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HP Chromebook X2 Intel Core m3-7Y30 Business Laptop

HP Chromebook X2 is a convertible laptop with a white, anodized aluminium that attaches to a rubber, leather-textured keyboard, and snaps in both as a laptop, and in reverse as a tablet.

The laptop has a screen that produces a solid 114% of the sRGB spectrum, which beats the 89% category average, but trails the 129% mark from the Surface Go and is slightly behind the Pixelbook (117%) and the Chromebook Pro (118%).

The HP Chromebook X2 is a business laptop which is on the brighter side of the laptops tested by LaptoMag, emitting up to 403 nits, a rating that towers over the 246-nit mainstream laptop average and beats the 376-nit Chromebook Pro. HP Chromebook x2 touch screen offers accurate and responsive input tracking.

Despite the laptop keys having a shallow 0.63 millimetres of travel, the HP Chromebook x2 offers a solid, comfortable typing experience. Testing it on the 10fastfingers.com typing test, I hit a rate of 77 words per minute on the Chromebook x2, both on a desk and in my lap, which is close to my 80 wpm average.

HP Chromebook X2 Main Features

HP Chromebook X2

Processor: Intel Core m3-7Y30
Storage: 32GB
Ports: Two USB-C, microSD, headphone jack
Display: 12.3-inch, 2400 x 1600 pixel
Battery: 48Wh, rated to 10.5 hours
Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.32 x .33 inches
Weight: 3.07 lbs. with keyboard; tablet 1.62 lbs.
Keyboard (not backlit) and stylus included

HP Chromebook x2 convertible laptop provides enough volume to fill a medium-size conference room. The laptop lovely audio quality may be due to the x2’S B&O Play-branded audio from Bang & Olufsen.

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Over on JetStream, the Javascript performance benchmark, the Chromebook x2 posted a score of 109.6, which is below the 180.7 category average, and below 145.1 from the Pixelbook and the 126.6 from the Chromebook Pro (Intel Core m3-6Y30 with 4GB of RAM). The Surface Go did even worse, with an (87.1).

On the WebGL graphics test, the Chromebook tied with the Pixelbook, with both laptops rendering 5,000 fish at up to 33 frames per second. Regarding gaming, the Asphalt 8 racing game ran smooth enough for play, but PUBG Mobile (which now runs on Intel-based Chromebooks!) had too much clipping for serious competition.

Battery Life

The HP Chromebook X2 convertible laptop has a very very good battery life, outlasting the field. The detachable lasted 8 hours and 50 minutes on the LaptopMag Battery Test (web surfing at 150 nits), which beats the 6:50 from the Pixelbook, the 6:06 from the Surface Go and the 7:27 category average.

HP Chromebook X2

HP Chromebook X2 12.5-megapixel camera on the rear of the Chromebook x2 takes pretty decent photos, capturing a range of hues in a fern in our office. The 4.9-megapixel selfie cam will do for Google Hangouts and Skype calls. However, I noticed there was a lack of detail in my hair and in the texture of my dress shirt.

The recently released Chrome OS version 69 brings more of Google’s Material Design visual aesthetic to Chrome. Its most visible feature is the brighter Chrome browser, which has redesigned tabs.

Chrome OS also gained a better password manager, as well as improvements to the search bar (which Google calls the Omnibox). The HP Chromebook X2 convertible laptop bright, colourful display and its lengthy battery life, which combined, should make you take Chrome OS seriously.

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Culled from LaptopMag | HP Chromebook x2 Review

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