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Marketing Methods for Your Business during COVID19

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Business can suffer a lot if you do not have effective marketing methods. However, it cannot be much use during a pandemic. From practising social distancing to getting acclimatised with house arrest, to washing hands and to wearing masks, COVID19 is something none of us had ever imagined. It is not just threatening your life but decimating the economy. A lot of businesses are suffering from the outbreak of this pandemic.

Well, this is the time you need to revamp your marketing strategy. Although your business has become sluggish, you still have some ways to keep it alive. Of course, you have to think of good marketing methods by focusing on corporate social responsibility. This time you need to ensure is that you are encouraging your followers, users and clients to follow preventive measures to contain the pandemic. At the same time, you need to think about how you can control losses.

There is no doubt that you will lose your customers, but there is some scope you can stop it from deteriorating further by tweaking marketing methods

Adjust marketing campaigns

Some brands are quick to run marketing campaigns following the current marketing situation. Therefore, the first step is to evaluate your marketing methods on what you are currently running and what type of content you have scheduled. Pause content if you are not sure that it is appropriate. There are likely to be some posts with a few inappropriate elements. Do not scrap them altogether as they can help you later once the outbreak of pandemic subsides.

You run marketing campaigns that allow you to connect with your audience. This is the time when your users need your support. Since this is the quarantine period, you need to analyse what type of content you can promote. If your marketing methods are not generating revenues, you do not need to worry about it. You will at least be in touch with them. You will lose some of the users undoubtedly, but you can at least stay in touch with some users with such marketing campaigns.

Focus on users, not on your profits

All companies are running their businesses out of the house. If you are selling software or any tool that your clients need to make their operations successful, you can offer them premium features free of cost. At this time, your target should be to help them after all, it also comes under corporate social responsibility.

If you allow free-trial signups until the pandemic lets up, more entrepreneurs will join you, and they will likely purchase after the society is free from the pandemic. Of course, these marketing methods will not help you generate revenues, but it will help you in the long run. A successful business does not plan short-term goals but also think about long-term goals

Invest in paid ads

Most of the activities are going to be made online. You should think about running paid ads. They are getting cheaper and cheaper. The ad network works through bidding. Since there will not be much competition, the cost-per-click is going to lower down. In simple words, ads are getting cheaper because of high traffic to the World Wide Web, but there are a few companies in line for bidding.

Boost conversion with payment plans

Businesses are suffering a lot due to the outbreak of COVID19, which is why conversions are down for many companies. A low conversion rate means inadequate revenues. Since nobody knows how long the situation will likely continue, you cannot sit back. If you have an eCommerce store or you sell something online, you can consider offering payment plans to your customers.

Such projects whittle down the financial burden of customers as they do not need to pay the whole of the money outright. You can use payment plans for any business as long as you are selling something online, for instance, digital books, consulting services, and the like. It becomes crucial to offer payment plans in your marketing methods because customers will hesitate to spend money as long as the pandemic continues to hover.

Until the pandemic does not subside, you can use these marketing methods to run your business. Such tips will not be much sufficient to produce revenues, but you can stop losing your customers. For some business operations, you may need to take out guaranteed unsecured loans. Most of the direct lenders are lending money at reduced interest rates and with flexible repayment options.

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