Is Voice Search the Future of Digital Marketing Promotion

You’ve probably heard of voice search earlier. And even if you haven’t heard, you have probably seen people talking into their adverts or phones for Alexa. Here you go, that’s voice search for you. You can perform the search either by speaking to an assistant like Alexa or by speaking through a voice function such as Google Voice Search.

The difference is that the search assistants can also perform small actions such as placing online orders for you and Google Voice Search, for instance, can only provide you with search results. The primary voice search devices out there at the moment are Google Voice Search and Google Home, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo, and finally Microsoft’s Cortana. Besides, many voice searches functions are being released this year, and others are in their prototype stage.

The world is going to get crazy for voice searches devices. Voice search is a daily routine for a lot of people, but in the US, in particular, seems to love it the most. However, its capabilities are still confined, as for the moment, it only provides one single answer to queries, and sometimes it is still unable to give answers at all.

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Having said, this is quick and easy to use, and that’s why it has become so popular, especially among young people

Google Voice Search

For the moment, its technology is primarily used in private spaces, such as at home or in the car. Anyhow, this is predicted to change as more and more people start using voice searches devices and get comfortable using them even in public places. The real challenge for businesses is how to use voice search to set-up a profit, and how to appear in voice searches results.

It’s hard to anticipate what is the future of voice search

Anyhow, many believe that there will be possibilities for paid search with the new technology. Paid recommendations might be introduced one day, but they’re not here yet.

As per the digital marketing experts, the number of voice searches is multiplying, and it will inevitably continue to increase even more. Having said this, only those businesses which will be able to use the search effectively to answer customers’ queries and quickly solve their problems accurately will be able to make a profit from it.

As technology evolves, businesses may even be able to draw insights from users around their mood and emotions, which can be used to cater for their queries more accurately or even to predict future ones.

One thing is clear: competition to appear in the search results will become even more violent. As a result, provided for each query will be perceived as the only result.

But all is not lost yet. There are various techniques that businesses can adapt to feature in voice searches results. The top three are

  • Target on mobile. Presently, voice search is primarily used on mobile devices and tabs, so focusing your efforts on local search and mobile is vital. The plus point of this technology is that it’s faster, and it saves users time and effort in finding their answers.
  • Execute schema mark-up. The execution of schema mark-up will make sure that search engines successfully understand the content of your pages, which will also benefit voice searches: schema mark-up will make sure that you appear high on SERPs, increasing your chances of being selected for search results as well.
  • Change to long-tail keywords. Voice searches questions differ from traditional ones in that they tend to be longer, and formulated as if the user was talking to someone: the language is more natural, retaining elements such as articles or adverbs which are usually missing from traditional search queries. The Keyword Planner can help in identifying long-tail keywords, but there are also websites out there which can help you with this.
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Search engines across the world are testing with voice search. Aside from Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Google are all making use of this technology, and many of them offer it in different languages. Having said this, a lot remains to be done when it comes to accent recognition on voice search devices, as some accents still get misunderstood.

Retail and offices are predicted to make vast use of voice search in the future, and this could potentially open up several possibilities for businesses and marketers to expand their reach. It’s better to have a strategy ready for when this happens!

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Is Voice Search the Future of Digital Marketing Promotion
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