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Importance of Keeping Fire Fighting Appliances on Ships

The thought of a fire breaking out in the waters surrounded by the deadly ocean would scare every soul. The passengers and the crew panicking and running for their lives in the middle of nowhere. Such scenes can haunt you for life and leave pretty deep wounds that are hard to heal. This emergency calls for the help of constructive and result-producing fire fighting equipment.

Unfortunately, many fire eruption cases are seen on vessels, and most of the time, the fire-fighting teams fail to save the crew and the cargo. Three years ago, a tragic accident occurred as fire erupted on a vessel in the middle of the sea.

There were 27 crew members on that ship, out of which 22 were able to leave the vessel. Unfortunately, the remaining 5 members lost their lives by getting stuck in the fire. The wrecked piece of that vessel was dragged to the nearest port in almost 2 months.

Fire Fighting Appliances

This was the most recent fire eruption scenario, with even more tragic accidents that have been experienced in the past. The reason for such accidents lies in the mishandling of fire fighting systems on board.

As a result, the crew sometimes does not know the proper techniques and skills required to overcome such an eruption. This lack of skill can be a source of a much bigger misfortune. The help of suitable marine services ensures the possibility of staying safe from such fire eruptions.

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Major causes of fire eruption on vessels/ships

Once erupted, the fire in the middle of oceans diminishes everything on board, whether the crew members, passengers, or cargo. The reason is that such eruption of flames can damage the shipment, which can easily pick up fire depending upon its product type.

Once a fire stays for a bit longer than the fire fighting team expected, it can wrap up everything in its flames. Following are the major causes of fire eruption on vessels:

Poor electrical wiring

Vessels these days have an immense amount of wiring. The damaging of such wires can lead to greater misfortunes. Therefore, a complete check and balance inspection should occur before departing the shores so that such a deadly fire eruption does take place.

Combustible cargo

As previously mentioned, a fire is more likely to increase its magnitude if the cargo is combustible in nature. In addition, the burning of such cargo can lead to further complications for the fire fighting crew.

Unskilled fire fighting staff

Every shipping company prefers their crew to be performing the duties of fire fighting in an emergency. However, there needs to be prior training and skill development for any crew member to fight the fire. If not, the shipowners should be ready to face the consequences if their vessels are surrounded by fire.

Improper kitchen equipment

The use of kitchen equipment in the wrong way can lead to such dangerous eruptions. The gas cylinders can catch fire very quickly, and the flames caused by them can increase the amount of smoke due to the gas in such cylinders.

Engine malfunction

Engines of vessels can be a problem creating for the crew and the precious cargo if it overheats. This overheating leads to a malfunction in the engine, which can turn into ship-wrecking havoc. The fire eruption caused by engine malfunction is the worst.

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What are the solutions to such problems?

Many shipping companies, whether travelling companies or cargo trading vessels, require fire fighting equipment. Marine service providers are proficient in providing these preventive services and their related equipment.

According to a German Insurance Association, the formation of individual compartments just under the deck will keep safe from fire eruption on the vessels and passenger ships. For the future, this advancement must be followed so our young generation of today can feel safe at all times while being on the vessels.

Following are a few steps to be followed to ensure complete safety from fire

Fire Fighting Appliances

Stacking advanced safety equipment

Keeping proper safety equipment along with the cargo can be a sign of better preventive techniques. Good quality material with worldwide accepted practices should be followed to ensure 100 percent safety. Old and obsolete equipment can lead to blunders. On the other hand, new techniques can be very resourceful.

Skilled staff

Many marine services offer detailed training programs to the crew members. This enables the crew members to adopt the latest skills that are beneficial for emergency cases. A good grip over these skills results in the proper handling of emergency-based scenarios.

Identification of the cargo

Flammable cargo detection is a top requirement these days as the cargo containing and conductive material can be dangerous and incendiary. This flammable cargo can be a cause of a disastrous situation. Therefore the operational team of the vessel should conduct a proper cargo identification process before the ship’s departure.

Why is fire fighting equipment important?

In order to be safe while travelling in a vessel, the use of the latest fire fighting equipment is a must-have. The ship owners, crew members, and traders are fully satisfied if the fire safety equipment is top-notch.

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Fire safety equipment is important because many safety-providing devices make you feel safe and sound even in the middle of international waters. From fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, oxygen kits to a complete CO2 system, these products offer an optimistic feel and environment.

Most vessels heat up in a fire emergency, and therefore the danger increases with such heating. Prevention, therefore, is required, which brings the temperature of the ship down and prevents different compartments from heating excessively.

Thus, as a result, the overall temperature of the shipowners down with deluge systems that prove to be more than helpful. Most of the safety equipment suppliers sell their services at very nominal prices along with various discounts.

The packages of safety equipment supply they offer are mostly an annual service or goes up to 5-years. These emergency services call for one of the best fire fighting skills, and therefore it’s best to opt for marine service providing companies.

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