How McAfee Antivirus Protects Computers from Viruses Attack

McAfee Antivirus has been reduced somewhat in the past because it is a true resource saver and causes many computer slowdowns, although it has successfully stopped malware infections. However, in recent years, McAfee Antivirus has really focused on refining your programs and optimizing them without delay.

And If you are wondering where to buy antivirus software, you can check with McAfee Antivirus is so fast and easy that you can surf the web, send emails, and watch videos without interruption. We have tested this program 12 times and have never noticed a slowdown. Even during virus scans, we were able to upload and download files, play online games, and perform other tasks without lag or shock.

Testing the best antivirus software, the McAfee representative found that McAfee Antivirus stopped malicious files before they could start downloading. And when they tried to visit a dangerous website, McAfee Antivirus displayed a warning message with details about the threat behind it.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus includes multiple user licenses and works on Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets. However, McAfee Antivirus does not offer many features that go beyond excellent malware protection. However, there is another McAfee Antivirus program that is full of security tools.

McAfee Antivirus is the premium computer protection program that is based on the impressive AntiVirus framework and includes parental controls that block inappropriate websites and establish hourly controls on how long your children stay online each day.

McAfee Antivirus also comes with multiple user licenses to protect multiple devices at the same time. Although it is more expensive than AntiVirus Standard, the total cost is not much higher and very high considering the number of advanced security tools you get. It also offers you a 100% removal guarantee for McAfee Antivirus.

These are some specific features of McAfee Antivirus


McAfee’s antivirus interface provides much more valuable screen space than most, but it does next to nothing. The rest of the console is mainly wasted with a button to protect other devices, crazy system information, a button to see a security report and a large control panel that recommends configuring the password manager or adjusting your applications.

If you click on a small icon made up of three dots, a more detailed status report of the different functions of Total Protection will be displayed. For example, you can confirm that the antivirus, firewall, and update system are working correctly. This is the type of information that should be visible at a glance and not hidden, but at least a click away.

You can also click multiple tabs at the top of the screen – PC Security, PC Performance, My Privacy – to display separate panels with their own feature groups. These also waste a lot of space, so the PC performance range contains only three useful items, for example, some buttons and an on / off status indicator.

We have seen more functionality in desktop widgets. This approach could attract casual users who may be overwhelmed by many buttons or technical information, but who may be more frustrated with experienced types.

The protection

AV-Comparatives’ real-world protection test is an intensive benchmark where 16 of the world’s largest antivirus engines compete with the latest threats. The company conducts 10 tests per year so that some suppliers can be monitored over time.

The performance of recent McAfee Antivirus tests was average. With the summary report from July to October, the company ranks eighth with a protection rate of 99.4%.

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McAfee Antivirus includes a firewall that automatically makes smart decisions about which programs on your system can access the Internet. This is mostly hidden in the user interface, and most users never need to know.

Experts have access to a variety of firewall settings, including the ability to open or close specific ports or define custom rules for individual applications. However, these options are more difficult to find than we want, and it took us a while to figure out what was possible.

Spam filter

The McAfee Antivirus spam filter was not installed by default in our previous review, but this time it was configured correctly, an extension was added to our Outlook settings and email filtering started.

The performance was excellent because the filter recognized most spam and did not incorrectly identify legitimate emails. However, if that doesn’t work for you, there are a variety of settings you can use to tailor protection to your needs.

Multi platform

The Android McAfee Antivirus application is a powerful product with all the key technologies included in the Windows version and a range of mobile tools.

The app edition includes on-demand scans, an anti-theft device (GPS lock, remote wipe, etc.) and helpful reports that highlight the apps that use the most data. Of course, there are also advertisements.

The paid version removes ads and offers browser protection, device cleaning, an app blocker and associated guest mode (which controls which apps a guest can see on your device), a battery booster, and additional Protection against WiFi networks. Fi not safe. It’s a set of high-quality tools, and the current 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store suggests that most users are satisfied.

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This antivirus gives you a perfect score to stop and make any malware threat that we use during our tests without slowing down our computers. It also bookmarks dangerous websites before visiting them. This software doesn’t offer much more. However, in a simple antivirus, you no longer need it, so McAfee Antivirus definitely has the advantage in this category.

Protection against identity theft

Total Protection offers its American customers a more attractive and unusual supplement to a separate identity theft protection service. One of the strengths of the service is cyber-surveillance. Regularly check the Dark Internet for personal information such as your social security number, email addresses, phone numbers, bank and credit card details, driver’s license, passport, and more.

If any of your information appears online in the event of a data breach, you will be informed. Other features include social media monitoring, which alerts you to the risks associated with content you’ve shared, and an optional social security number tracking and address change monitoring service that can alert you to scammers trying to steal your personal information and use.

The previous section mainly covers some features of McAfee Antivirus. To prevent malicious attacks on your computer, you need a program that provides excellent antivirus protection. In addition to McAfee Antivirus, there are also Kaspersky Internet Security and other software in antivirus software. Besides, it’s a great time to get antivirus software, Since they have a great promotion now.

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