Managing Students’ Stress and Anxiety: 5 Tips

Experiencing some anxiety from time to time is typical. Even stressful experiences like starting a new school or making new friends can positively affect a student’s development and learning. However, stress and anxiety can become emotionally and physiologically poisonous when exposed to stressful experiences repeatedly without the means to manage feelings.

Students Stress and Anxiety Management

When your emotional tensions outweigh your physical reserves, you experience stress. It’s safe to assume everything is fine so long as our current energy reserves exceed our stress threshold. However, if one’s vitality is low and tensions are high, they might lead to feelings of worry, despair, and general exhaustion.

Stress and Anxiety Management: 5 Strategies for College Students

Stress and anxiety let people experience mental and physical symptoms, such as

If you feel that either stress or anxiety is affecting your day-to-day functioning or mood, consider talking to a mental health professional who can help you understand what you are experiencing and provide additional coping tools.

Don’t compromise on rest

Even though sleeping in until the last minute before an 8 a.m. class is tempting, doing so can boost your stress levels in the long run. Day-to-day stresses are felt considerably more acutely when we haven’t slept well the night before.

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Even more seriously, sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of conditions like

You’re doing well by adhering to healthy sleep habits, including going to bed before midnight instead of staying up until the wee hours and sleeping in until the afternoon. In general, it’s preferable if our biological clock is as closely synced with the solar one.

Do Not Overload Yourself

As a general rule, students who take on too much work are the ones that wind up stressed out. However, students’ physical and mental health also suffered from overloading, leading to low academic performance.

Over 4,300 students participated in the study by Galloway and colleagues (2013), which indicated that doing too much schoolwork can lead to

One solution is to avoid taking on too many extracurricular and academic responsibilities. Don’t feel bad about dropping one or two classes if you know you won’t be able to handle the workload. It’s important to be forceful when declining a friend’s invitation to join a school group.

Students can avoid overwhelming stress and anxiety with a straightforward method: be nice to yourself. Since you are now in “control,” take advantage of the extra time to focus on your health and well-being by sleeping in, reading, and watching TV.

Engage in Mindful Activity

It is being mindful means paying attention to the present. Meditation of this type, when practiced frequently, may be beneficial to mental health. It can lower your anxiety, the emotions of hopelessness, and the tensions that come from continually worrying about the future or brooding on the past.

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Ten minutes of mindfulness could change your life today. To master the method, try using smartphone software like Headspace, from which students can benefit from substantial discounts. Try this simple meditation technique to relax at the end of the day or calm your nerves before an exam.

Play Some Music

Music is versatile stress and anxiety reliever that may either relax and unwind or energize and focus, depending on the listener’s current needs. It has been proven that listening to uplifting music while working can boost efficiency and memory.

College students under stress and anxiety can benefit from playing soothing music. Listening to soothing music has been shown to help students recover from stressful situations more rapidly.

Keep up with your social life

Feeling like you have no time for friends or family is entirely normal. As a result of your workload, you may have even contemplated postponing social plans to complete schoolwork.

Think about how much you’ll miss your friends and family if you cancel your plans. Taking a break from academics to hang out with friends may give you the renewed motivation to get things done.


Seek assistance if stress and anxiety are interfering with your daily life to the point that you are experiencing difficulty. Both in-person and remote mental health services are available at many educational institutions.

Your first step should be to discuss the stress you are experiencing with a school counselor or student adviser. Another option is to talk to an adult you trust, such as a parent or Psychologist. A psychologist can help determine whether you may have a stress and anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders differ from short-term feelings of anxiety in their severity, and how long they last.

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Stress and anxiety typically persist for months and negatively affect mood and functioning. Some anxiety disorders, such as agoraphobia (the fear of public or open spaces), may cause the person to avoid enjoyable activities or make concentrating in the lecture room difficult.


How can a student overcome stress and anxiety?

Take care of yourself outside of work and school by eating right, sleeping enough, being physically active (learn more about being active), drinking less alcohol, and making time for relaxation.

What are the risk factors for stress and illness among students?

  • Predictors of stress include:
  • Economic hardship
  • Being female
  • Having a heavy course load
  • Being in a later school year

College students are more likely to experience mental health issues if they struggle financially as children.

How does stress affect your studies?

While it’s true that learning during or immediately after stress can be beneficial, stress interferes with recall and updating, especially when it comes to emotionally engaging content.

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