How to Optimize Your Organic Search Rankings

If you want to improve your organic search rankings, you should learn the basics of SEO. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website by ranking it high on search engines like Google and Yahoo!

While SEO may be considered a dark art, it is very easy if you follow best practices. Those who know SEO techniques can achieve first-page rankings on Google in a short period. SEO practitioners can also transform their careers and master advanced search marketing strategies like PPC, display ads, and remarketing.

Keyword research

It would help if you had the right keywords to achieve high organic search rankings in the search engines. But how do you choose keywords that have low competition? In this article, we’ll discuss a few key components of keyword research.

First of all, you should know the target audience. Keyword research should focus on keywords frequently searched in your target market. It would help if you also considered your competitors. It would help if you considered their competitors, local businesses, or large international corporations.

How to Optimize Your Organic Search Rankings

When choosing keywords for your website, it’s important to consider how frequently users search for them. Evergreen keywords, for example, generate search interest all year round. You can check this by using Google Trends.

On the other hand, seasonal keywords are frequently searched at certain times of the year, while trending keywords are popular today but may lose their relevance over time. In addition to using long-tail keywords for your site’s content, you can also use keywords related to your site’s topic.

Keyword research for organic search rankings should also include long-tail keywords. By integrating these phrases into content, you can increase your site’s organic traffic. It also helps to create familiarity with your audience and build topical authority.

Keyword research should not be rushed and should not be taken lightly. While the process can be intimidating, it should not be overlooked. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to a successful SEO strategy.

It would help if you began with an overall content strategy, determining which questions and topics to cover. Use a tool like SEMRush to help you develop a content strategy.

You can use SEMRush to research competitor data, estimate the volume of searches, and get a direct link to the search engine results page. It’s also important to keep in mind that the search volume of your keywords must be high, as 75% of Internet users never go beyond the first page.

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Meta descriptions

An accurate meta description is one of the most important factors for optimizing your organic search rankings. Although Google says that it does not rank meta descriptions, it has data-driven statistics that prove otherwise.

The data shows that the keywords highlighted in the meta description are more effective in attracting readers to your website. Thus, you can be assured that your meta description will satisfy the reader’s intent and earn you a click.

To learn how to write a good meta description, you can consult the ads in Google Search. The ads placed in top positions have the highest click-through rates. Well-written meta descriptions increase the CTR and can lead to more clicks and higher quality traffic.

According to a recent report from Sistrix, featured snippets can even increase your CTR if they appear in position one. However, it is important to note that higher SERP positions mean more clicks and better quality traffic.

Therefore, you should take the time to optimize your meta descriptions. To achieve this, consider incorporating the following strategies into your content:

  • A good meta description should have a few lines of text that accurately summarize the content of your website
  • It would help if you tried to write about 150 to 160 characters for a high-quality meta description.

While this does not directly affect your organic search rankings, a good meta description will increase the number of clicks on your site, which will lead to higher rankings. Also, remember that Google does not always use meta descriptions in its ranking algorithms, so a good meta description is a must for any page.


You must use a short, concise phrase or sentence to get the most out of your calls to action. Most call-to-actions are about 5 to 7 words long. They must evoke a sense of urgency to persuade the user to complete the desired action.

Every audience responds differently to different types of calls to action. The conversion rate of your call-to-action is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. You can use call-to-actions to increase traffic and sales to generate more leads and increase your business revenue.

One way to do this is by creating a database. Building a database of potential customers is a key strategy for building relationships. A newsletter subscription can help you develop your database by providing useful information and special offers.

Lead magnets are another type of call-to-actions. You can create a free e-book that gives away valuable information in exchange for an email address. Another way to create a database is to offer a lead magnet. Helpful guides and e-books can be used as lead magnets.

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A well-designed calls-to-action can increase the chances of converting organic search visitors into sales and marketing qualified leads. You can repurpose a blog post for social media. Facebook posts can include eye-catching statistics and pull quotes.

The benefits of organic search rankings lie in your chosen strategy and your team. You should coordinate your marketing efforts across channels to benefit from them most. You should also make use of tools like Google Analytics. Calls-to-action is vital to increase conversions.

The key element in your webpage will direct users down the marketing funnel. Without it, they might not complete their desired action and leave your site before completing it. Creating a clear call-to-action eliminates any friction in the sales funnel. Many companies also employ a combination of calls-to-actions on their website.


The importance of mobile-friendliness in organic search rankings has received much attention since Google first announced it in 2015. The announcement, known as “Mobilegeddon,” sparked panic among online marketers who wanted to maintain high organic search rankings.

Today, Google is slowly increasing the importance of mobile-friendliness in organic search rankings. It has announced plans to move to a mobile-first index. Mobile-friendliness is a vital ranking factor for Google, which wants to see that websites have demonstrated expertise in a particular subject.

For example, citing reliable sources and providing clear information about your subject matter are important methods of demonstrating expertise. Another aspect of mobile-friendliness is ensuring that your website is easily read on a mobile device.

If the audience cannot easily scroll through the pages on a desktop version of the website, they’ll have to zoom in to view the content. If your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, it will drive away prospects and reduce revenue.

In addition to increasing your SEO, mobile-friendliness also helps boost the user experience on mobile devices. Ultimately, it is in your website’s best interest to make it mobile-friendly. This change will primarily affect mobile searches and has not yet had a major impact on desktop searches.

However, experts are warning that sites that don’t have a mobile-friendly website may significantly decrease mobile search visibility. This change is not instant and could take days or weeks to roll out. However, mobile-friendliness will be a key ranking factor. As mobile search traffic continues to grow, it is important to optimize your site for mobile users.


The value of backlinks to your website cannot be overstated. More than 53% of all web traffic is derived from organic search, and the conversion rate is much higher than with PPC campaigns. Additionally, SEO can bring you 20x more user traffic than PPC.

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If you are serious about improving your organic search rankings, here are some strategies to get you started. Read on to discover what backlinks can do for you! Backlinks are important for your SERP rank, as the Google algorithm counts the number of good ones.

How to Optimize Your Organic Search Rankings

Each backlink contributes to your SERP rank, also known as PageRank. Unfortunately, in the early days of Google, websites had the potential to increase PageRank by building low-quality, unrelated links. To combat this, Google released several algorithms to improve its search results, including Google Penguin, Hummingbird, and Panda.

When building links, you must be careful not to build links from spammy sites or automated ones. These low-quality links may not do your site any good and can hurt your ranking more than help. Another way to build quality backlinks is to create internal links, which go from one page to another within your domain.

This type of link is known as interconnection and plays a critical role in Google indexing your pages. Finally, don’t forget to include the keywords in your anchor text. Backlinks will ensure you rank for your keywords and increase your organic search rankings.

Besides utilizing backlinks, you should also focus on bounce rate. It greatly impacts the first position on search engines, and a higher bounce rate can help you outrank a competitor with fewer backlinks and lower domain authority.

Using the Ubersuggest tool on Google helps you get an idea of what keywords generate the most traffic. This tool will show you the best-ranked competitors in your niche and country and their backlinks that will help you in your organic search rankings quest.

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How to Optimize Your Organic Search Rankings