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The Inspiring 3D Artists To Follow in 2022

3D models are having a massive impact on several platforms over the last decade. From game development programming to animated cartoons, movies, and advertising, this field is rapidly growing up than its other relevant platforms. Audiences get a stunning visual experience while watching 3D projects, but the fact is that 3D artists have to spend a lot of time and energy regularly into creating such 3D works.

Not all professional 3D artists have the same designing approach to these sorts of creations. But, their main target is to keep their audiences wondering how their works look so real and attractive! However, here we will discuss the top and inspiring 3D artists you can follow in 2021. If you have an interest in this 3D designing field, you can go through the following article and discover here the top hire 3d artist lists.

What is 3D art?

3D work refers to any creative work that is 3 dimensional, from sculpture to 3D printing. Nowadays, the concept of 3D work has transformed into the digital rendering of characters and concepts for various video games, cartoons, or movies.

Inspiring 3D Artists

3D artists utilize special software and creativity to create real-life, abstract, or mystic visuals from scratch. Now let’s take a look at the inspiring 3D artist’s lists across the world.

The list of famous 3d artist and their works in 2021

Hadi Karimi

Hadi Karimi has expertise in creating 3D portraits that look almost similar to a real-life person, and you will get confused to differentiate if this was an actual person or not.

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Karimi is one of the most popular 3D artists due to his proficiency in sculpting and character design. Some of his designed portraits of Will Smith, Marylin Monroe, Dua Lipa got global appreciation. You can find his mesmerizing creations from his social media accounts and follow them accordingly.

Andreas Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt is another renowned name in the motion graphics designing field. The artist belongs to Stockholm with fluency in creating 3D sculptures and looping animations that include the composition of colour, simplicity, and geometric structures.

Besides, his 3D animations are capable of creating visual hypnotism for the audiences. Andreas has already designed several 3D graphic designs for top-notch companies like Adidas, Spotify, Idea, Google, Ikea, etc.

MBG Core

Unlike other solo artists, MBG Core is a brand that belongs to Mark Aurélien. This brand has specialization in creating varieties of content, including animation, motion capture, and 3D sculpting.

The most enthralling factor in their developed projects is the motion graphic segments which can amplify and highlight various aspects within the frame. His comical contents can not only make you mesmerized but make you laugh at the same time also.


RekOde has a specialization in combining the real world with the figure that can make the audiences feel wondered. He is mostly working with the subject related to the construction environment. Some of his creations, like an AI, is busy building his commute home or a giant snake crawling through the metro, which can make you feel that they really exist.

Ian Spriggs

If you are here to find the best 3D digital artists you may follow in 2021, the name of Ian Spriggs will appear first in your mind. Like Karimi, he has proficiency in creating animated portraits. His 3D creations become so real that you can not distinguish those portraits from the real people, similar to when they actually exist.

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Due to his expertise in this 3D designing field, some popular filmography names have approached him for collaboration. You can check out his portrait creations from his social media accounts and wonder whether those pictures are taken from the camera or not.

Prateek Vatash

Prateek Vatash, a digital artist from Bangalore, India, kept himself focused on working with 3D and 2D visualization platforms over the last few years. He works with subjects like architecture, interior design, and typography. The massive exploration of Neon colour with the combination of geometric shapes and patterns is the most charming factor to be noticed in his projects.

He has already worked with famous industries like Apple, TEDx, etc. Moreover, his several exhibitions in Germany, India, and Spain got so many positive responses that you can undoubtedly describe Prateek Vatash as one of the upcoming 3D artists to follow.


Visualdon, the 3D artist from the UK, creates sci-fi-inspired animation, loops, and visual illustrations. He has been working with Cinema 4D platform to develop his captivating dreamscapes. Most of his creations are like psychedelic looping short movies.

Rolands Zilvinskis

Rolands Zilvinskis is a well-known 3D artist from Latvia. We can signify his 3D creations as highly conceptual with a sci-fi aesthetic. All of his humanoid characters come with detailed characteristics and nicely rendered aspects. Furthermore, their unearthly narratives are also remarkably relatable and can stir up emotions in the viewer.


Matías Vivanco Brellenthin, also known as Brellias, is a CG digital artist from Chile. He utilizes Blender to produce amazing 3D images of dystopian landscapes. The compelling usage of neon purple and blue tones are present in most of his sci-fi-based conceptual arts to glorify their beauty.

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Eventually, 3D art is a burning topic that is becoming popular frequently day by day. Artists have kept themselves busy increasing their efficiency in 3D modelling to make money as well. If you want to discover the top hire 3d artists’ list, contact us now.

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