The question of how to relate with friends and other is one question that has plagued a lot of people. Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem that humans face altogether. Especially when you are in business, you have a romantic relationship and you have friends. And somehow they are all looking forward to getting your attention. The pressure can be really depressing.

Introducing How To Relate With Friends, Family And Other People

Relating with people is an everyday experience and just as the famous writer Dale Carnegie; author of the book how to Win Friends and Influence People. Once said that as much as adult’s need training in effective speaking, they also would need more training in fine art of getting along with people. Both in everyday business and social contact.

Why is it Important to Relate With Friends, Family And Other People?

relate with friends

Every day we meet with people and talk to people. This is why it is more important for us to know how to manage people. We relate with our friends and family more than we relate to any other person in the world. These people are very important in our lives because they mean a lot to our social life as a whole.

As a salesperson, a mother, a father, a business owner, an employer and even an employee. Whatever your position may be, it is important that you know how to relate with your friends, family and other people in your life. So, I’ll do well to make this blog post brief and well informed as possible. I believe you have known the importance of relating to people.

Fundamental techniques in relating with friends, family and other people

There are a thousand ways to relate with friends, family and other people. However, for the purpose of this blog post, I will be showing you a few that has actually worked for most people that I know as well as myself.

In relating with friends, family and other people try not to criticize condemn or complain

B.F. Skinner, one of the world’s famous psychologist, in his examination on human relationships. Said that an animal rewarded for good behaviour will learn much more, and would rapidly retain far more information. Effectively than an animal punished for bad behaviour. How to relate with friends, family and other people in our lives is the study of human relationship and communion.

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The Plague of Criticism

Criticism on its own is very dangerous because it wounds a person’s precious pride. It also puts a person on the defensive and usually makes him or her strive to justify himself or herself. Criticism can hurt a person’s sense of importance and it actually brings up unwanted resentments.

Unfortunately, criticism doesn’t make lasting changes and often incur resentment. Often times your friends family or any other person would not change their behaviour when criticized. This is because, they hear you complaining, criticizing, or condemning their bad behaviours ONLY. In actual sense they find it very insulting to their person and in most cases they tend to results to anger and resentment.

Always realise that the person you’re going to correct and condemn will probably justify himself or herself and resent you for condemning him or her. Often times we treat our friends, family or other people in our lives as trash. We relate with them in a way that seems like we are forgetting that they actually do have feelings.

What can I replace criticism condemnation and complaining with?

Amazing question!

So, you know someone whose attitude is really bad? Good that is very perfect! It shows you’re observant and that you care about that person. When dealing with people, always remember that you are dealing with people who tend to think logically. They are also creatures of emotions and having feelings like you do.

Therefore, we can replace condemning complaining and criticizing with trying to understand these people and why they do what they do. Knowing and understanding why they do what they do why their behaviours and attitude aren’t quite right, would help you determine what next can be done.

Win the hearts of friends, family and other people with giving honest and sincere appreciation

Amongst the things that people want in life is the feeling of recognition and importance. They want to know that they’re significant and important in one way or the other. One way you can relate well with friends family and other people is by giving them exactly what they want. Let your wife know that she’s amazing and mean it, let your boss know that he is the best boss ever and mean it.

The desire for a feeling of importance is one of the chief distinguishing difference between mankind and the animals. This desire to feel important has led many young boys and girls into joining gangs and engaging in Criminal activities.

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With giving sincere and honest compliments, you can help the society and the people around you be better versions of themselves. People tend to do better at something when they are complimented about it.

So this way you’re not just helping them relate well with you. Rather, you are making them better people, you are being an influencer to them and you are making them see reasons to be a better version of themselves.

As a person with the ability to relate with just anybody, the greatest assets you can possess, is the ability to give honest and sincere appreciation and encouragement. For example; A man who is looking forward to changing things in his wife’s behaviour should not go about nagging and complaining about the things she does. Rather, embrace her flaws, communicate and encourage her more on her strength, and watch how she’d thrive to be better for you.

Become genuinely interested in the other person

The question of how to relate with friends, family and other people is one question that the majority of people keep asking day after day. Good news, you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people then you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. People have stories, and somehow they just want people to hear them out. Take out time to listen to your friends, your family members and other people whom you’re interested in.

This will help you build a stronger relationship and help you relate with them on a much deeper level. People are more interested in themselves and what they have to say than they are interested in you. If you merely try to impress people and get people interested in you, you will never have many true sincere friends.

Real Friends

Real friends are those who feel free to share secrets, events and stories about themselves, and intimate things about themselves with you because they trust you. In whatever you do, let it be more about the people that you are relating to than about yourself.

In your friendship relationship family life and relating with other people. Always have a mentality that says: “I’m grateful because these people are related to me. They make it possible for me to have a social life, I am going to give them the very best I can possibly give.”

Potentially, a show of interest has overwhelmed every other principle of human relation and must be extremely sincere. If it must pay off then, It’s definitely not something you fake.

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Relating well with friends family and other people would require that you be a good listener and an encouragement

It’s not good enough to be just interested in people. Listening actually shows that you’re interested in the person and just like it’s briefly explained how to make a girl fall in love with you, listening is a full-body act. Listening and encouraging the people you care about shows that you can actually make an impact or influence them positively.

So, if you aspired to be an encouragement to the people you love. It will interest you to know that you need to listen to them as much as ask questions answer their questions sincerely and honestly. Also, encourage them.

Furthermore, people who talk only of themselves think only of themselves. These people who think only of themselves are regarded as selfish people and careless about other people. For a relationship to work effectively, there should be a balance. As much as you give time, effort and energy to listening to people. It is important that they reciprocate your nice gesture. Otherwise, the relationship is imbalance thus, unhealthy.

How do you deal with unhealthy communication in a relationship?

Dealing with unhealthy communication in a relationship has one major criterion. This criterion is for you to have the ability to communicate with that person. When you realise that you’re not getting as much as you are putting into a relationship. You can do the following:

  • Communicate your observations and do not complain to criticize or condemn.
  • See a relationship counsellor or mentor.
  • Educate the person on how communication in a relationship is supposed to be.
  • Encourage the person to learn listening and communication skills.


The biggest secret on how to relate with your friends family and the people, revolves around what people want. Some of the things most people wants includes:

  • Health and life
  • Food
  • Money and anything money can buy
  • Sleep
  • Life after death
  • Sexual gratification
  • A feeling of importance

The real great ways to help you relate with your friends family and other people around would include; Don’t be a critic or a nag, be honest in appreciations, be genuinely interested in the affairs of others and finally be a good listener and encouragement to others.

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