5 Benefits of Microsoft Power BI for Fintech Industries

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets business enterprises visualize their data and share insights across their organization, or embed them in their apps or website.” The Power BI solution comprises several products and services, and value and versatility come from leveraging the individual elements and taking advantage of how they work together.

Did you know the potential of Microsoft Power BI and advanced analytics before using them in financial operations?

Banks and financial organizations consume a massive pile of financial data daily. In addition, data and information play a vital role in the banking and finance sector. In the digital era, it is essential to analyze this financial information to achieve business growth.

Microsoft Power BI

Moreover, confidential and sensitive financial information will be helpful when financial professionals transform them into a valuable resource with advanced analytics.

Besides, they require modernized business analytics and intelligence tools to convert this financial information into a proper format.

For this purpose, Microsoft introduced the innovative business intelligence and analytics tool Power BI.

Indeed, Microsoft Power BI is an advanced and effective analytics tool that helps bank employees to streamline financial operations and services.

Let us focus on the crucial reasons financial professionals and banking employees utilize Power BI for data analysis.

Why Should Banking Professionals Use Microsoft Power BI?

Enhance digital reporting

The digital revolution positively affects every business and industry through advanced analytics tools, including the financial sector. Microsoft Power BI enhances business intelligence by offering functions to generate automated reports for a straightforward interpretation of financial information.

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Moreover, this technological shift from a paper-based reporting model to a digital format offers various benefits to banking professionals.

For example, bank executives generate paper-based reports showcasing all primary financial services for an annual meeting. With Microsoft Power BI, financial institutions can improve their financial reporting for their yearly business growth.

But this conventional method of extracting the necessary information from paper-based reports becomes complex and challenging to analyze bank employees’ performance over time.

So, financial professionals take guidance from Microsoft Power BI consulting services to improve their reporting styles.

Also, they have taken advantage of Power BI functions and created interactive visual reports showcasing the performance of bank employees. In this manner, bank executives can filter the entire performance by time, year, and week.

Microsoft Power BI solutions help banking professionals generate dynamic reports that update automatically, is shared online with easy accessibility options, and become simple and easy to use.

Real-time sales tracking and management

Banks and other financial organizations execute multiple operations and generate a large volume of sales data consisting of

  • Financial Services
  • Trading Processes
  • Commodity Pricing
  • Insurance Plans
  • Investment Schemes

The bank employees and workers use traditional techniques to store a large volume of sales data in the excel file, which takes more time to execute.

In addition, it becomes time-consuming to update the data daily and impossible to share the final file. Financial professionals have used dedicated IT services for banking with Microsoft Power BI and generate dynamic automated visual sales reports for this purpose.

This sales report is accessible to all the members of the financial organization and automatically updates in real-time. Besides, Microsoft Power BI development services allow bank employees to track sales data from numerous economic benefits.

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Efficient cash-flow management

Bank employees continuously access the database of customers’ sensitive financial information like

  • Accounting Details
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Payment Transactions
  • Investment Plans

In this way, banks require a secure platform for executing crucial financial operations that includes sensitive and confidential customers’ financial data.

For example, banks are tracking their cash flow and capital investments utilized in executing numerous financial operations and fulfilling customer requirements through excel.

However, they face difficulties and challenges retrieving crucial information from multiple sources. To solve this issue, bank executives and analysts take necessary guidance from Microsoft Power BI consulting services to build cash-flow reports.

Therefore, the experienced Microsoft Power BI consultant will create an interactive visual report on cash-flow management for easy understanding. Besides, this cash-flow report is accessible to all the bank managers and executives, including different departments of the financial organization.

Merge sensitive financial data with Power Query

The combination of sensitive financial data is vital for banks and other financial institutions to execute several banking services. Banking professionals find it challenging to use conventional methods for organizing a large amount of financial information from multiple sources.

For instance, the customer’s confidential financial data is stored at multiple locations and resources such as

  • On-Premises Servers
  • Data Storage Devices
  • Cloud Storage Platforms
  • Excel Sheets
  • Web Applications

However, Microsoft Power BI solutions allow bank employees and financial professionals to accumulate all the necessary information by resolving crucial complexities and obstacles.

Therefore, bank executives will combine various data sets of customers’ financial information with Power Query limitless.

Create interactive visual and graphical reports

Efficiently transforming a large volume of financial data into an easy interpretation form is essential for financial organizations to make informed business decisions.

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For this purpose, Microsoft Power BI development services are used to convert a huge pile of financial data into interactive visual reports for easy understanding. Financial professionals can generate other visual reports like

  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Dashboards for captivating data reporting Presentation
  • Analysis

All these visual reports are generated and developed through the Power View function, which will act as effective Microsoft Power BI solutions for banks.

In this way, Power View helps financial professionals to create insightful reports of various financial operations and services to make strategic and informed business decisions.

Take Benefit of Next Generation Financial Data Analytics with Power BI

Bank employees want to take advantage of the large data volume regarding customers’ changing requirements and financial services. Due to technological innovation, business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI development services will offer banks and other financial organizations advanced financial analytics services.

However, these advanced business intelligence and analytics services help banks and other financial institutions monitor and control multiple financial services.

So, suppose you want to take advantage of the next-generation financial data analytics services with Power BI. In that case, you can contact a Microsoft Certified partner who offers customized solutions to your business needs.

Besides, Microsoft Power BI will help bank professionals to gain deeper insights and an excellent understanding of financial operations, services, and customer responses.

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Michael Donald is a senior technical consultant at Microsoft consulting services provider, Bitscape. He has unified experience in adding value to the existing technological architecture of various businesses.
5 Benefits of Microsoft Power BI for Fintech Industries
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Michael Donald is a senior technical consultant at Microsoft consulting services provider, Bitscape. He has unified experience in adding value to the existing technological architecture of various businesses.

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