Most new bloggers’ blog traffic comes from , and in such a situation, if Facebook blocks your blog, then you may face a lot of trouble due to the blocked URL, Facebook has created a spam feature for spam-free Facebook, if any objectionable on Facebook If posted, we can report it means we can report it as spam.

Many times you send the same link on Facebook repeatedly, even then your blog can be blocked on Facebook. Some people unnecessarily spam your post, yet some people spam it for their own fun, and Facebook also randomly puts our posts in spam boxes many times, then that post is spam.

Unblock Blocked URL

Then if we share that spam post then our ID can also be blocked by Facebook. There are a lot of problems on Facebook and that bloggers and digital marketers are facing due to blocked URL.

Why Facebook accounts get blocked? And how to save Facebook account from being blocked

New bloggers do not have enough knowledge to stop fake spamming, the most problem is when someone reports our blog on Facebook when we share a blog post on Facebook, some people needlessly direct blog domain.

Let’s target, first, that person is malicious on our blog and reports to Facebook with such wrong reason. Then Facebook declares blog as spam without reviewing our blog.

If Facebook considers our blog and posts as spam with such fake spam report, then you can not share any post link of your blog and id also get blocked many times.Not only you, no one can share your blog link and blog post link on Facebook.

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And if you have already shared the post link, then it is also spam.If anyone opens that link, then it is written that it is a spam link.

Unblock Blocked URL

If this happens to such new bloggers and who does not know about it, then that guy gets very upset because 50% of the traffic comes from Facebook. This has happened to me a few days ago too.

And my ID also got blocked, so I could not even report that fake spam. Then I had to get help from another . But I could not find the correct solution for the problem.

If Facebook has also blocked URL of your blog, then I want to tell you about unblocking it

If in case there is a fake spam report of your blog in future also, then you can get your blog unblocked without taking help from anyone.

Now you have to report your blog to prove it right in the eyes of Facebook, that there is no such thing in my blog or post that causes any problem to the Facebook users, you have to report to Facebook and report that Facebook Accidentally placed your blog in the spam list.

For this, Facebook has created a portal where if you have any problem on Facebook related to your blog website, then you can tell Facebook and prove your blocked URL does not spam Facebook.

Then if there is no spam content on your blog, then Facebook will delete your blog blocked URL from spam boxes, and then you can able to promote your blog on Facebook.

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Steps to unblock blocked URL on Facebook

  • This is the official Facebook link, where you can report about the blocked URL.
Unblock Blocked URL
  • For unblocking spam URL you have to report it to Facebook.
  • Now you will see three options here, out of which this is a website I own/promote because you want to unblock your own website from Facebook.
  • Please explain why you think the blocked URL was an error, but here you have to tell about your problem, that is, the error comes when you share the link on Facebook.

In some time Facebook will review your blog and your blog website will be unblocked from Facebook, then you can promote blog website on Facebook. This will definitely solve your problem and comment here if it solves your problem. And follow us for the best facts, lifestyle and technology articles.

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