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New Zealand Stocks Exchange (NZX) Mobile Applications

The New Zealand Stocks Exchange are passionate about working with their customers and stakeholders to grow the markets NZX operates, which generate wealth integral to New Zealanders’ prosperity, and New Zealand companies getting ahead.

The stock exchange firm love to support the growth and development of the core markets business, and to ensure they are well connected to New Zealand investors, NZX owns Smartshares, New Zealand’s only issuer of listed Exchange Traded Funds, and KiwiSaver provider SuperLife.

New Zealand Stocks Exchange started back in 1870 as a number of regional stock exchanges. To ensure they are well connected to New Zealand investors, NZX owns Smartshares, New Zealand’s only issuer of Exchange Traded Funds, and KiwiSaver provider Superlife.

The New Zealand Stocks Exchange principal activities are mainly operation and regulation of securities and derivatives markets and provider of trading, post-trade and data services for securities and derivatives, as well as the provider of a central securities depository.

Top New Zealand Stocks Exchange (NZX) Mobile Applications

New Zealand Stock Market

New Zealand Stocks Exchange

This is a stock tracking tool for New Zealand Stock Markets. Track Stocks and Indices from the New Zealand Exchange (NZX) at one place.

  • Quotes for the majority of New Zealand stocks and indices like NZX 50, NZX 10, mid-cap – small-cap indices and important sectoral indices from New Zealand Stock Exchange NZX.
  • Support for Australian Stock Indexes like ASX 200 and All Ordinaries.
  • Quotes for stocks and indexes are displayed in separate tabs.
  • Full portfolio functionality with a feature to track stocks and portfolio performance over the period of time
  • Ability to search and add the stocks, indexes in your list.
  • Full stock/index details are displayed with charts.
  • Support for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly full-screen charts.
  • Customizable list with the ability to remove and add stocks/indexes.
  • Quotes for exchange-traded funds.
  • Support for News related to stocks
  • Fully optimized for tablet view. Learn more 
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NewZealand Stocks

New Zealand Stocks Exchange

This New Zealand Stocks Exchange mobile application can be synchronized with different sources i.e. Google Finance and Yahoo Finance, It allows quick access to charts, portfolio management & a close eye on World Markets.

Track your portfolio with shares and cost
– Stock with real-time tickers
– Manage portfolio and save all your transactions
– Manage Multiple portfolios (Click on Menu Button)
– Manage Multiple Watch List for better Tracking (Click on Menu Button)
– Live News for your watch list and portfolio.
– Backup/Restore to Google Account Docs (To do a backup and restore click on the top-right icon on your screen.).

This stock exchange mobile application is a stocks viewer with no warranty. It fetches data from Google Finance APIs from Google Inc. Learn more

My NZX New Zealand Stock Exchange

New Zealand Stocks Exchange

My NZX stock exchange mobile application allows you to monitor and manage your portfolio for the New Zealand Stock Exchange, NZX in your mobile phone.

It features an easy to use interface with the latest Lollipop material design layout; it lets you manage your portfolio at a glance with quick summary info plus a wealth of market-related information. Free and no registration required, all user’s data are stored locally on your phone.

Key Features
– Portfolio management unlimited portfolio.
– Dividend management.
– Personal notes.
– 10 years history chart.
– Portfolio summary graph.
– Company news.
– Company info.
– Company financial statistics.
– Company financial statements – cash flow, income, and balance sheet.

  • Market movement – most active, gainer, losers.
  • Dividend History.
  • News – business, currencies, commodities, national, etc.
  • Exchange rates for major currencies.
  • World indices.
  • Commodity futures – gold, oil, silver, etc..
  • Import-export data to SD card or Google Drive.
  • Material design look-and-feel. Learn more 
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NZX 50 Share Trading Strategy Development Web App

New Zealand Stocks Exchange

There are many great trading strategies out there, and purchasing books or courses can save you time finding one that works, but trading can also be a “do it yourself” career.

Many traders spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars looking for a great trading strategy, but building your own can be fun, easy and surprisingly quick.

The Web Application is an interactive tool for you, investors in New Zealand sharemarket, to create your own trading strategies and backtesting for shares listed under the New Zealand share market. By installing this app you agree to the develope’s privacy policies. Learn more 

NZX is the only registered securities exchange in New Zealand and is also an authorized futures exchange. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, New Zealand Clearing and Depository Corporation, is the operator of a designated settlement system

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