How to use Facebook Live Stream for your Business Promotion

Facebook live is the largest live streaming platform bringing together businesses, advertisers, and marketers to harness the massive audience built into the social network. Facebook Live stream enables business owners to build a bigger audience by making their business broadcasts more professional and richer in style and content.

Facebook Live stream makes it easy to share your small business moment with your clients and connect with through a live video. Most of the Facebook users are watching the video every day. The video will account for 80% of all the consumer Internet traffic, although part of that is due to the large file size and the demand for higher resolution.

About 13% of all video traffic will be live streaming video. The rise of services like Facebook Live will allow people to stream videos easily to a large audience. It is a rise in popularity and how useful it means that Facebook Live should be used by businesses of all sizes.

Advantages of Using Facebook Live Stream for your Small Business

It has Low Production Cost

The main benefit of Facebook live is the ability to use it on your smartphone. You don’t need to buy a lot of equipment or have any specialized knowledge, you can just hit a few buttons and you’re good to go.

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You can put production value into your Facebook Live events, by having production design, scripted events and even created banners and sets. Due to the immediate nature of Facebook Live, planning and money upfront can seem even more effective than in a produced video.

Facebook Live Stream

You Can Use Facebook Live Stream from your Computer

With an extension in a browser like Chrome, you can share what you are doing on the screen you are using, or even on just one Internet tab. The plugin started with the basic functionality you cannot do a video picture such as, but it does offer opportunities for businesses. It means that you can do a live walk-through of your small business website and its functionality.

You can also use this to do an online tutorial. For instance, show off your skills on PowerPoint if you are a graphic artist. It is also something you can use to talk to your clients in an exclusive Facebook group so you can answer their questions and give them real examples of the types of things they should be doing to improve their business this is great if you are a consultant.

You can use Facebook Live to Tell Stories

Due to the popularity of Snapchat and other services, Facebook Stories was introduced. Although they are distinct from Facebook Live, they can also be useful. Like Snapchats, these are pieces of content that have a limited shelf life of 24 hours that you can only view once.

At the moment, Facebook Stories are available from personal accounts only, but they can be a great way to build up your personal brand, and it’s a technology to experiment with when it does make it’s an inevitable way to business pages.

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Using it as a VR, 4K, 360 and Much More

Facebook is investing heavily in video and is invested in Facebook Live. It means it is constantly updating it. Facebook added the filters and augmented reality and, more recently, added closed captioning. You can use Facebook live stream on your Smartphones, you can also use all kinds of cameras to stream on the service, including 4K and VR even 360 cameras on phones like the Essential Phone are now supported on Facebook Live.

As a small business entrepreneur, you could ask one of the local reps in one of the estates you are managing to stream a live video of one of your destinations with all the production value of an international commercial for the price of an email. People can ‘attend’ openings, unveilings and gala events like they are there if they want to use virtual reality.

Use it for Live subscribe

If you regularly put up Facebook Live videos, then you can offer people who follow you the chance to use the ‘Live Subscribe’ button. This means that when you are going live with new content, people will be notified if they are on social media.

To get the best out of this feature (and Facebook Live in general) you need to think about when your audience is most likely to be on social media. That can mean it’s better to do your Facebook Live videos in the evening, for example, when people aren’t at work.

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