Torial is an online platform for journalists to submit articles that can be read by a specific number of users or even all. All readers will be ranked according to their repute. Journalists use this platform to produce high-quality journalism. Torial recognized that while the web has had a tremendous impact on journalism, it also offers great opportunities.

It is the intention of the platform to capitalize on these opportunities to create concrete ways to help journalists navigate the changing market effectively and develop new ways of finding lucrative work. Torial is on its way to becoming a non-profit organisation. torial is for journalism and consists of journalists.

The online platform for journalists has no business interests in or intentions with their user’s data. This online tool offers a wide variety of story topics. Journalists can pick the topic of their choice, submit and publish their article, watch its ranking and reach the top of the page depending on the number of views.

Editors can determine a time period for a story that a journalist should work on. Once a reporter has finished the assignment, his or her name and publication information will be displayed on the Torial website.

The Torial platform has an automatic process that filters and verifies news articles so they will be published only on the platform

Torial Online Platform for Journalists

Torial is a digital collective of journalists: by combining journalistic expertise and its semantic ordering, something is created that an individual digital presence could never achieve

  • A dynamic basis for thematic networking among journalists
  • A pool of experts from which customers can quickly and spontaneously source the skills that they need at that point in time torial provides dynamism:
  1. Dynamism in the presentation of ideas and work
  2. Dynamism for the efficient utilization of journalistic work
  3. Dynamism for collaborative work
  4. Dynamism for spontaneous business
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Journalists can choose which stories are suitable for the submission and thus can save on the time and effort of reviewing each submission.
By just clicking on the website, reporters can view the real-time status of their articles. Their previous article and the number of views can also be viewed online.

Torial is an online platform that offers two different types of news stories. They are “Gold” stories, that are related to business, and “Silver” news related to sports, , health, religion, science, education, etc. Gold stories have higher viewing numbers than the Silver stories.

As news stories are available on all types of topics, journalists can choose stories to write and submit them to the platform. Once the journalist has submitted his article to the platform, it will display his name and publication details.

Every journalist who wishes to submit news stories online should register with the Torial platform

He or she can view the registered journalists’ profile and publically indicate whether the journalist is writing only for his or her personal website or whether he or she is creating the platform for the benefit of other journalists.

Once the journalist decides to launch a website dedicated to a particular topic, he or she can select a blog URL, and begin publishing articles. Journalists can create two categories: home and professional.

Journalists can design their site according to the interests of their readers. Readers can sign up to get notified about news in the site. Journalists can publicise their website by inserting a link on other websites.

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Journalists can also mention it in their portfolio and thus can spread the news about their website. Journalists can publish their news stories and publish to the Torial platform through their website. The platform contains a free trial version of Torial for journalists to test.

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