Marketer’s Guide to Content Aggregators in 2021

The inception of the internet allowed users to display a variety of content which has given rise to an immense amount of content on the platform. Content aggregators work exceptionally well for brands and marketers to make their websites more engaging and attractive.

Moreover, the internet serves as a space where there is something for everyone irrespective of the topic. Keeping this in mind, brands and marketers can also collect content on various topics that is relevant to their brand’s niche and display it on the website to make the stay of the website visitors more engaging and interesting.

Content aggregators are the tools that are used to do the aforementioned effortlessly and easily. By using a relevant content aggregation tool, you can seamlessly display a variety of content on various platforms including websites in a collective form.

Marketer’s Guide to Content Aggregators in 2021

Even though the Google search engine is the most famous and biggest content aggregator that presents a huge amount of content just by typing in a word or a line, however, there are various other content aggregation tools that can be used to display content on different marketing touchpoints.

In this blog, we are going to tell you everything about Content aggregators, their significance and also would be telling you about the best content aggregation tools in the market.

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The Significance Of Content Aggregation

Content aggregation is extremely beneficial for brands and marketers. We are listing a few benefits below –

Content Marketing For Engaging Audiences

Audience engagement is the biggest concern for brands and marketers. Content marketing emerges as the perfect solution for tremendously increasing the engagement level of your audience. Aggregating relevant content and placing it on your website would garner attention from your website visitors and keep them hooked leading to an increase in their dwell time.

Moreover, if the users like your aggregated content, they would be compelled to keep coming back to check on new updates and highlights.

Gain Trust By Displaying User-Generated Content

If you aggregate valuable content from social media that is created by your users, and further, embed it on the website, you will be able to effectively gain the trust of your customers.

A whopping percentage of more than 85% of potential users leverage User-Generated content before purchasing a product or service. This is because they trust the content of other customers more than they would trust the content created by the brand.

There are various social media aggregators online, but, we shall be telling you about the best social media aggregation platform in a bit.

Attract More Audience

As mentioned above, audiences look for content that is valuable and engaging enough. With content aggregation, you will easily be able to display relevant content that is curated as per the likings of your audience. This would lead to an increase in attracting more audience.

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Best Content Aggregators For 2021

Taggbox (Best Social Media Aggregator)

Let us begin the list with the best social media aggregation and User-Generated content – Taggbox. This responsive platform enables the users to collect, curate, analyze, monitor, and embed content from 15+ different social media platforms.

The users can collect content from social media platforms, and customer review platforms like Google Reviews. The content aggregators platform enables users to customize the content just like they want. Users can select from a wide option of fonts, layouts, colours, and other options.

The advanced moderation panel lets users remove any inappropriate content from the feeds to ensure premium and high-quality content. A detailed analysis is an important aspect of every strategy. The users can get crucial details like the total number of impressions, clicks, and various other important details that can help determine the success of the social media widget.

This platform is extremely easy to use and does not require any coding skills or prior technical knowledge to operate. Users can take assistance from the back support team if they face any difficulties while using the platform.

Flipboard (Latest News/Blogs For The Users)

Flipboard aggregates all the latest news, blogs, and latest stories from around the world. The best part is that users can choose the type of content they would like to read about as the aggregator has various categories of content.

Travel Blogger Community (For Travel Enthusiasts)

If you love reading about travel-related blogs, then this is the content aggregator for you. This site aggregates content from travel bloggers around the world. Furthermore, a lot of bloggers can submit content on the site if they wish to get featured on this site.

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Key Takeaways

And we call it a wrap!

We have reached the end of the blog and are sure that you must be all set to incorporate and use a content aggregator into your marketing and business efforts. Always remember Content is king and a piece of good content on your website can be a total game-changer and prove to be extremely beneficial for your brand’s success!

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Marketer’s Guide to Content Aggregators in 2021

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