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Important Tips to Use Customer Testimonials in our Production

In the competitive business world, we live today, any business venture that hopes to grow rapidly needs to build on its customer base. While various marketing strategies may be used, one of the best ways today is to tap into the goodwill the company enjoys among its base of happy customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create a good collection of customer testimonials.

These can prove valuable in drawing more leads and turn prospective customers into loyal customers. Research has established that such testimonials have a greater influence on a decision taken to buy a particular product.

It is found that up to 80% of potential customers are willing to buy a new product if it is recommended by someone they trust. Obviously, for many, reviews and testimonials matter much more than conventional marketing strategies.

Importance of Well-Designed Customer Testimonials

As different from other forms of customer feedback, testimonials are selected and supportive feedback of loyal customers who are genuinely happy with the company product. These can be created skillfully and project a very positive image of the company and its product in the minds of prospective customers.

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Thus, the existing customers serve as the unofficial brand ambassadors for the product. Testimonials could be in different formats but professionally made video testimonials can create the greatest impact. While creating them customers must be briefed well, and be concise, well-edited and authentic.

Tips for Using Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Wide Range of Media

A sound/good collection customer testimonial especially video testimonials can be used across various platforms like the company website, YouTube, and different social media and draw attention to the product or services, in a special and absorbing manner.

As part of the Blog Content

Any visitor to the company blog is a potential customer. If the person takes a look at the brief testimonials incorporated within the blog it is bound to impress and influence him. The testimonial can be positioned in the sidebar to be seen clearly.

To Enhance Case Studies

Case studies present a clear analysis of specific business scenarios or events and are used as great sales tools. The addition of apt testimonials can greatly enhance the authenticity and impact of these case studies.

As part of the Website and Service Pages

The key service pages of a website play a vital role in creating business leads that may lead to attracting new customers. The impact of these pages on potential customers can be definitely enhanced by including impressive customer testimonials.

These testimonials can appear on the home page, About page, as well as the contact page. In short, the value of any key page can be improved by incorporating the right kind of testimonials that suit the page.

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An Independent Customer Testimonials Page

Another novel strategy to improve visibility and customer conversion is to have on the website a dedicated page for the display of the various testimonials about a given product. It can have a compilation of all or a judicious selection of available testimonials. Potential customers who give top priority to revise and testimonials will find this very useful.

Selective Display of High-Profile Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

If a company is fortunate to have a few celebrities and social leaders among its base of loyal customers, it will be great to obtain and highlight such testimonials on various platforms. The beneficial impact will be tremendous.

As part of Social Media Posts

A company may use different social media to promote their content or highlight a product or service. These can be greatly enhanced by incorporating customer testimonials. It could trigger potential customers to become real customers.

A Component of Email Marketing Campaign

Whenever email campaigns are undertaken, for lead generation, the inclusion of audience-specific and relevant testimonials is a great idea. For the best impact, the nature of the testimonial the purpose of the particular email campaign should be fairly matching.

Along with Call to Action (CTAs)

Another good spot to display the testimonials to good effect is to have them next to Call to Action (CTAs) icons. This could be a business inquiry, signing up using an email or download content. The testimonials chosen must be very short and attention-grabbing. These prove crucial in prompting a potential customer to make the final decision to buy.

With Publicity Materials in Print Form

When printed material is used for marketing and publicity of a product, the messages can be made more appealing by adding appropriate testimonials that are displayed in a colourful and aesthetic manner. A charming picture of the customer will add to the overall impact.

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Any business venture can enhance its appeal and attract new customers by effectively integrating customer testimonials that are authentic and relevant. These must be created innovatively and

presented in diverse ways. Ultimately the judicious use of such relevant and captivating testimonials can go a long way in helping a company to achieve success in the competitive world of business.

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