LifeShield Home Security Surveillance Camera System

LifeShield home security system is a DIY surveillance camera system comes with a base station v3 which has a 24-hour backup battery in case the crooks cut your electricity, 4 layer protection (cellular, cellular text, broadband and phone line), 2 motion sensors 4 sensors for either a door or window, 1 camera, a keypad, a tablet specifically for the security system (can only use it for the system), a keychain remote, two window decals and a lawn sign.

The security surveillance camera sensor technology will listen to the sound of your existing Smoke and Carbon Monoxide and immediately sends a signal for help to the monitoring centre to call the Fire Department, protecting your entire home from Fire and Carbon Monoxide 24/7 at no extra charge. You do not need to replace any of your existing equipment but now with LifeShield, your upgraded system provides greater safety and protection.

How does LifeShield Home Security Fire-safety and Carbon Monoxide Sensor

  • LifeShield home security Fire-safety and Carbon Monoxide Sensor work with existing interconnected smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors within your home. The security surveillance camera may require the additional purchase of these products for full home protection if you do not already have them in each room. LifeShield is not responsible for the failure of third-party smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.  
  • The Home security surveillance camera does not support any non-residential or business location for fire, smoke or heat detection, and local fire marshal codes will vary based on location. LifeShield is not responsible for the failure of third-party smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
Home Security Surveillance Camera

With LifeShield home security system surveillance camera system, you can monitor your home from anywhere with its advanced video monitoring to let you watch your kids get home from school, check in on your pets, and see who is at the front door from anywhere. You can also take photos and view the pre-recorded video.

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The cameras are small and sleek, making it easy to blend with the background, you can easily set up the LifeShield home security system video recording to begin at specific dates and times or when a sensor is triggered.

Plus, receive custom alerts when something in your system needs immediate attention. LifeShield’s various sensors are pre-registered to work with the base station, so no additional configuration needs to be undertaken after you engage the batteries by pulling out the usual plastic tab.

The Security Surveillance Camera System Components

  • A base station with an integrated siren, battery backup, and cellular backup
  • A separate numeric keypad
  • Two motion sensors
  • Six doors/window sensors
  • An indoor security camera (possibly two, depending on the special offer of the day)
  • A “fire safety sensor” designed to listen for the sound of a smoke detector going off and relay that to your security system
  • A “security touchpad,” which is actually an Asus Memo Pad 7 skinned to run LifeShield’s Android app exclusively

All the LifeShield home security system packages include remote access so that you can control your home security system through a smartphone or other web-enabled device like your wireless touchpad. By using the free LifeShield mobile app, you can arm or disarm your security system, change system codes, manage your advanced video monitoring settings, view video snapshots, and set up and receive custom notifications and alerts.

LifeShield home security

The LifeShield home security system monitoring centres protect over 800,000 customers. LifeShield has three connected monitoring centres from coast-to-coast all backed up with two generators and uninterruptible power supplies.

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The base station also provides four layers of protection high-speed Internet, cellular signal, cellular text, and landline phone for blazingly fast response times that will reach the monitoring centres in seconds. So, even if the internet goes down and the phone lines are cut, you stay protected.

With many security system companies, you must own your home in order to qualify for a security system. However, LifeShield offers a package specifically tailored to renters.

You will get a free security system with the purchase of monthly monitoring and an activation fee. And, because of the kit’s easy DIY setup (usually less than an hour), you can readily take your home security system with you to your new place of residence when you move.

If you download the Android mobile app, you will enjoy the following features

  • Remotely access your system from anywhere
  • Arm and disarm your system quickly and easily
  • Check the status of your system
  • Take video and snapshots from your security cameras
  • Access your system settings
  • Set up and edit custom alerts
  • View recent events in your home
  • Manage your account
  • Check on crime in your area

You can arm, disarm, and monitor your home from anywhere with the free security apps and web access from LifeShield. You will always know that your home is safe because you can see it from anywhere.

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