Increasing Effect of Video Messages On eCommerce Stores

Video messages work similarly to instant short text messages. Still, instead of the sender relying on typing out their thoughts, they can capture their facial expressions and voice to deliver their message and give it a human touch.

Since users talk faster than they type, they can deliver their message more quickly with video messaging than when they default to instant messaging or email. Unlike a video meeting, a message doesn’t require the user’s recipient to be present to consume the news.

In other words, users can express nuanced and complex ideas whenever it’s most convenient for them, with no need to bog their day down with constant context switching or feel pressure to articulate their ideas in real time.

Video Messages

The most widely used and rapidly expanding media communication today is video messages. Video messages are fantastic for loved ones, friends, family, and everyone. You can create your gift video message to see its tremendous power because they activate both the senses of sight and sound.

Through body language, voice tone, and eye contact, video stimulates our senses and makes receiving a gift more emotional for both the giver and the recipient. A more emotional message enhances connection and produces memorable, potent moments. The use of video gift messaging by businesses and expert service providers is rapidly increasing.


Video is a particular type of media to text. Everything is communicated more prominent when presented visually rather than textually, whether you are selling, advertising, educating, or simply engaging with consumers.

According to statistics, people retain 95% of a video’s message instead of 10% if they read it. And that is where a video message’s strength rests.

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Cash In The Benefits Of Video Gift Messaging

Only video can transmit non-verbal clues like eye contact, tone of voice, and body language, which are crucial for eliciting an emotional response from viewers. The most excellent strategy to develop a relationship and brand affinity with customers is to evoke emotion and provide them with a meaningful experience.

A generally unexploited way to attract and keep clients is by using video communications. Video messages are a great technique to interact with customers who aren’t quite ready to buy. Many companies now use video as a customer support tool, but they still may not fully understand how effective video messaging can be for client retention.

That is a result of businesses not considering the value of emphasizing emotional experiences and user-generated content. Offering video messaging to consumers allows them to instantly build a sense of trust between the business and their recipient that the company cannot provide on its own.

It gives customers more significant influence over the gifting process. A video upload is just the beginning of video messaging. Additionally, it includes the events that will consist of the video message. Using the occasions accompanying the video greetings gives a gift an even more thoughtful touch.

Brands get to create possibilities that customers will select, and recipients will enjoy. The video gift message experience for the recipient is made more lasting by extra design components. For maximum success, a company needs to understand how to leverage the power of video gift messages.

Below, we’ve listed a few best practices in detail:

  • Display a live example and textual information about the video gift messaging option right on the front page of your website
  • Create a CTA that will catch your client’s attention
  • Create appealing options for your clients
  • Launch a marketing campaign for the new function across all marketing channels
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It doesn’t have to be challenging to maximize video gift messages; you must be deliberate.

Personalized Video Messages

Any shareable video content a user wants to send to their recipient qualifies as a personalized video message. It could be a recent video that you uploaded or a real-time video.

The video footage can include anything from a person sharing their most profound personal thoughts with their friends or a person telling someone what they constantly desired but never told. It can be anything and is a way to express yourself when you can’t do it in person.

An online eCommerce business will include the video gift message option in their ecosystem for customers to use while on the gift-giving journey. When customers interact with a store’s call to action, they include a video gift message.

After that, they will ask the customers to select a situation and record or upload a video of their choice. They’ve finished their assignment once they include a video! The video message is then transformed into a particular QR gift message printed on an occasion card and shared with the receiver either physically or digitally, depending on the store’s preferred delivery method.

When the gift recipient sees their QR code card, they will be encouraged to scan it and see their unique video message! They are linked to specific occasion designs shown on the QR code card and the video’s landing page.

Video Is the Best Medium

Yes, we have heard about video marketing and how it is emerging as the newest cutting-edge tool that enables companies to grow their marketing efforts in an innovative and disruptive way. But it is the right moment to try it and bring on some staff.

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Video marketing is a truly innovative marketing strategy. It can significantly increase lead or sales conversions, client loyalty, and repeat business when done correctly.

Send Video Gift Message In Best Possible Way

You can use video messages effectively now that you know them. The logical follow-up query is how to transmit these messages. Physically or digitally is the most straightforward response. The appropriate delivery method depends only on the planned flow and present fulfilment of a store. Consistently delivering physical video gift messages is how we advise.

The video gift message application is simple to integrate into various fulfilment strategies to avoid interfering with a store’s operations. As you are now aware, video messages come with occasion card layouts. Use the video messaging power for your company immediately using the Video Gift Messaging Extension app.

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