How to Move XLS Files to VCF Effortlessly

XLS files are spreadsheets created using Microsoft Excel or exported by another spreadsheet program, such as OpenOffice Calc or Apple Numbers. XLS files contain one or more worksheets, which store and display data in a table format. XLS files may also keep mathematical functions, charts, styles, and formatting.

What do you do when accessing your Excel contact details to Outlook and smart gadgets like Blackberry and palm computers? The best way to read XLS files holding contact details is by opening them in a flexible file extension.

VCF is a widely popular file extension to store contacts. The versatile file format lets you open XLS contact data in MS Outlook and several other smart devices. It is, therefore, XLS to vCard converter program has been launched.

The unique software transfers your entire contacts of XLS to vCard with high speed and maximum accuracy. You can rely on the program for personal or commercial usage. We all know that vCard is a universally valid file extension to store contacts and share them to various email platforms and handy smart gadgets like

  • iPhone
  • Blackberry, etc.

Excel is one of the oldest programs designed to calculate and store data systematically. The file format is used to store multiple important contacts of users. With the help of XLS to vCard, you can quickly move Excel contacts to VCF, which allows you to stay connected with your important contacts even if you are not carrying your computers.

How to Move XLS Files to VCF Effortlessly

In other words, you can access them on your smart device anytime. vCard is a powerful utility. You can operate them without the support of any third tool.

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Table of Contents

Key Features of Migrate XLS Files to the VCF Program

  • Export data at high speed
  • Maintain top accuracy
  • Easy to handle with less technical assistance
  • Standalone software
  • Transfer desirable Excel contact data
  • Applicable for all versions of Excel
  • Easy data transfer with just a few simple clicks
  • Need no such technical assistance to operate the program
  • Export XLS files to vCard with accuracy
  • No data repetition
  • Export any of your desirable XLS files holding addresses
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and other software

“Download the XLS to vCard exporter to evaluate why the tool is necessary for you.”

  • It is capable of performing export work without any delay. It migrates XLSX to VCF smoothly. Each contact detail of an Excel file is exported in a safe environment.
  • Maintain a high level of accuracy. The XLS files to VCF cause no damage during data export. It safely exports the entire contacts of the Excel file to VCF. It gives users no reason to complain.
  • Control during migration is entirely in the hand of users. The app can migrate the Excel data that you select for export. The exported file is saved at the location you find compatible with the system.
  • No duplicate data is noted. The app avoids to thus those contacts that have already been exported. Therefore, migrating XLSX to VCF takes place with complete accuracy.
  • The tool works without any support from a third app. It doesn’t even need help from the MS Excel program to export data.
  • XLS to vCard exporter is a friendly app. Migrating XLSX to VCF is relatively easy with this software. It doesn’t need any special training to operate. Users can become proficient in running the app at a time.
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Free MS Excel to VCF exporter trial is available that you can install on your Windows-based PC. Using the exporter trial is an excellent way to learn how useful the tool is for you.

Smooth Data Export

The app performs smooth data transfer. The entire contacts of the selected Excel file are exported without any delay as you hit the button “transfer XLS to VCF.” You can trust the app for 100% secure data export.

Top Accuracy

The tool quickly scans the XLS file contact information, including email id, phone number, and other related data, to safely export them to VCF. It avoids the risk of data damage or misplacement. The XLSX to vCard exporter gives users no reason to complain.

Export Desirable Data

Users have found proper control during migration as the tool carries a file filter feature where only selected files are migrated. It depends on the user’s choice of the XLS contact data they want to export.

Avoid Duplication

No duplicate data is noted during the transfer of XLS to VCF. The app doesn’t copy the same contact two times. Thus, it avoids the repetition of data to maintain a high level of accuracy.

An Independent Software

It works alone; it doesn’t need support from a third-party app or even an MS Excel program.

High-Level Compatibility

The tool is highly compatible with all valid versions of MS Excel. It is a Windows-based app that works smoothly with Windows 8/10/XP/Vista.

Free MS Excel to VCF exporter trial is offered to every user interested in purchasing the app. It is an excellent way to judge the program’s capacity before buying it.

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How to Move XLS Files to VCF Effortlessly

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