Mobile Advertising WordPress Plugin for Online Publisher

The mobile advertising WordPress plugin is an ad tech platform for publishers and bloggers of all sizes with all the features needed to drive more reader engagement, increase ad revenue, and gain complete control of your mobile website.

You don’t need to have endless dashboards with your different revenue streams, programmatic techniques, and traffic channels. You will get the complete picture of your website engagement and earnings with this mobile advertising WordPress.

Marfeel has revolutionized the way publishers creates, optimize, and monetize their mobile websites. The mobile advertising WordPress plugin proprietary technology will gather insightful data on publishers behaviour and dynamically adjusts the site layout to match usage patterns, optimizing users engagement and maximizing ad revenue.

Your mobile website is only the beginning of your digital requirements. Marfeel solution is a dynamic one, providing a holistic, progressive platform, addressing all the latest developments in mobile technology.

Mobile Advertising WordPress Plugin for Publishers Benefits

The ad tech ecosystem is incredibly complex and difficult for publishers to navigate with success, hindering their monetization strategies. The complexities of ad tech are always evolving and, beyond that, the sheer number of demand providers available to work with leaves publishers with the challenge of choosing the correct partners with the perfectly balanced configuration that maximizes their ad revenue.

Mobile Advertising WordPress Plugin

But how can publishers turn this around and manage to successfully monetize their mobile website publication? There is a range of techniques that can be employed to secure success, alongside a focus on the correct analysis and metrics.

Boosting your ad revenue: To maximize revenue, it is critical that publishers are able to optimize the earnings of every visit to their mobile website, whether they receive the same or more traffic. Here are strategies that can help publishers to do that using the mobile advertising WordPress plugin.

Invest in server-to-server header bidding: Server-to-server header bidding reduces the strain on the browser by handling ad calls from the server within a single call to a third-party server.

This speeds up load times for the end-user while allowing publishers to work with as many headers bidding demand sources as they desire, helping them to leverage those demand sources against one another and achieve the best possible prices for their inventory.

Integrations with the Top Performing exchanges, servers, and ad networks: Publishers need to determine which exchanges, servers, and ad networks perform the best for them. This information can be deduced by running tests and having those players compete against one another.

Balance user experience with ad configurations: Many publishers make the mistake of attempting to boost ad revenue by simply making their ad configuration more aggressive and bombarding the user with more ads.

This introduces latency and a noisy, unappealing user experience that can turn readers away. Publishers, therefore, have to be strategic when it comes to shaping an ad configuration that balances ad density with a smooth UX that values and nurtures the user.

Constant A/B testing: Publishers need to keep a vigilant finger on the pulse of how adjustments and changes to their monetization strategy affect their engagement and revenue performance.

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This requires the accurate analysis of metrics, as well as the data handlers who have been trained with those skillsets. At the very least, publishers should be equipped with the tools that allow them to conduct this analysis.

Track the correct metrics: ARPU is at the forefront of the metrics that should be tracked by publishers. The Average Revenue Per User is simply total revenue divided by total visits. ARPU gives publishers the power to accurately track their revenue performance while accounting for the variance of traffic to ensure constant revenue optimization. And much more

MarFeel Mobile Advertising WordPress Plugin for Publishers Features


More money: MarfeelPress mobile advertising WordPress plugin has all the logic, infrastructure, and configuration with industry-leading SSPs (supply-side platforms) to make your ad space worth more and make you more ad revenue.

Marfeel AdDealer: Maximize ad impressions, ad inventory and ad revenue with our in-house algorithm. Marfeel AdDealer creates visual blocks using your article’s HTML code and identifies the best areas to insert ads without disrupting your content.

ads.txt: Effortlessly place your ads.txt file into our easy-to-use portal, avoiding a potential loss of revenue from incorrect implementation.
Hands-free: Focus on creating great content – Marfeel will take care of the rest. The plugin comes with a dedicated team of data scientists and an optimal ad configuration to maximize ad revenue.

Access to top ad servers, exchanges, and networks: Activate MarfeelPress and you’ll immediately be integrated with the industry’s most advanced ad exchanges, ad servers, and ad networks. These include Google Ad Exchange, Rubicon, BRealTime, Google AdSense and many more.

Server-to-server Header Bidding: Utilize the most advanced technique in programmatic. Auctions happen at the server level in real-time to increase ad inventory, resulting in higher CPMs.

Floor price optimization: Based on historical and real-time user data, Marfeel Sonar automatically predicts the optimum floor price and adjusts the bid, resulting in an instant increase of eCPM and ARPU.

Real-time bidding: Gain complete access to Marfeel’s RTB (real-time bidding). RTB auctions off ad impressions through ad exchanges one impression at a time. This mobile advertising WordPress plugin will optimizes ad space and generates higher ad revenue.


Google AMP: Possess one of the strongest traffic channels for digital publishers. Our partnership with Google AMP means you can also benefit from top features like swiping and image galleries.

Progressive Web App (PWA): Grow your traffic with a PWA, which gives you access to all the best features of a native application including home screen icons, push notifications, and offline capabilities.

Organic search: Under the hood improvements, such as optimal page speed and load times, will only grow your organic traffic as your SEO ranking improves.

Real-time bidding: Gain complete access to Marfeel’s RTB (real-time bidding). RTB auctions off ad impressions through ad exchanges one impression at a time. This optimizes ad space and generates higher ad revenue.

Social sharing: Gain complete control of the order you want social sharing options to appear. MarfeelPress ensures that sharing is optimally displayed when users are most likely to share your content.

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Push notifications: Alert your readers with automated notifications to drive traffic and engagement. Deliver your stories to the right people at the right time, and see your ad revenue increase from each push.

Zero traffic costs: Benefit from Marfeel’s premium CDN (content delivery network). As your engagement grows, Marfeel covers all the costs for your CDN for both mobile and desktop traffic.


Optimized media assets: Deliver content to your readers instantly with flawless quality. Using the latest compression algorithms, MarfeelPress ensures peak performance.

Worldwide presence: With points of presence all over the world, MarfeelPress can deliver your content to your readers almost instantly, regardless of their location.

Server-side device detection: MarfeelPress works at the server level to decide whether to show your mobile or desktop site. Desktop assets won’t load in the background, resulting in optimal speed.

No m. redirection: Save roughly 1 second of loading time with no m. redirection. MarfeelPress stores your website in the main domain and doesn’t rely on redirecting your readers to an m. (or mobile) site.

Lazy loading: Lazy load images, video players, and widgets as the user scrolls. This prevents elements from slowing your page speed and stops users from viewing content while it’s being loaded.
No JS or CSS Dependency: MarfeelPress doesn’t rely on heavy JS or CSS files to load, so your readers can access your content lightning-fast.


Mobile Advertising WordPress Plugin

Swipe: Provide an app-like reading experience with a swipe, which supercharges page views and engagement. More page views mean more ad impressions and more ad revenue.

Recirculation: Encourage readers to discover more content across your website with recirculation strategies such as article previews, deep-linked headers, inline related articles, and more.

Image galleries: All website images are aggregated in the MarfeelPress image gallery so that you can utilize the swipe feature and deliver a massive increase in engagement.

Navigation menus: MarfeelPress contains multiple navigation menus out-of-the-box, so your users have different options to find and read more of your content.


Marfeel Insight: You will get access to the mobile advertising WordPress plugin Insight: the complete analytics dashboard for publishers. Integrate your own tools to get full visibility over your site’s performance, engagement, and monetization.

ARPU: Revenue alone does not show the impact of changes to your website. ARPU (Average Revenue per User) takes traffic variances out of the equation to give you a transparent view of your performance and drive your strategy forward.

Multiple dimensions: Drill down into your performance and analyze from several key areas, including country, traffic channel, or revenue stream.


Speed: Your readers demand content in an instant – so give it to them. MarfeelPress’ lightning-fast page speed and load times create the optimal user experience.

Smoothness: Leverage Marfeel’s architecture, which optimizes and JS and CSS files, so that your readers can enjoy seamless transitions and interactions while browsing.

App-like UX: The elegant, fluid browsing experience of a native app can be yours with an inclusive PWA (Progressive Web App). A PWA combines the best native apps have to offer and delivers them on the mobile web.

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Uncluttered UI: Reduce the noise on your mobile site. MarfeelPress automatically collapses and hides spaces and elements that are not in use to ensure pristine user experience.

Social sharing: Gain complete control of the order you want social sharing options to appear. MarfeelPress ensures that sharing is optimally displayed when users are most likely to share your content.

Asynchronous loading: Make sure your users are never left waiting for content. With asynchronous loading, there’s no cascading or waterfall method – everything is loaded at the same time.

Optimized resources: Provide a fluid reading experience with Marfeel’s proprietary technology, which optimizes JavaScript files and reduces the number of user requests to your servers.
Lazy loading: Lazy load page assets like images, embeds, and ads, so that browsing and interacting with your content is seamless and fluid.


Speed as a ranking signal: Speed is now a significant SEO ranking signal for Google. Give your mobile site the sophisticated architecture and optimal speed to boost your SEO ranking and organic traffic.

Unique URLs for mobile and desktop: Maintain one URL, without any m. redirection, throughout both your mobile and desktop sites. This ensures all your content is attributed and share counters are aggregated to one place.

Canonical URLs: The mobile advertising WordPress plugin prevents duplicate content issues by distributing your mobile content from your original site using Marfeel’s infrastructure. This improves your website’s SEO and ensures you don’t get penalized for duplicated content.

Critical render path and loading speed: Fully render your Marfeel mobile website without any JavaScript enabled. This allows Google to crawl your mobile site much faster, boosting your crawling stats on Google Search Console.

Consolidated meta tags: MarfeelPress respects all the meta tags you implement in your articles, ensuring you are remaining consistent with SEO best practices.


Analytics providers: Google Analytics, Comscore, Chartbeat… you name it, you can add it to MarfeelPress. Understand your audience and guide your strategy with our user-friendly toolkit.

Commenting systems: Empower your online community by adding your own commenting systems, such as Disqus or Facebook comments, with a simple 3-step process.

Push notification providers: Integrate your own push notification provider and maintain your connection with your readers. Drive more traffic back to your website and increase your ad revenue.

Extensions: MarfeelPress’ extension points automatically detect extensions like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram embeds. Embeds are lazy-loaded to save bandwidth and optimize performance. And much more

You can request access to enjoy the optimal quality provision for a limited amount of downloads of the mobile advertising WordPress plugin. Just visit the website to register for access and receive your invitation

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