Latest Mobile Phones App Design Trends for 2021

All the industries have been shut some forever and some for the time being until the situation becomes favourable for them to work again. The only sector which has been making it through this pandemic is software companies. This article discusses the mobile phones app which has been discovered during the time phase of this pandemic lockdown by their developers.

The mobile phones which are the lifeline today for every person working or not working they have brought the whole world into a small screen of 6 inches. In that 6 inches world, there is an application that works as your friend to make your living smart, simple, and accessible.

According to the reports, smartphone users download more than 204 billion mobile phone apps which had generated an income of about US$ 461.7 billion to the app developers, and companies indulged in this money-making software industry.

Rising demand for mobile phones app Experience

It is witnessed that every day a new app is introduced on the Goggle, Microsoft, and Apple stores. It is even noticed that the user is more of a device conscious rather than brand-friendly. If the app does not meet their expectations, they may shift to some other similar mobile phones app being provided by some different store, but you will lose your customer forever.

Latest Mobile Phones App Design Trends for 2021

For instance, if we take the example of McDonald’s, the customers have to wait in the long queues first to place an order and then to collect their order. This was the biggest problem which was being faced by this eatery.

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As concerning solve this problem, they came up with the mobile phones app from which the customer not only orders its food and gets it to deliver, but he is also getting lucrative offers to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

Much needed personalization

Personalization refers to the process of fulfilling the requirement for the customer as it not only adds to customer satisfaction and improving the customer base for future dealing. It is often recorded that personalization helps in winning the customer’s heart and trust. It is recorded that more than 90 percent of the industry says and believes that personalization has been an integral part nowadays.

If we like to take an example, we should look into the automotive sector like car producing companies such as Tesla. It is not the only brand in the market which is providing this kind of service to their customer.

Before making a car, they record the particular demands or changes made by the customer which includes seats, steering wheel positioning, braking system, colour, material to be used in furbishing the car, and many other factors.

Subjective Technology and Artificial Intelligence

If we want to improve the working of the app, we can add the feature of such as AI. Artificial Intelligence not only understands much like a human, but it does respond and solve the problem in the stipulated period. The most commonly which like Amazon, Google, and many others can be present there.

As do fail in understanding the natural language, but they are under development for further advancement in them. But to most of the extent, they have been tested and proved to be better in many fields. As artificial intelligence had been proved to be a boon in the designing and other industries for their users and workers.

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Voice Technology and assistance

To give the real-world feel to the end-users of the mobile phones app, there have been various voice technologies being overtaken by artificial intelligence. Some of the very known and successful voice assistance includes Siri by Apple, Cortana by Lenovo, Alexa by Amazon, and Google Assistance by Google.

It not only saves time to time, but it also helps in understanding the local and natural language, which was not possible in the artificial intelligence above. The person can use the mobile phones app only just by indulging conversationally with the assistance being provided by the mobile phones app.

Computer-Mediated Reality

Computer augmented reality is an app development that offers the 3D visual of the particular thing in your hands. This app helps you in providing virtual functionalities into the real world of yours. If we talk about the mobile phones apps such as Pepperfry and Asian Paints, they provide the advancement of the augmented reality or Computer-Mediated Reality. It is done so that the consumer becomes aware that the products which he is buying whether to suit his house and walls or not.


The animation is must not be just limited to the entertainment purpose for the kids. Still, it also plays a significant role in making your app users much more comfortable and relaxed while using the mobile phones app. Animation helps in countering and trigging human emotions such as gloominess, happiness, joy, tiredness, etc.

If mobile phones app developer knows how to provide its customer with the nest of the design for his work and animation, he has already won half of the battle. Like Canva is the platform that correctly deals in all the designing which will be required for a person who is occupied and busy in the designing sector.

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IoT adaptable and interfaces to various devices

Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a network that is used on the different connected devices which are connected to interact and exchange information along with each other or connected devices. This technology has been used mostly by Apple to increase its importance in the platform of IoT at the interface of the mobile phones app. This twin technology has worth more than US$ 3.8 billion which was recorded in the previous year.


We hope that our list has satisfied your search for the latest and top trends in the year of this pandemic. I hope this article works for you and your friends. Stay updated and aware of the latest trends and other factors staying and promoting our work.

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Latest Mobile Phones App Design Trends for 2021
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