How to Use and Lock Your Aadhar Biometric Data Online

An Aadhar card number is a unique number issued to every Indian citizen. It is a centralized universal identification number that joins him directly to the verification procedures required throughout India and is mandatory for all the citizens. The Aadhar card is a small biometric data document that stores all the personal details of an individual including his address, date of birth, name, father’s name, etc.

These details are further stored in a government database and are becoming the government’s base for citizen services and public welfare works. Government has done various campaigns to publicize the importance of Aadhar card in an individual’s life. But still, there are various uses you won’t be aware of. We have highlighted those uses as follows.

Some Important uses of Aadhar Card

All-purpose identity card:

Aadhar card does not have a specific purpose just like a voter card that is only used to identify a voter. Instead, Aadhar card can be used for various identity purposes, making it a government-issued universally acceptable identity card. E.g. you can use it for address proof, date of birth proof, age proof, etc.

To avail subsidies

Another main use of Aadhar card is it makes you avail all the government subsidies an individual is eligible for. Since the government has all the required data on a particular individual, they only need their Aadhar card number as an identity proof to avail them various subsidies or programs issued by the government.

So far the government has introduced various schemes whereby it is mandatory for the individual to link their Aadhar card to a bank account and LPG connection so that they could receive their LPG subsidy directly into their bank accounts. This negates the possibility of cases of fraudulent claims in order to claim extra benefits from the government or the funds being misappropriated.

 Aadhar biometric Data:

Ease in making and availability

Just like other cards that take a lot of time to be made and require government charges, Aadhar card takes the least time and money to be made. It is the only government-issued document available everywhere and anywhere. You can apply it online or take benefits of e-Aadhar i.e. downloadable version of the physical copy of Aadhar Card.

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This makes it convenient and helpful for an individual to always have a valid copy of a government-issued identity document that he/she can access anywhere anytime. This also reduces the risk of misplacing of an original document, since the Aadhar can be downloaded onto any device and can be displayed at the required times.

Used for various government processes:

An Aadhar Card is the most essential document when it comes to verification, KYC, and identification purposes. Aadhar Card is used to speeding up the government and bureaucratic processes like:
• Acquisition of passport
• Opening a bank account
• Disbursing provident funds
• Taking benefits of government schemes like Jan Dhan Yojna
• LPG Subsidy Etc.

But have you ever wondered what it can be harmful to you? Means when you get an Aadhar card you give your important information including your fingerprint and retinal scan data to a government that is also called biometric data.

This biometric data is used for various identification purposes, e.g. when you submit an Aadhar card as an identity proof to get a SIM card, you use your fingerprint to allow the telecom company service provider to access your identity information. By doing this, you can quickly authenticate the Identity, speeding up the KYC verification process.

In the process, we forget that we have given a part of our personal information to the service provider. Several cases have been informed that claims the misuse of Aadhar biometric authentication data. The people who have claimed such cases have mentioned receiving an email from UIDAI stating that their data has been accessed via biometric authentication while they haven’t made use of their heir Aadhar card from longer duration. This is a quite shocking and alarming situation.

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But no worries, as we have found a solution for you. You can avoid all such cases of misuse of your biometric data by simply locking your biometric information stored on UIDAI’s servers. This means that the biometric data is safe and locked and cannot be accessed by anyone else – until you unlock it whenever you need it for the verification purposes and lock it back after the usage.

So here are the easy steps to lock and unlock your biometric data whenever you want

 Aadhar biometric Data:

Steps to lock your Aadhar biometric Data:

  1. Visit the UIDAI website.
  2. Enter your 12-digit Aadhar card number at the required space.
  3. Enter the captcha security code given below Aadhar card number option. Be sure to fill in correct number that shows up on the image.
  4. Click on the option “Generate OTP”.
  5. A one-time password will be sent on your registered phone number via an SMS.
  6. Once you have received the OTP, fill the OTP on the required space of the same page.
  7. Now click on the ‘Verify’ option.
  8. After verification, now check the Enable biometric locking option.
  9. Click the “Enable” option after checking the Enable biometric locking. By this, you will enable the lock on your biometric data.
  10. In case you want to disable the lock on your biometric data, just uncheck the Enable biometric locking and click “Disable” option there.


The registered mobile number is essential to lock your biometric data. The Aadhar card carries the registered mobile number. In case your mobile number is not registered with your Aadhar, you need to do it before starting the process by visiting the nearest Enrolment Centre and submit a filled up form.

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This will help you to lock/ unlock your Aadhar UIDAI biometric information anytime anywhere. By locking your biometric data you can authenticate Aadhar based transactions or requests for information only via the OTP sent on your registered mobile number and not with your thumb or iris scan (biometric data).

After locking biometrics if any person tries to invoke a UID for any of the authentication services using your biometric modality (Fingerprint/Iris) a specific error code ‘330’ indicating biometrics are locked will be displayed on his screen.

Summary: Applicability of Aadhar card is becoming mandatory everywhere. This small government-issued card is of various uses and is applicable everywhere. But with lots of uses, some people are smart enough to misuse the data of other people for their own benefits.

This is a fearful situation because various cases have come across that claims of misuse of their Aadhar card that has alarmed the whole country. But not anymore as UIDAI provided a mechanism for lock the biometric information and prevent any misuse for the Aadhar card users.

Biometric data consists of fingerprint, iris and a facial photograph of a person that is used for authentication and identification purposes. Other than that Aadhar card stores the demographic information such as name, date of birth, address, gender, mobile number and email address. To prevent all your important data by opting the step given above.

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