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How Do You Make A Virtual Summit More Interactive?

Virtual Summits are gaining more and more prevalence in the world of virtual events with each passing day. They are no more just about organizing experiences on online platforms but also about creating a modern identity. The pandemic has become a major driving force that is actually making us work and blend with the changing situations.

If we’re willing to walk along these current unstable times, it’s momentous to understand all the lengths we can go to make the best out of our work. Hosting Virtual Summits can be an activity to elevate your business’s reach as well as elongate the list of your contacts and leads.

Summits have always been a famous choice when it comes to making your presence in the industry. This is because all the features of a summit are directed towards creating a positive identity of your company and leaving its name in the minds of your attendees.

Make A Virtual Summit More Interactive

But when it comes to the Virtual sphere, hosting a summit requires us to think of many more things to get the full benefit out of it. The most important term which you might have heard earlier too is engagement. Engagement is a vital facet when you talk about conducting an event online.

Virtual summit helps you gain your attendee’s attention and increase the reach of your event. The question is how do you increase the engagement to make your summits a big success? There are various tools to accomplish this goal but the most efficacious one is the tool of interactivity.

The Importance of Interactivity

The key to every successful summit is engagement, be it in-person or a virtual Summit. However, in the case of Virtual Summits, the importance of engagement increases. Just like the level of attendee satisfaction and engagement determines the success of any virtual event, similarly, the level of interactivity determines the attendee engagement.

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That is how whenever we talk about engagement or success, interactivity plays a crucial role. The more interactive your event is, the more your attendee feels satisfied.

Following are the best-curated ideas that can help make your virtual summits more interactive

Interactive Activity Feeds

All the attendees are usually used to the activity feeds of social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram that they use to engage with their friends, family, and colleagues. Creating a similar interactive activity feed on the virtual event platform you’re using for organizing the summit can definitely make audience engagement easy.

Such activity feeds have several different interactive tools that help the attendees share moments, photos, videos, or ideas and also react to others’ posts. Interactive Activity Feeds will not only keep the audience engaged but will also convey the message that you as a hosted care about your audience’s satisfaction.


Gamification is another famous tool that effectively increases the interactivity of your Virtual Summit. Gamifying your event makes them even more fun and competitive for your virtual attendees. You can give different tasks or challenges to your attendees and reward them with points to motivate them so they play further and somehow end up feeling engaged in the summit.

You can also add tasks that lead your attendees from one room or lounge to another. For example, a photo contest happening in the activity feed. The points they win can further add up to a gift card or an online voucher. Such activities will keep the attendee engaged.

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Engaging Quizzes and Polls

While polling provides your attendees with the opportunity to interact with speakers in real-time, Quizzes make your attendees feel competitive and excited. With the help of quizzes and polls, the attendees know that their opinions are welcomed and that you support two-way communication.

The polls can be as simple as asking multiple-choice questions and giving star ratings. You can try to poll every 15-20 minutes to keep the audience engaged but not too frequently so the attendees don’t feel disrupted.

Include Breakout Sessions

A Breakout Session allows a small group of attendees to come together and discuss several event topics. Using the Participant Matching tool, you can ensure compatibility between your participants. Attendees with similar interests or backgrounds can also join a video chat room during the breakout session. These sessions not only keep your audience engaged but also allow them to increase their networks.

Draw Attendees’ Attention by Incorporating Entertaining Elements

Virtual Summits don’t always have to be 100% serious. A few entertaining elements or mini sessions can be added in between to attract your attendees and keep them engaged. Attention spans for virtual attendees are usually short, so putting in entertaining sessions like artists coming and communicating with the attendees can motivate them to interact.

Live Q&As and Reactions

Letting the attendees in through various tools like Live question and answer, live polls, or reactions like applause, hooting, emoticons can help in audience engagement. With the Live Q&A, your attendees can ask questions before or during the live broadcast.

Through this, even the attendees that are shy can communicate without feeling left out. Also, instead of turning the mic on to clap, attendees can simply tap on the applause or hooting button to clap or hoot. This not only increases the interactivity of your event but also motivates the speaker.

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Choose the Right and Skilled Speakers

Bringing onboard the right speakers works in so many different ways and almost in every aspect. A skilled speaker will already know the importance of interactivity in a Virtual Summit. They always remember to use their skills and keep the audience engaged in their sessions by not having a tedious approach or by maintaining communication with the audience.

The Art of Exclusivity

Innovative thinking can bring up good ideas. You should keep in mind the expectation of your attendees and one thing they always want is to network. A special event can be created in between the sessions to give attendees a break but not an off-screen time.

During the break, the virtual summit attendee can visit chat rooms, activity feeds, or lounge rooms to interact with each other by sharing their business cards.

So are you ready to host a successful Virtual Event with the best interactivity? Dreamcast brings in all the above-mentioned ideas and more at one platform to deliver the most amazing event experience you’ll ever have. Book a demo now!

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