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How to Use Google my Business Website builder for your business listing

Google my Business Website is the newest website builder product for local business owner by Google to easily and affordably create their business websites. This SEO tool is a great initiative, as there are many small businesses that do not have a website.

What most people do when exploring a Google listing is to go to a business website, but we know that getting a website can still be a challenge for a lot of small business owners around the world don’t yet have a website because it is too expensive, too time-consuming.

The Google my Business Website is free to use, but to get a custom domain (such as a .com, .biz or .net), you will have to purchase a domain through Google domains, or else you will be stuck with an ugly URL such as your business name, business website, which, presumably, would be less memorable to users and lack the ranking potential of a .com site.

Google my Business Website Advantages for Business Development

The basic principle of this tool is for a service provider to develop a website or partnership with various sites where they advertise or market the product or service. Internet users who happen to visit those sites and are interested in the product or service may complete an online quote request form.

The completed form is sent to the digital marketing agency like Small Biz Marketing AZ. The information provided by the consumer is then verified and then sent to the potential suppliers or businesses.

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Lead generation can actually work for just about any kind of company. However, businesses who have already used it include insurance agencies, realtors, education associations, furniture shops, and office providers. Studies project that this will grow further, particularly with service-oriented businesses.

Google my Business Website builder

There are many other advantages of lead generation, which make it a popular choice for many companies. This is because it allows a company to: ascertain the price for a particular lead; choose a specific geographic area; choose the product or service that they want to offer to prospects; regulate the number of prospects for each month and pay only for those leads that have been obtained.

Why You Should Use the website builder

Google my Business Website builder

If you absolutely don’t have the time to build a small, 4-5 page website on a more robust platform such as a Squarespace or WordPress, then you should leverage the Google My Business website builder. At a bare minimum, we would recommend purchasing a custom domain rather than using the default URL.

In our opinion, there are many free alternatives which offer more customization and are more SEO-friendly even Google’s free blogging platform, Blogger.com, is more SEO-friendly.

If you are interested in how to get more customers using Google My Business listing can visit the Small Biz Marketing AZ website. However, if you are not in a competitive local market, and you want a one-page website that you can manage from within your Google tool dashboard, this simple website builder may be for you.

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