it keeps track of all the transactions you make day to day, making sure you will always be on top of your business.

Though the business tool is simple, it is a sufficient tool that will make managing sales and expenses to even the salary of your employees easy, the business tool is also incorporated GST or Goods and Services Tax.

The business tool has a vibrant user interface, aims to the average business owner, even if you do not have any prior accountancy education, you can confidently use the small business profit books online accounting software almost immediately as it provides the user with a simple tour of the tool so amateurs won’t be scared off of looking at numbers and graphs. The tour teaches the user what something does and what it means.

Small Business Profit Books Online Accounting Software Key Features

Online Accounting Software

Easy to track Purchases and Sales

Your business inventory lifecycle is very important, improperly balancing the supply and demand of goods could lead to losing customers. With Profitbooks is a business tool you can use to list every single sale you have made or even the purchases you’ve made to resupply your stock. Paid or unpaid invoices are also listed and can be sorted to help you make sure none of the orders gets forgotten.

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The small business profit books online accounting software has a product/services section that is found under the Inventory tab, that can allow you to add individual products you sell or services you provide. You can input how many/much you have in stock, and with every purchase, the number will automatically be deducted. This keeps you updated, so you won’t be out of stock for a certain stock.

Methods to Track Payments

When first starting a small business enterprise, it is very likely that your first customers are going to be people who already know you, and sometimes, payments cannot be made immediately. This is in no part automatically bad for business, it shows that we are willing to put faith in our consumers.

The profitbooks small business tool will provide a simple method of tracking unpaid transactions, you can email the purchaser to make note of the unpaid invoice and with comes every single detail of the said purchase, a link will be provided with an e-mail to navigate the purchaser back to the website.

A business owner can even directly call the customers if you have put their contact number, this is just one of the many customizations you can do with Profitbooks. Online payment methods are also provided, these include Visa, Mastercard, PayTM, RuPay and Net Banking.

If a payment has been made, it will directly be deposited into your account and corresponding entries for accounting are automatically filed. This provides the hassle-free environment needed for small-manned companies.

Online Accounting Software is useful for Employees Management

The small business profit books online accounting software will provide you what you need to efficiently manage all the hours of a week. The business tool employees tab is divided into four categories; Employees, Manage Payroll, Leave Requests, and Timesheets. The sections provide you with a list of all currently employed staff.

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Employees are further divided into different categories such as Accountant, Staff, Sales, Employee, HR, and Inventory Manager. They are only restricted to specific sections of the website pertaining to the role they have in the company. For example, Sales staff only have access to Income menu items and reports, while HR only has access to payroll features.

The other ones can be found when you press the Add User button on the top right of the Employees section. The Leave Requests section is where you can manage leave requests by your employees, all of it is listed awaiting for approval or rejection. The Timesheets section helps you or your staff to easily maintain an efficient work shift for your staff to cover all the hours of the week or your workdays.

Another section of the online small business tool is the manage payroll section that is self-explanatory with a guide on the right-hand side of the page to let you know how the payroll works in this tool. To summarize, once you run a payroll process for a month, Profitbooks will first account the number of absent days, then select a bank account where the salary will be sent, and lastly, Profitbooks will start to display the results. You then have two options after reviewing the payroll results, to finalize the payroll or discard it.

On-demand Online Assistance

Encountering problems at first is normal, as you are still familiarizing yourself with the tool. Questions about the program itself, or how certain methods work, are normal especially for business owners that aren’t that tech-savvy. This small business profit book online accounting software provides the consumer with on-demand online assistance. This shows that the company behind this tool is willing to support the consumer even after purchasing their product.

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Even if you are not that good with technology, be assured that whatever problems that may come up regarding the tool, there is always help just waiting to be asked. By just clicking the question mark icon at the top, inside the red circle, it will open the chat box where a CA or Customer Assistant will provide you with possible solutions. Online business software can do much more.

The small business profit books online accounting software has a very simple user interface, making sure not to overwhelm the user when first starting. Everything from income, expenses, banking and accounting to inventory, employees, and monthly reports are neatly grouped, and every single one is easily accessible from any page of the tool. Out of all the online accounting software out there, Profitbooks will really impress you.

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