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Magento 2 Migration Common Challenges to Consider

Trend-setters make specialized progressions in each field pretty much every other day. What is acceptable can generally be better. Magento shares the same vision. Since the arrival of Magento 2, a ton of eCommerce platforms have been managing the Magento 2 migration cycle.

With Magento ending support for Magento 1, the transformation from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not a choice anymore. However the interaction might appear to be meticulous to get going, the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a reasonable decision for different reasons, like the new and improved dynamics, innovatively upgraded approach, quicker loading speed, among others.

On June 30, 2020, we bid our goodbye to Magento 1. For a very long time, this CMS has been a place of many online stores all around the globe – more than 25,000 to be exact. Since Adobe took over Magento in 2018, the organization has declared that they will end the help of the framework and offered their clients, accomplices, and designers help to change to the better than ever version: The Magento 2.

Each migration brings mayhem, misfortunes, and harm. So there is no big surprise that Magento 1 storekeepers shiver at the possibility of moving to Magento 2. Like some other migration throughout everyday life, relocating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 represented specific challenges to entrepreneurs.

Magento 2 Migration Challenges and Their Solutions

Magento 2 Migration

Magento 1 Theme Doesn’t Work On Magento 2

When you migrate to Magento 2, you can’t take your present theme with you. You need to look for another one. Also, running in front of your inquiry, indeed, you should retry all the customizations you made to the storefront. To lessen this responsibility, you can purchase an instant theme.

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Hence, you will simply have to introduce, test it and make customizations. A few themes even accompany working in expansions and Style Guides that accelerate migration and simplicity customizations. Likewise, themes for Magento 2 work quicker and have better code structure, so it’s simpler to arrive at better execution with them

You Need To Find Extensions With All The Features You Used To Have

Same as with the theme, M1 and M2 extensions contrast. Furthermore, picking new plugins is like an agonizing interaction for you, we should see the brilliant side.

Magento 2 migration is a good opportunity to review all that you have introduced to your Magento and leave just the fundamentals. Besides, you will likely have to get fewer extensions since M2 usefulness is richer than M1’s. What’s more, the fewer plugins you introduce, the better the presentation has on your site.

Drop-in Your Website Speed and Performance

A typical confusion is that a business must be closed down during Magento 2 migration. Indeed, the cycle takes some time (one to 90 days relying upon store size), however, entrepreneurs are allowed to keep working. Site speed may dial back somewhat during and additionally after the migration, yet the misfortunes can be limited or kept away from through and through.

Solution: You can further develop Magento 2 speed by

  • Improving the time to the first byte
  • Utilizing CDN for quicker media and content conveyance
  • Abstaining from using JS Bundling
  • Enlarging the CSS delivery

Or then again even better – leaving the migration interaction to experts who can accomplish zero downtime for your site and ensure that the change cycle goes without a hitch and no speed misfortune will happen later on.

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Rankings on the Search Engines

The content of your store and site should be SEO upgraded for great rankings on the search engines. Nonetheless, during the Magento 2 migration, it can prompt less traffic. There’s a plunge in rush hour gridlock because of a few reasons. They are

  • Incapable changes to the URL construction of the site, which is the aftereffect of failing to crawl your site.
  • Less SEO well-disposed URLs and content
  • Outrageous changes in the construction of the site, which will prompt a shortfall of usefulness

An overall Solution is to characterize the migration scope and correct the 301 redirects. These redirects can advise Google of the URLs’ new location. All the link juice, data, and traffic are diverted to the new site as opposed to the old one.

Analyze the presentation of your site and build up the ordering methodology. Fix the messed-up URLs and make a point to execute 301 redirects effectively. Besides, you can likewise guarantee that your Google console is refreshed after the migration to keep up with the traffic stream.

Content and Data Migration Problems

Losing important data on a site could result in losing the client’s trust and a huge amount of revenue. All login information, content and records, and CMS pages should be safely moved from Magento 1 to Magento 2.


One way would be to get a Magento 2 migration expert, however, there are likewise ways of planning for a protected migration all alone. For example, backup your data in a few locations, as well as separate your data into parts and relocate them from most to least significant blocks. Along these lines, you’ll stay away from hazards related to data migration and save time.

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Ending Note

As we see, there’s something other than one challenge related to the Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. It is feasible to settle them all alone, yet this will set aside time and exertion, which some can’t manage. It’s simply not conceivable to rapidly train an organization’s employees to manage new tech to save a design, site speed, and security.

A few organizations presumably don’t have developers with vital information. To address all Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration challenges without a moment’s delay, and to make it fast and get incredible outcomes, hiring a Magento development organization is the ultimate move.

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