MSPL Team Owners Scrabble Retreat and Dinner

In recognition of the efforts of all MSPL team owners and their unwavering support for the MGI brand and the development of Scrabble in Nigeria, the MGI organization will be introducing the annual MSPL Team Owners Scrabble Retreat and Dinner event starting this year.

This Scrabble retreat is one of the many ways through which the MGI organization want to appreciate MSPL team owners and show gratitude for their belief in the MGI Dream. At the end of every season, all MSPL team owners will have the opportunity to come together at a luxurious hotel, and play a Scrabble retreat followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner later in the evening.

MGI Scrabble Retreat

MGI organization organizes several tournaments for Scrabble, Chess, and Draughts at various levels and supports club setup. The Mind Games Incorporation also provide training for facilitators and tournament adjudicators.

MGI organization have the vision to establish an African society where illiteracy, drug abuse, cultism and other social vices would be abated through propagating mind sports at all levels of educational systems in Nigeria and professionalising mind sports in Africa through Scrabble retreat and tournaments.

MGI organization have a long-standing history of improving and enhancing human intellectual capacity beyond reasonable doubts through various research over the years.

Benefits of Scrabble Retreat and Tournament

Some of the compelling benefits of the Scrabble game as a sports and educational tool are the following;

  • Scrabble is played as a sport in many national and international events in which participants get the opportunity to not only win laurels, medals, trophies, scholarships and monetary awards but also establish lifelong relationships between individuals, and schools states and countries.
  • Playing the game of Scrabble increases problem-solving skills.
  • Scrabble retreats and tournaments provide the health benefit of helping prevent Alzheimer’s.
  • The game of Scrabble promotes imagination and creativity.
  • The game helps to improve students’ concentration, schoolwork and grades.
  • Playing Scrabble retreats and tournaments will help to develop memory, logical thinking and time management.
  • Scrabble retreats and tournaments promote the spirit of gamesmanship among individuals
  • Teach endurance, perseverance and responsibility.
  • Teach proper planning and foresight.
  • Scrabble retreats and tournaments help to improve individuals’ vocabulary and spelling ability.
  • The game Increases social bonding and cooperation.
  • Increase personal confidence and improve emotional well-being.
  • It’s a lot of fun playing the games.
  • Organizing Scrabble retreats and tournaments for students will keep them away from other social vices like hard drugs and violence.
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In addition, the Scrabble retreat would provide an avenue for all team owners to

  • Reflect on the just concluded MSPL season
  • Offer suggestions to organisers and deliberate on ideas to improve the league
  • Discuss potential sponsorship leads
  • Casually discuss the transfer of league players between MSPL teams
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

It is important to note that the Scrabble retreat is for team owners only and no representatives or guests are allowed at the buffet dinner. All expenses on the board of the MGI organization.

The ultimate goal is for the MGI organization to arrive at a place where all MSPL teams get allocated a substantial amount of money from sponsorship deals and proceeds from other investments at the end of the season, but MGI Organization is only a few miles into the journey.

However, the MGI organization will remain resolute and committed to the pursuit of the MGI Dream. In the meantime, the organization implore all team owners to remain steadfast and not be weary as they journey together with the MGI organization. May God help us all.

Lukeman Owolabi
For MGI.

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