How to Invest Money Online to Increase your Earning Potential

This is an online investment platform to invest with a little capital starting from $5 and have access to limitless opportunities to profit on the financial markets. You will invest money online and get points for various actions that you take such as opening and closing positions, passing courses and tests and using different trading tools.

Ontega knows experience counts and believes you should be compensated for it. You don’t need thousands of dollars to invest in company shares, currencies, gold and oil. You are not expected to trade with large sums of money and leave it up to chance on whether you profit or not.

If you’re a beginner. Ontega eases you into the material to avoid overwhelming you at the very start with complicated charts and tools. If you’re experienced, they invite you to jump right in, nudging you with the right know-how at the right time, to help maximise your profits and limit losses.

How to Invest Money Online with Ontega Investment Plans

Invest Money Online

Beginner: Are you always wanted to try trading? Ortega’s revolutionary $5 plan is designed to let you experience trading in a low-risk environment with a step-by-step learning process. Start with $5, and enjoy the following

– Beginner interface
– Low profit/risk level
– Free course
– Email support
– No entry bonus. Learn more

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Trader: You can invest money online and experience the financial markets in a low-risk environment with Ontega’s trader plan. Become equipped for more advanced goals by learning about price movements and managing risk! You can start at $50, and have access to the following

– Trader interface
– Mid profit/risk level
– Self-learning centre
– Email support
– $25 entry bonus. Learn more

Advanced: For experienced traders, Ontega offers a whole new trading experience. Forget about the old trading apps and take Ontega for a test-drive. We are sure you will fall in love with this plan. Start with $200 with access to the following

– Advanced interface
– Full profit-risk range
– Advanced trading tools
– Phone support
– $100 entry bonus. Learn more

VIP: You can invest money online with Ontega’s professional mode turning your smartphone into a financial superpower with exclusive trading tools that give you the edge you need. Trade your way to the top. Start with $1000 and gain access to the following.

– Advanced interface
– Full profit-risk range
– VIP priority support
– Advanced trading tools
– VIP trading conditions
– $1000 Bonus. Learn more

Trading is the fastest and easiest way to invest money online unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably heard about online trading. Its popularity has soared as technological advancements have made it possible for the common person to invest and get higher returns than an investment firm or bank could ever match.

If you are seeking financial freedom and flexibility, trading is the answer. Once you invest money online, you trade whatever you choose, whenever you choose, with as much money as you want to invest. The global financial markets are open 24/5 and the opportunities to profit are virtually endless. What’s more, your money is readily available and you can access it right away.

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Invest Money Online and Get Rewarded for the Trading experience

No matter what your starting point is on the Ontega platform, the aim is to improve your skills and make you an even better trader. Your success is generally measured by how big your account balance is. The good trading decisions you’ve made are represented in terms of the money you’ve earned. All your failures are seen in the losses. Trading online really is the fastest and easiest way to make money.

How to Gain Points for Your Experience

Ontega has incorporated experience as a measure that we think is equally important for you to succeed. You receive xPoints for various actions you take that increase your skills as a trader. xPoints are not consolations prizes. They are necessary to improve the knowledge and skills needed to progress.

Examples of actions that will earn you xPoints when you invest money online

– Opening and closing positions
– Taking our trading courses
– Passing tests. You need to get at least 85% of the answers right to pass.
– Using different trading tools

The xPoints are rewarded regardless of your financial success

As a beginner, you may close a few of your first trades with a loss. Financially, this will have an undesirable impact on your trading balance, but having opened and closed this trade you would have gained experience that is incredibly valuable. This is why you will get xPoints regardless of the outcome.

Daring to try new things is also a prerequisite for success. Fear of failing is what stops most traders from succeeding. xPoints are the antidote to fear. Be bold and try new strategies or new trading tools. You will get xPoints when you invest money online, and for doing so you will learn invaluable lessons along the way.

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