Is Promise Ring an Ideal Choice for Engagement?

If you are planning to propose to your lover for marriage, then you indeed are stuck in a dilemma to find the perfect engagement ring for this moment. As if gaining the courage to pop the question wasn’t enough, that now you have to go through all the stress of selecting a promise ring of your dream?

Promise Ring

Almost all men struggle to find the perfect ring because; everyone wants to experience the surprised expression on their lover’s face. Some people even think that a perfect ring might increase the chances of them getting a positive response. All this confusion and stress is because of the diversity of rings available in the market. New designs of diamond rings for engagement are launched with each passing day.

If you have stepped out to buy an engagement ring with a limited budget, you can opt to propose to your girl with an affordable promise ring. A lot of people have been choosing this option for the past few years. This looks like an ideal option for all those men with smaller pockets.

Read the following guide about promise rings if you are all set to choose a ring and pop the question:

Promise rings symbolize the commitment among two people those in a serious relationship. The recipient of the ring understands the seriousness of the giver in their relationship. The exchange of these rings is not just for its sake, but it is a sign of love and affection between two people who have been together for some time.

Promise Ring

The exchange of rings also promises a future engagement. Even though promise rings are not as attractive as diamond engagement rings, the structure of these rings is quite similar to engagement rings. The recipient of the ring expresses their agreement to be committed in their relationship. These promise rings are a bit small and distinct from the exquisite diamond engagement rings.

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Can You Pop The Question With A Promise Ring?

The big query still awaits, can a man pop the question to his girl with a promise ring. For most couples, this ring is their engagement ring. But, this is not an ideal way to propose to your lover. The following reasons will tell why it is so:

Promise Ring
  • An engagement ring is a moment of a lifetime in a relationship, while a promise ring is a symbol of commitment and affection. So, hit the milestone in the best possible way.
  • You don’t want to exchange promise rings in your final step before marriage as it is not how you share your feelings with each other.
  • A promise ring can be gifted to anyone who is close to your heart, but you cannot get engaged to everyone you love as there is only one special person.
  • The engagement ring has to be perfect and as beautiful as your partner. Many things like style, design, setting, and choice of diamond need to be considered while selecting a diamond ring.
  • No such things need to be considered while selecting a promise ring. All you got to do is walk into a store and buy the best possible ring. This ring carries the message of commitment in itself.
  • While presenting an engagement ring, traditionally, men go down on one knee and pop the question to their lover. But, no such etiquettes need to be followed while presenting a promise ring. It can be gift wrapped like any other gift.
  • Traditionally, a man surprises his lover with by presenting the engagement ring in the most unlikely circumstances. On the other hand, there is no such pattern followed while gifting a promise ring. Two people can exchange their rings in any situation.
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Gifting a promise ring or an engagement ring is a gesture of love, compassion, affection, and commitment. But, each of these rings has its unique purpose. So proposing to your lover with a promise ring is not an ideal way to start the special journey of courtship.

So, if you are all set to pop the question to your girl, you need to figure out how to buy a ring for your woman. Start researching for the perfect engagement ring. It should be the ring of your dreams. You sure do not want ‘NO’ for an answer.

A perfect diamond engagement ring improves the possibility of getting a ‘YES’ from your girl. The confusion of promise ring v/s engagement ring is not getting cleared any soon, but one thing is pretty clear that you cannot use a promise ring as an engagement ring

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