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The digital landscape for musicians is constantly evolving. While SoundCloud and Bandcamp remain giants, a wave of innovative music hosting sites has emerged, each with unique features tailored to different needs.

In the ever-evolving world of music, finding the right platform to host, share, and promote your work can be a game-changer.

Music Hosting Sites

Whether you’re an independent artist looking for a fresh audience, a music industry professional scouting for talent, or a passionate music enthusiast, this list will guide you through some of the most promising music hosting sites you should probably know about today.

Understanding Music Hosting Sites

Music hosting sites are online platforms that allow musicians and bands to upload, store, and share their music with the world. They often provide additional features like:

  • Streaming and downloading: Fans can listen to or purchase music directly from the music hosting site.
  • Artist profiles: Musicians can create pages to showcase their work, bio, photos, tour dates, and more.
  • Social features: Some platforms allow fans to connect with artists and each other, creating a community around the music.
  • Monetization: Many music hosting sites offer ways for artists to earn money from their music, such as through sales, subscriptions, or advertising.
  • Promotion and discovery: Some platforms help artists get their music heard by new listeners through features like playlists, charts, and recommendations.

There are two main types of music hosting sites:

  • Dedicated Music Platforms: These are music hosting sites specifically built for hosting music, like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Audiomack, and the others mentioned in the blog post.
  • Website Builders for Musicians: These are platforms like Bandzoogle or HearNow that help artists create their websites, which can include features for hosting and selling music.

Why use music hosting sites?

  • Reach a wider audience: Share your music with listeners around the world.
  • Build a fanbase: Connect with fans and create a community around your music.
  • Earn money: Monetize your music through sales, subscriptions, or other revenue streams.
  • Promote your music: Get your music discovered by new listeners.
  • Control your brand: Create a professional online presence and manage your music career.

Top Music Hosting Sites

Tired of the same old platforms? In the ever-changing world of music, staying ahead means discovering the latest platforms that can elevate your music career. This guide dives into the top music hosting sites, going beyond the usual suspects to reveal hidden gems perfect for independent artists, music industry pros, and passionate fans alike.

Audiomack: The Rising Star of Music Hosting

Audiomack is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving music industry. With a special focus on hip-hop, R&B, and electronic genres, it has become the go-to platform for artists and fans seeking fresh sounds and vibrant communities.

Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Massive Reach: Boasting over 17 million monthly users, Audiomack provides independent artists with an incredible opportunity to get their music heard by a vast audience.
  • Community-Driven: The platform fosters a strong sense of community, allowing artists to connect with fans, collaborate with peers, and build a loyal following.
  • Powerful Analytics: Audiomack’s robust analytics tools offer invaluable insights into listener demographics, engagement, and trends, empowering artists to make data-driven decisions.
  • Monetization Options: Artists can monetize their music through various channels, including ads, subscriptions, and direct sales, opening up multiple revenue streams.
  • Free and Premium Plans: Audiomack offers both free and premium accounts, catering to artists at different stages of their careers and with varying budgets.

The Audiomack Advantage:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s intuitive design makes it easy for artists to upload, manage, and promote their music.
  • Targeted Genres: Its focus on specific genres fosters a dedicated community of like-minded artists and fans.
  • Trendsetting Platform: Audiomack is known for championing emerging artists and trends, making it an exciting platform for discovery.
  • Mobile-First Experience: The platform’s mobile app is optimized for on-the-go listening and engagement, catering to today’s mobile-centric audience.

Audiomack is not just a music hosting site; it’s a dynamic ecosystem for artists to showcase their talent, connect with a passionate community, and build a sustainable music career. If you’re an independent artist looking for a platform that understands your needs and empowers your growth, Audiomack deserves your attention.

ReverbNation: The Artist’s Toolkit

ReverbNation stands as a seasoned veteran in the music hosting space, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that go beyond just hosting your music. It’s a platform designed to empower artists throughout their entire career journey.

Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Distribution Network: ReverbNation helps artists get their music onto major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more, expanding their reach.
  • Fan Relationship Management (FRM): Tools like email marketing and social media integration enable artists to connect with fans on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and engagement.
  • Gig Finder: ReverbNation’s Gig Finder feature connects artists with potential venues and promoters, opening doors to live performance opportunities.
  • Crowd Reviews: This unique feature allows artists to gather valuable feedback from fans on new music, aiding in decision-making and refinement.
  • Educational Resources: ReverbNation provides a wealth of articles, tutorials, and guides on various aspects of the music industry, helping artists navigate the business side of their careers.
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The ReverbNation Advantage:

  • All-in-One Platform: ReverbNation consolidates essential tools for distribution, promotion, fan engagement, and career development, streamlining the artist’s workflow.
  • Vast Network: With over 4 million artists, ReverbNation offers a vibrant community for collaboration, networking, and mutual support.
  • Industry Connections: The platform has established relationships with industry professionals, potentially opening doors for artists to get noticed.
  • Proven Track Record: As a veteran platform, ReverbNation has a history of helping artists achieve success and build sustainable careers.

ReverbNation is more than just a music hosting site; it’s a comprehensive toolkit that empowers artists to take control of their careers. If you’re looking for a platform that offers a wide array of resources to support your growth, ReverbNation is a worthy contender.

Beatport: The Electronic Music Mecca

Beatport reigns supreme as the ultimate destination for DJs, producers, and electronic music enthusiasts. With a staggering catalog of over 9 million tracks, it’s the world’s largest electronic music store, providing a haven for all things EDM.

Key Strengths for DJs and Producers:

  • Unmatched Selection: Beatport offers an unparalleled selection of electronic music across all subgenres, from techno and house to trance and drum & bass.
  • High-Quality Downloads: DJs rely on Beatport for its pristine audio quality, ensuring their mixes sound impeccable in clubs and festivals.
  • Charts and Curated Playlists: Stay ahead of the curve with Beatport’s curated charts and playlists, showcasing the hottest tracks and emerging talent.
  • Community and Networking: Connect with fellow DJs, producers, and labels through Beatport’s vibrant community forums and events.
  • Live Streaming: Experience exclusive live sets and DJ performances through Beatport’s streaming platform, keeping you connected to the pulse of the electronic music scene.

The Beatport Advantage:

  • Industry Standard: Beatport is the industry standard for electronic music, used by professional DJs worldwide to discover and download new tracks.
  • Genre-Specific Focus: Its laser focus on electronic music creates a niche community where artists and fans share a deep passion for the genre.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Beatport’s charts and playlists can provide significant exposure for up-and-coming artists and labels.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Beatport continually innovates, introducing features like “Link” for seamless DJ set streaming and “Hype” for promoting new releases.

Beatport is more than just a music store; it’s the beating heart of the electronic music world. If you’re a DJ, producer, or simply a devoted fan of electronic music, Beatport is an essential platform for staying connected, discovering new music, and fueling your passion.

Bandcamp: The Artist-First Haven

Bandcamp, a stalwart in the music hosting landscape, stands out for its unwavering commitment to artists. Unlike many other platforms, Bandcamp empowers artists to sell their music directly to fans, fostering a closer connection and ensuring artists receive a larger share of the profits.

Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Artist-Friendly Model: Bandcamp’s model is built on the idea of empowering artists. Musicians set their prices, keep most of their revenue, and have full control over their music and merchandise.
  • Direct Fan Connection: The platform facilitates a direct relationship between artists and fans, enabling artists to build a loyal following and cultivate a sense of community.
  • Supportive Community: Bandcamp has cultivated a thriving community of music lovers who actively seek out and support independent artists.
  • Diverse Revenue Streams: Beyond music sales, artists can offer merchandise, subscriptions, and even ticketed live streams through Bandcamp Live.
  • Fair and Transparent: Bandcamp is transparent about its revenue share, ensuring artists understand how they are compensated.

The Bandcamp Advantage:

  • Higher Revenue Potential: Artists typically earn more per sale on Bandcamp compared to other platforms due to its favorable revenue share model.
  • Creative Control: Bandcamp offers a high degree of customization, allowing artists to create unique pages that reflect their brand and personality.
  • Community Building: The platform’s focus on community fosters a supportive environment where artists can connect with fans and other musicians.
  • Genre Diversity: Bandcamp embraces a wide range of genres, from experimental and niche to popular and mainstream, providing a home for all kinds of music.
  • Bandcamp Fridays: Bandcamp regularly waives its revenue share on certain Fridays, further supporting artists and encouraging fans to buy music directly.

Bandcamp is more than just a music hosting site; it’s a movement that champions artist independence and fair compensation. If you’re an artist who values creative control, direct fan connection, and a supportive community, Bandcamp is an ideal platform to call home.

SoundClick: The OG of Music Hosting

SoundClick, a true veteran in the music hosting world, has been providing a reliable home for artists since 1997. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of newer platforms, its simplicity and affordability make it a solid choice for beginners and those seeking a straightforward solution.

Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Free Hosting: SoundClick offers free hosting for your music, making it an accessible option for artists on a budget.
  • Social Networking Features: The platform allows you to connect with other musicians and fans, fostering a sense of community and potential collaboration.
  • Simple Interface: SoundClick’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it ideal for those who prefer a no-fuss approach.
  • Customizable Profiles: You can personalize your artist profile with photos, bios, and links to your social media.
  • Established Community: While the user base may not be as massive as newer platforms, SoundClick boasts a loyal following of artists and music enthusiasts who appreciate its simplicity and directness.

The SoundClick Advantage:

  • No-Cost Barrier to Entry: SoundClick’s free hosting model eliminates financial barriers, making it an ideal starting point for beginners or artists with limited resources.
  • Focus on Music: Without the distractions of overly complex features, SoundClick keeps the focus on the music itself, allowing your tracks to shine.
  • Reliable Platform: With decades of experience, SoundClick has a proven track record of stability and reliability.

SoundClick may not be the most flashy or feature-rich platform, but it offers a reliable and accessible space for artists to share their music. If you’re just starting or looking for a simple, no-frills solution, SoundClick is a viable option worth considering.

Orfium: The Guardian of Music Rights

Orfium is a trailblazing platform that is revolutionizing the way artists protect their music and ensure fair compensation. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Orfium provides a transparent and secure solution for tracking music usage and managing rights.

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Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Copyright Protection: Orfium’s blockchain-based system creates an immutable record of music ownership and usage, making it easier to identify and address copyright infringements.
  • Fair Compensation: The platform ensures that artists receive accurate and timely payments for the use of their music across various platforms and channels.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Orfium’s transparent system provides artists with clear visibility into how their music is being used and how they are being compensated.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Artists gain access to detailed analytics and reporting on their music usage, helping them make informed decisions about their careers.
  • Industry Partnerships: Orfium collaborates with major players in the music industry, including record labels, publishers, and collecting societies, to streamline rights management processes.

The Orfium Advantage:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Orfium leverages blockchain technology to create a secure and tamper-proof system for music rights management.
  • Artist Advocacy: The platform is committed to protecting artists’ rights and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work.
  • Growing Momentum: Orfium is rapidly gaining traction in the industry, with partnerships expanding across the globe.
  • Focus on the Future: Orfium is actively shaping the future of music rights management, setting a new standard for transparency and fairness.

Orfium is not just a music hosting site; it’s a game-changer for artists concerned about copyright protection and fair compensation. If you want to safeguard your music and ensure you receive your rightful dues, Orfium is a platform worth exploring.

YouTube Music: The Powerhouse of Music Streaming

YouTube Music, a spin-off of the video giant YouTube, is quickly solidifying its position as a major player in the music streaming arena. Leveraging YouTube’s massive audience and robust infrastructure, YouTube Music offers artists a unique platform to share their music and connect with fans.

Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Massive Reach: With over 50 million subscribers and billions of YouTube users, artists can tap into an unparalleled global audience.
  • Integrated Platform: YouTube Music seamlessly integrates with YouTube, allowing artists to share music videos and live performances alongside their audio tracks.
  • Artist Channels: Create a dedicated channel to showcase your music, videos, and behind-the-scenes content, and engage with your fanbase.
  • Detailed Analytics: Gain insights into your audience demographics, listening habits, and performance across YouTube Music and YouTube.
  • Fan Engagement Tools: Interact with fans through comments, live chats, and community posts, fostering a deeper connection.

The YouTube Music Advantage:

  • Visual Storytelling: Combine the power of music and video to create a more immersive and engaging experience for your fans.
  • Discovery Features: YouTube Music’s algorithm-driven recommendations and curated playlists can help new listeners discover your music.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Artists can earn revenue through ads, subscriptions, and even merchandise sales through their YouTube channels.
  • Artist Support: YouTube Music is investing in artist-centric features like detailed analytics, fan funding tools, and promotional opportunities.
  • Global Community: Tap into a massive, diverse, and engaged audience from around the world.

YouTube Music is not just a music streaming platform; it’s a multi-faceted platform that allows artists to showcase their creativity, connect with fans, and build a global following. If you’re looking to leverage the power of video and tap into a vast audience, YouTube Music is an essential platform for your music career.

HearNow: Your Instant Music Website

HearNow is the perfect solution for artists seeking a hassle-free way to establish a sleek and professional online presence. Backed by Bandzoogle, a trusted name in website building for musicians, HearNow simplifies the process of creating a single-page website that showcases your music, connects with fans, and sells merchandise.

Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Simplicity: HearNow’s streamlined interface makes it incredibly easy to set up a stunning website in minutes, even if you have no technical experience.
  • Essential Features: The platform provides all the essentials you need to showcase your music, including audio and video players, social media links, and an integrated store for selling merchandise.
  • Customization: While simple, HearNow offers enough customization options to personalize your website and make it your own.
  • Mobile-Optimized: Your HearNow website will look great on all devices, ensuring a seamless experience for fans on smartphones and tablets.
  • Affordable: HearNow offers a free plan with basic features and a premium plan with additional options for a reasonable monthly fee.

The HearNow Advantage:

  • Instant Gratification: Create a professional website in minutes, without the need for coding or design skills.
  • Streamlined Focus: HearNow eliminates unnecessary clutter, keeping the focus on your music and your connection with fans.
  • Integrated Store: Easily sell your music and merchandise directly to fans, keeping more of your profits.
  • Bandzoogle Integration: If you need more advanced features, you can easily upgrade to a full Bandzoogle website and retain your existing content.
  • Trusted Brand: HearNow is backed by Bandzoogle, a well-established and respected brand in the music industry.

HearNow is the perfect choice for artists who want a minimalist, easy-to-manage online presence that puts their music front and center. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to share your music with the world, HearNow is the platform for you.

SoundCloud: The Undisputed Champion of Discovery

SoundCloud remains a dominant force in the music hosting landscape, celebrated for its colossal community of creators and listeners and its unparalleled ability to facilitate music discovery. With a staggering 175 million monthly listeners tuning in, it’s a platform that promises immense exposure for artists of all genres.

Key Strengths for Artists:

  • Massive Audience: SoundCloud’s vast user base provides artists with an unparalleled opportunity to reach a global audience and connect with potential fans.
  • Community-Driven: SoundCloud fosters a vibrant community of music enthusiasts, creators, and tastemakers who actively engage with and share new music.
  • Discovery Features: The platform’s algorithm-driven recommendations and curated playlists are renowned for helping listeners discover fresh talent and hidden gems.
  • Artist Tools: SoundCloud offers a range of tools for artists, including detailed analytics, promotional features, and monetization opportunities.
  • Genre Diversity: SoundCloud welcomes music from all genres and styles, making it a home for established artists and emerging talent alike.

The SoundCloud Advantage:

  • Unmatched Exposure: With its massive audience and discovery features, SoundCloud offers artists an unrivaled platform for exposure and potential viral success.
  • Engaged Community: SoundCloud fosters a passionate community of music lovers who actively seek out and support new artists.
  • Artist-First Approach: SoundCloud continually develops new features and tools designed to empower artists and help them succeed.
  • Free and Premium Plans: Artists can choose between free and premium plans, offering flexibility and scalability as their careers progress.
  • Established Reputation: SoundCloud has a long-standing reputation as a platform for breaking new artists and trends, making it a coveted space for musicians.
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SoundCloud remains a vital platform for any artist seeking to build a loyal following, connect with a passionate community, and gain exposure on a global scale. If you’re looking for a platform that celebrates music discovery and supports artist growth, SoundCloud is a must-have in your toolkit.

Choosing the Right Music Hosting Sites

With such a diverse array of music hosting sites vying for your attention, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. However, by carefully considering your unique needs and goals, you can find the perfect platform to amplify your music career. Here’s what to keep in mind:


  • Distribution: Do you want your music on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music? Look for music hosting sites that offer seamless distribution services.
  • Monetization: How do you plan to earn revenue from your music? Some platforms prioritize direct sales, while others focus on ads or subscriptions. Choose the model that aligns with your financial goals.
  • Fan Engagement: How important is community building to you? Look for platforms with robust social features, live streaming options, or dedicated fan communities.
  • Analytics: Do you want in-depth data on your listeners and performance? Some platforms offer more comprehensive analytics tools than others.
  • Additional Tools: Some platforms offer additional features like website building, gig booking, or copyright protection. Consider which tools are most valuable to your career.


  • Genre: Does the platform cater to your specific genre? Some platforms specialize in certain genres, while others are more generalist.
  • Demographics: Who are your target listeners? Choose a platform where your target audience is already active.
  • Community: Do you want to be part of a tight-knit community of musicians and fans? Some platforms foster a stronger sense of community than others.


  • Free vs. Paid: Are you looking for a free platform to get started, or are you willing to invest in a premium plan for more features and exposure?
  • Subscription Fees: If a platform requires a subscription, consider whether the monthly or annual cost aligns with your budget.
  • Revenue Share: Some platforms take a cut of your earnings. Compare different models to see which one offers the best value for you.

The best platform for you is the one that best aligns with your unique goals and resources. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different platforms to find the one that feels like the perfect fit for your music career.

In Conclusion

Exploring new music hosting sites can open up many opportunities for growth and engagement, whether you’re an independent musician, a music industry professional, or a tech-savvy enthusiast.

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits tailored to different needs and preferences. Dive in, experiment, and find the one that best suits your music and career aspirations.

What music hosting site do you find most intriguing, and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s discuss the best platforms for independent artists today!


What is the difference between music hosting sites and music streaming services?

  • Music hosting sites: These platforms primarily focus on providing artists with tools to upload, share, and potentially sell their music directly to fans. They often offer additional features like artist profiles, social networking, and promotional tools. Examples include Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Audiomack.
  • Music streaming services: These platforms are designed for listeners to discover and stream music on-demand. They typically offer vast catalogs of songs from various artists and labels, with features like playlists, radio stations, and personalized recommendations. Examples include Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

Which music hosting site is best for beginners?

SoundClick is a good starting point for beginners due to its free hosting, simple interface, and social networking features. It allows artists to get their music online quickly and easily without incurring any costs.

Which music hosting site pays artists the most?

Bandcamp typically allows artists to keep a higher percentage of their sales compared to other platforms, making it a popular choice for artists looking to maximize their earnings.

Can I upload my music to multiple music hosting sites?

Absolutely! It’s often recommended to diversify your presence by uploading your music to multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of discovery.

Are there any music hosting sites specifically for certain genres?

Yes, some platforms cater to specific genres. For example, Beatport is the go-to platform for electronic music, while Audiomack is popular for hip-hop, R&B, and electronic genres.

What should I consider when choosing a music hosting site?

Consider your goals, budget, target audience, and the features you need. Think about whether you need distribution, monetization options, fan engagement tools, or a specific genre focus.

Can I use a music hosting site to build a website for my band?

Yes, some platforms like Bandzoogle and HearNow offer website-building features specifically for musicians. You can create a professional-looking website with integrated music players, merchandise stores, and more.

Is it important to have my music on a music hosting site if I already have a website?

Music hosting sites can complement your website by expanding your reach and offering additional promotional tools and community features. They can also serve as a secondary platform for your music if your website experiences technical issues.

Are there any free music hosting sites?

Several platforms offer free plans with basic features, such as SoundClick and SoundCloud. However, premium plans often provide more advanced tools and greater exposure.

What are the latest trends in music hosting sites?

Some emerging trends include a greater focus on artist-friendly features like fair compensation, copyright protection (Orfium), live streaming (Bandcamp Live), and integration with social media platforms.


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