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How to increase your Page Authority and Domain Authority

Why a website should have high Page Authority and Domain Authority? Everyone who is doing online business will be having a website and blog and expect their website to rank on the first page of google search engine.

It is not easy to rank on the first page of google because google has so many factors, algorithms to show your website for search results as per the user requirement. Google consider Page Authority and Domain Authority as one of those factors. So that is the reason our website should have PA and DA.

To increase domain authority takes more time when compared to page authority

Domain authority depends upon the whole website but page authority depends only on the specific page. I will tell you a few ways to increase pa and da. You can see the results within a week.

Onpage SEO optimization

SEO optimization is an important factor to show up in the google search engine. The content on the website should be having a relevant keyword. If you want to your ranking for your particular keyword you can use the leadmirror. It will show where your website is ranking for a particular keyword. Based on that you can add the keyword in the content.

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Generate more backlinks

Domain Authority

Backlink means getting traffic to your website from other websites.

Mention website link while Commenting on another website: Backlinks can be done by keeping our website link on another website which has high PA and DA. If you’re not able to post in another website you mention links in comments. Mostly there will be no-follow links in the comments. Google considers no-follow links but not as equal as do-follow links.

What are do-follow and no-follow links?

Do follow: If the links in any website crawlable by google crawler then it will be considered as do-follow links.
No follow: It is opposite to the do-follow links google crawler cannot crawl this links. Mostly the links on another website will be no-follow links. Nofollow links also are considered for Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Post articles in the blogs

We can also get users from blogs. Write an article about your website mention link of your website in the middle of the article if it is about your website or less you can mention in about author place.

You can post as a guest in the other blogs. If you cannot write an article you can directly contact bloggers to mention your link in their article.

Improve social signals

You should be active in social media. Always post about present trends even it is not related to your website because users should remember you that it is published by you. Improve your followers, connections on Instagram, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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Remove bad links

Bad links mean which have

  • More spam score
  • More external links
  • Not indexed in google
  • Having broken links

If your website is having badlinks it will reduce your Page Authority and Domain Authority. So make sure you don’t have that bad links. You can get your backlink data in leadmirror tool.

Improve page speed

After doing the above steps you will definitely see improvement in the PA and DA. But after getting backlinks, if your website failed to load then it will affect your ranking. So make sure your page speed is good.

Daily Monitoring the changes in the Page Authority and Domain Authority

You daily monitoring your PA and DA because no one knows which link will be added as a backlink when it is added. You can monitor your PA and DA by using leadmirror tool. Leadmirror provides you with complete details of your backlinks in link sense.

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