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How to Increase Business Online Engagement Activities

Increasing your business online engagement activities stands out as an effective way to help your business grow in the online landscape. However, increasing online engagement can be difficult if you don’t know how to approach the situation, so you may wonder what you can do.

We have five tips to help you focus on your online engagement, increase it and draw in more customers.

Write Blog Posts

You can start by creating blog posts for your business as a way to find new customers. When you create blog posts, you can spread information about correlating topics that will help others find out about your business. As they search for information online, your blog posts could appear, so they may find out about your business and increase your business exposure.

Increase Business Online Engagement Activities

On top of that, you can add a comments section to your blog posts, so customers and visitors can talk with each other. This gives you the perfect opportunity to boost your online engagement activities as people talk with each other, so make sure you give blog posts a try.

Take Advantage of Hashtags

Many social media channels use hashtags as a way to increase engagement and look into discussions. Hashtags are attached to posts as a way to show the topic of the post, so people can search for hashtags on social media. When they search for those terms, the most popular topics will appear, so they can find different discussions about them.

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For example, you can use small business hashtags for Instagram by making posts and adding those hashtags to them for example #healthyflick. That way, visitors can discover your social media channels and become exposed to your business. You can try different hashtags to see which ones stick and help your business boost its online engagement.

Respond to Social Media Posts

On top of making social media posts, you should respond to these various posts when you come across them. While you should respond to comments on your social media posts, you can also reach out and comment on some other posts. That way, you can interact with more people, show your interest in customers and spread your brand.

By responding to people on social media, they will become curious and check out your profile. From there, they may view your other posts, respond to them and help you boost your online engagement. This means you’ll have to interact with people regularly on social media, but it will help your business’ online engagement.

Ask Questions

As you create posts, you should focus on asking questions to keep the conversation going while online. This means you should think of open-ended questions to encourage more people to respond to those posts and improve online engagement. You can ask all kinds of questions, but you should do your best to focus on your business and its topics.

For example, if your business sells pants and shorts, you should ask people about their favourite materials and the pockets they like. You can identify types of questions based on your own business. That way, you can find out what they like, learn about your customers and encourage them to interact with you.

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Use Review Websites

Review websites allow you to share information about your business while encouraging customers to talk about it. They can go on websites like Yelp or Consumer Reports, share their experiences, and give their opinions about how your business performs. On top of that, people will see those reviews and want to learn about your business which can lead to more engagement.

Even though some people will post negative reviews, you won’t need to worry if you have mostly positive ones. People understand businesses get a few negative reviews, so you can still benefit from such a website. Make sure you utilize a review website, so people can share good and positive opinions about your company.


By putting emphasis on your business online engagement, you can encourage more of your customers to talk with you. This will help you gain more traffic online while also drawing some attention to your business. As you do all these things and apply the five tips, you can help your business grow and draw in new customers to increase your total sales.

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