NodeJS Backend Vs ReactJS Front-end: Web Apps

Web applications have become a business tool to communicate with clients and employees, as well as it helps to store and serve business information. It’s growing rampant, and businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the performance of their web applications.

With the increase in demand for technologies, demand for NodeJS backend and ReactJS front-end is constantly rising, and in fact, the combination of them has overtaken Java.

NodeJS Backend and ReactJS

The reason why most startups prefer going with this combination is the surge in demand, which helps the startups thrive. If you’re thinking of building any web application with the combination NodeJS backend and ReactJS front-end, make sure you give it a read!

We’ve provided a complete guide on why you need to consider the NodeJS backend along with ReactJS front-end while designing web apps.

What is NodeJS?

Javascript is a commonly used and preferred language in backend technology. It’s cost-effective and, hence, is often used in web development by IT experts. NodeJS is a runtime environment and a JavaScript framework that is built on Chrome’s V8 engine. It comprises things that are used to run JavaScript outside the browser.

It’s highly efficient in providing real-time data management and facilitates the process of web app development. Moreover, Node JS backend introduced the callback concept, which is a great function and works when there’s a delay, and it allows other codes to run in the meantime.

NodeJS backend enhances the performance of web applications.

Why should you use NodeJS Backend?

As per the latest survey conducted by NodeJS, 43% of developers use it for back-end development due to its features like non-blocking I/O, asynchronous model, and event-driven architecture.

In a report, It’s been proven effective for businesses as it has shown a 48% increase in application performance, a 68% increase in developer productivity, and a 13% increase in customer satisfaction.

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It has been used for back-end development by renowned startups and companies such as Uber, PayPal, Groupon, eBay, and Medium.

  • It increases the scalability in comparison to other Javascripts by enabling the developers to scale vertically and horizontally.
  • The developer has to add some new nodes while scaling horizontally and has to merge all the resources into a single node while scaling vertically.
  • The main purpose of introducing NodeJS in JavaScript was to help users learn the back-end.
  • NodeJS backend can be used for both server-side as well as client-side applications.
  • It’s built on the Chrome V8 engine, which enhances the performance by compiling JavaScript into machine code.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS, or React, is a Javascript library that is specifically used to build the interface. It was developed by Facebook in 2011 and was built to enhance the performance of the user interface.

It’s a layer of MVC (Model View Controller) and it updates and works according to this architecture. You can easily create a complex user interface from small chunks of code.

Why should you use ReactJS?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it might be the most operated front-end development in the future. ReactJS has been used by successful startups such as Uber, Airbnb, Paypal, Khan Academy, Podio, and many more.

In fact, in 2020, in a technology survey React JS was ranked 1st on satisfaction, awareness, and interest ratio.

According to research, ReactJS is one of the most used web frameworks and 35.9% of users use React JS for front-end development in their startups.

  • It’s widely used in startups as it’s quite handy and easy to learn and use.
  • There’s a vast variety of tutorials and resources available to learn about it.
  • Javascript is the most widely used language amongst developers, and if you’re well-versed in the language, then you can easily get familiar with ReactJS in a couple of days.
  • React JS simplifies the process of web development by giving access to various components containing HTML code. These components can be used multiple times in web development, which eases the process of development and maintenance.
  • It enhances the performance as it contains a virtual DOM. Here, DOM acts as a cross-platform programming API. The DOM looks after XHTML, HTML, and XML.
  • Often, various search engines can’t get access to heavy applications of JS. However, with ReactJS, it’s become easy to read and is SEO friendly.
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Why is the combination of NodeJS Backend and ReactJS an ideal combination?

NodeJS Backend and ReactJS

Developers prefer to utilize the NodeJS backend and ReactJS front-end these days as they work best in the long run. It’s easy to create a reusable user interface module.

React JS is specifically designed for browsers, but several ReactJS development companies and startups use it to render a server when accessing the amalgamation with NodeJS.

Also, the modules and data are ideal for handling large applications and also help in enhancing readability.

Interestingly, the combination of NodeJS backend and ReactJS front-end is growing at a pace with an increase in demand.

NodeJS backend and ReactJS front-end combination are so ideal that it’s overtaken Java. With the advent of time, startups are drifting more towards the combination, and hence it’s growing exponentially with relentless demand.

Even though new technology is coming out, they maintain a strong position. The performance of websites has been enhanced with the introduction of virtual DOM.

Why should you combine the NodeJS backend with ReactJS front-end in web app development?

There are numerous benefits to using the NodeJS backend with ReactJS front-end When combined, it wouldn’t only decrease the time in development but also have some awesome benefits.

High Server Load

You might have come across websites with multiple facets. Often, the websites end up crashing due to heavy server load.

Utilizing NodeJS backend along with ReactJS front-end balances the server load. Also, it has been proven beneficial for web development, as it makes it easier for the website to give access to multiple requests and software development.

MERN Stack

The abbreviation MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS. MERN stack is a Javascript stack and a collection of scalable and robust technologies that help to build reliable web applications with front-end and back-end development systems.

The MERN stack helps startups build their websites by giving them a new horizon and adding a new dimension to the website. When the MERN stack is used along with the combination of NodeJS backend and ReactJS front-end, web development becomes more effective.

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Real-time Data

Many startups and businesses look forward to using real-time applications for their websites as they’re proven to be effective and look attractive to users.

NodeJS backend is the perfect choice when any web app is highly reliant on real-time data or when there’s a terrible server connection. It enhances the performance of the website and stabilizes the server connection.

NodeJS works incredibly well for real-time data. Conversely, ReactJS works best for UI designs. It makes the designs more attractive.

Hence, this combination would work great for any website!

Streamlined Process

When certain components of ReactJS are combined with the NodeJS backend, it increases the server-side rendering, which works great for web development as it increases the efficiency and scalability of websites.

It helps to increase the service-side rendering. Hence, most companies are turning to these combinations of NodeJS backend and ReactJS front-end for efficient and speedy results.


NodeJS has high reusability, while ReactJS has instant code sharing. You could imagine how great it would be when combined to build the JSON API more effectively.


If you’re looking to design web applications, then there’s no better option than going with this combination. The combination can do wonders for your website by enhancing its performance of the website.

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