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Most Effective Tips to Cure Shoulder Pain and Back Pain

Shoulder pain mostly occurs when rotator cuff tendons become trapped under the bony area in the shoulder. The tendons will become inflamed or damaged. This condition is called rotator cuff tendinitis or bursitis. The shoulder pain sometimes may be due to a problem in another area of the body, such as the neck or lungs. Sudden left shoulder pain can sometimes be a sign of a heart attack.

  • Are you an officer, IT, or design person, often having to sit for hours?
  • Do you feel back pain, neck pain?

It is very dangerous, if these symptoms persist, you may have diseases of the nerves in the back, shoulders, neck and may have herniated discs or affect the spine. Join us to find out the most effective tips to treat back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.


This is the most common method for back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain caused by sitting too much. Use your hands, gently squeeze, squeeze or lightly punch the shoulders, neck, and sides of the spine. Maintain for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can also massage your shoulders and neck by sitting up straight, pressing firmly with your fingertips, and gently rotating.

Effective Tips to Cure Shoulder Pain

Do the movement about 4 to 5 times. This massage, massage, massage in the back, shoulder, and nape areas will reduce muscle stiffness, relieve pain, but it is just like an antibiotic, effective immediately but not in the long run. Therefore, you should not only massage and massage but also need to combine with many other treatments.

Stand up, stretch, twist, walk

The cause of back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain are because you have been sitting for too long. Maybe it’s because you are addicted to the computer or because the job requirements force you to sit too much. Remember, sitting too much is very harmful to health, so the simplest and most effective tip to cure pain, back, shoulder pain, and neck pain is to take breaks to stand up, stretch, twist. yourself and walk.

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When sitting for too long, the spine is under pressure from gravity, the muscles in the shoulders, neck, and backstretch, and the nerves are compressed, leading to fatigue. Standing up will help the muscles and nerves to relax, relieve pressure while the spine is also upright. Combine stretching movements, twisting, and walking around for 10 to 20 minutes to relax your body, which will help you to reduce back pain, neck and shoulder pain much more.

Lie down, relax your body

If standing up, stretching, walking is a way to relax in the interval between sitting for a long time, then when you are done and are feeling tired in your back, shoulders, and neck, lie down to relax and relax your body. Just like standing up, when you lie down, the muscles, nerves, and spine are relaxed, so much better.

Lie on your back, straighten your limbs, keep the physiological curves: head, shoulders, spine, buttocks, and heels touching the bed. You can also use a pillow under your neck or back, but be careful not to put your head on. You should lie down like this for about 30 minutes, and when puberty turns to lie on your side slowly, do not sit up, it will affect your back, shoulders, neck, and spine.

Apply hot, apply cold

Heat and cold are two therapies commonly used by medicine to treat muscle and vascular problems. This therapy should be used if your pain or fatigue is too intense. At that time, massage and massage will not help the pain reduce much, but hot and cold compresses are extremely effective.

To apply heat therapy, you can use a towel soaked in hot water, not too hot as it can burn the skin, but also not too cold because it will not be effective. Apply a towel to painful areas such as your back, neck, and shoulders. This therapy has the effect of softening muscles, reducing pain, stretching ligaments and blood vessels. Note that heat is only effective if you do it within 24 hours of the pain.

To apply a cold compress, you can wrap ice in a washcloth. This therapy works to relieve pain immediately, reduce inflammation, dissolve blood clots, soothe blood vessels and compressed nerves. Both hot and cold therapy should be done over 30 minutes.

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Exercise, bodybuilding, play sports regularly

The main cause of back, shoulder, and neck pain in young and middle-aged people today is mostly due to sitting too much. Therefore, regular exercise, bodybuilding, and sports will help the muscles be active, blood circulation to reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain caused by sitting for too long.

Effective Tips to Cure Shoulder Pain

You can practice early in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on your work. If you want to save money, you can exercise at home, jog and exercise in the street, park (street workout), play sports such as soccer, badminton, badminton, basketball, etc.

However, you can also choose to exercise (gym, fitness) or play tennis. There are many clubs, gyms opening with many promotions, discount codes, and coupons for gyms to help you save more money when exercising.

Coming to the gym, you can have access to modern equipment, serving a variety of movements for overall training or focusing on each part and muscle group. Come to the gym to not only reduce pain in the back, shoulder pain, and neck fatigue but also have a healthy, toned, and balanced body.

Sit in the right posture

It seems simple, but sitting with the wrong posture is the cause of back pain for most people who work in environments where they have to sit for too long, too much.

When sitting in the wrong position, the muscle bundles are stretched, pressing on the nerves, and the spine is also skewed, under the influence of gravity, causing the spine to be sore, tired, and over time, it can cause degeneration. or curvature of the spine. So the simple but effective way is to readjust, sit in the correct posture.

To sit properly, pay attention to the following:

  • Comfortable sitting position, not constricted.
  • The distance to books, notebooks, computers is 25 to 30 cm.
  • The spine is always in an upright position, perpendicular to the seat. Head, back, hips into a straight line.
  • Legs are relaxed, do not bend, do not stretch so that the knees and feet are perpendicular to the ground.
  • Both hands must be placed on the fulcrum (chair armrest, table)
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Researchers have announced that Yoga is the most effective method in reducing back, neck, shoulder, and back pain. Yoga with many flexible movements, focusing on the ability of the body parts, not only helps with back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain but also helps the body become stronger, improves brain function, reduces stress. fatigue and increase endurance and flexibility of body parts.

Not only helping to improve back, neck, and shoulder pain in young people, Yoga also helps reduce chronic back and neck pain in the elderly. To practice Yoga, you can self-study (via the internet, videotapes, daily Yoga programs on TV), take advantage of discount codes, coupons when registering for an online yoga course to save money.

Besides, you can see more free courses at Top 5 Free Yoga Course For Beginners. Or you can go to centres and classes to practice methodically under the guidance of coaches.


Above is an article about the most effective tips to treat back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Hope the article will help you. If you have sudden pressure or crushing pain in your shoulder, especially if the shoulder pain runs from your chest to the left jaw, arm or neck, or occurs with shortness of breath, dizziness, or sweating, you need to call 911.

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