How to Use Maildir Converter to Import Maildir email to Gmail

You need to comprehend what Maildir is when you attempt to upload Maildir to Gmail Google apps. So, this article will give you ways to import Maildir to Gmail using Maildir Converter. Let’s first understand the Maildir and Gmail

  • Maildir is an email format used to store distinctive name email messages. Each message is stored in a separate file in Maildir and each folder is a directory.
  • For each incoming mail message, Maildir generates a single file. This directory file format comprises of three subdirectory temp, cur, and fresh directories.
  • Maildir’s expansion is MBOX file format’s recent and successive format and if you want to understand more about MBOX and Maildir distinction.
  • Google App is a collection of different web applications such as Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and calendars.
  • Google Apps is a service-based entirely on the internet.
  • Sometimes users need to migrate Maildir to Google Apps because the format of Maildir files is somewhat limited to just a few mail servers and apps.

Users Queries

User 1

My current email storage structure frustrated me. For a long time, I’ve been using an email client application to store messages using the Maildir file format. But over time, solving issues and mistakes became hard. The spam filters have recently been unable to identify unwanted messages. So, I was looking for Google Mail’s most famous email services.

But the problem is that I don’t understand how to transfer all the user information in my Maildir account to G Suite. Please direct me to understand “How am I going to import Maildir into Gmail and Google mail?”

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User 2

I’ve got a Linux mail server that stores mail in Maildir format, but now I’m looking for a way to transfer Maildir to Gmail. Is there a solution to Google Apps Migration for Maildir? Please share your point of view. Thanks ahead of time.

User 3

I’ve got different Maildir file format mails. I’ve created a new Gmail account now, and I want to transfer all of my Maildir mails to Gmail account, but I don’t know how to do that. Is there anyone to assist Gmail import Maildir?

Why Maildir to Gmail is necessary?

Maildir file format is limited to just a few mail servers and apps and countless apps use Google Applications, on the other side. There is, therefore, a need to import Maildir to Gmail to overcome this restriction of Maildir. Sometimes consumers also want to pass their mails to the fresh Gmail account from the ancient Maildir.


No direct method for importing Maildir to Gmail is available. You can do the same by using the 2-step procedure:

Step 1: you need to convert Maildir to PST file format.
Step 2: you need to transfer the Outlook PST file to the Gmail account to upload Maildir to Gmail after generating a PST file.

Steps to convert Maildir to PST using Maildir Converter

Maildir Converter

There is no manual technique for converting PST format from Maildir To Outlook. So, to export Maildir to PST format, you have to go with Maildir Converter Tool.

Maildir Converter Features

  • Whether it is a single file or multiple files this tool migrates all of your Maildir++/Maildir information.
  • It can easily import Maildir to Gmail.
  • No data loss is there.
  • It can migrate emails with attachments.
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Maildir does not have a direct method to migrate to Gmail. So, to do this first we need to transform the Maildir file format to PST, which can be achieved using any third-party tool i.e Maildir Converter software, and then we need to export PST to Gmail account by this software. All the recommended steps are shown above you can read properly and then go towards the solution.

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