8 Network-Attached Storage Benefits for Small Businesses

Network-attached storage is dedicated file storage that enables multiple users and different client devices to retrieve data from centralized disk capacity. Users on a local area network (LAN) can access the shared storage via a standard Ethernet connection.

Network-attached storage devices typically do not have a keyboard or display and are configured and managed with a browser-based utility. Each network-attached storage resides on the local area network (LAN) as an independent network node, defined by its unique IP address.

Network-Attached Storage

The problems with data storage and access might affect small businesses anywhere. The hard disc of the device we are using is the typical location for file storage, yet that leaves data exposed and makes it challenging for others in your business to find.

Network-Attached Storage Components

Here are a handful of reasons for thinking about adopting network-attached storage.

Central File Storage and Access

You can remotely access any files you require from a desktop workstation or while away from the office if you use NAS for file storage. It means you will not have to spend time emailing files to yourself repeatedly if you wish to work on these from home.

Additionally, you may access any sales materials you require remotely while on the go and attend any customer meeting. By consolidating file storage, you may increase security and decrease the possibility of losing files.

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On NAS, it is simple to set up file access rights which guarantee that people only with accurate authorization can access a certain file or folder.

Automated Backup Solutions for Local Cloud

For PCs and mobile devices kept on-site or off-site, NAS devices offer economical backup services that can act as a cloud backup. You have extra options for ensuring data is safely backed up and accessible when you require it when backing up office computers since you can pick between backing up wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable connection.

Simple Set Up and Usage

Network-attached storage devices are user-friendly and straightforward to set up. The setup process will not take you hours, and Quantum PC Services will set up your Network-Attached Storage and connections to simplify things. Access to files is also user-friendly and typically uses a web-based interface.

Cut-Down Hardware Costs

Since your work PCs will not require as much storage space if you store all your data on a NAS, you can pick lesser expensive hard drive solutions. Over time, these hardware cost savings could add up to a sizable sum.

Compact and Space-Saving

When employing NAS, you will not need to allocate ample office space. Some NAS machines are scarcely larger than a toaster. However, their sizes vary depending on their capacity. Because of this, they are practical and simple to transport if you require getting them out of the office before a storm.

Cost-Effective File Storage for Offices and Homes

For private cloud file storage, NAS offers a relatively economical option both for homes and small companies. As determined by PC magazine, the top NAS solutions have starting prices under $200, making them affordable for many people who want easier access to data and the protection of a local backup.

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Create your Media Server

Even still, having your media server is crucial. These functions are not available when using well-known cloud storage services. Nevertheless, this becomes entirely possible when using a NAS drive.

True Serenity

A person should strive to maintain absolute tranquillity since doing so ensures they experience high levels of personal fulfilment. Any company that introduces a NAS device will continually feel terrific knowing its information is always safeguarded. The evolution of activities is fruitful, and there is always enough room for everyone’s demands.

Data Protection

Some accidents can harm our PCs, jeopardizing the data they contain. Simply dropping a laptop could result in harm. Or accidentally spilling a beverage on a laptop could destroy all the data. Fortunately, data is safeguarded when one utilizes a NAS device which is not affected by the malfunctions of local equipment.


A network-attached storage device is an ideal option if you require a data backup and storage solution of a high capacity that is affordable and simple to deploy and is part of your IT network. This technology is innovative because it gives users access to their files whenever and wherever they choose.

No wonder most small businesses opt to utilize a network-attached storage device, or NAS, either as a stand-alone service or as a part of a hybrid solution with cloud services.

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