How to Explore Dubai Gulfood 2022 Exhibition

Participating in the Dubai Gulfood Show 2022 can be an effective way to tap into foreign markets and new buyers. This is the World’s Largest Annual Exhibition for F&B sourcing we are talking about here. This would also be the venue where you would network with industry leaders, market your products or services, and keep a tab on competitors and the latest innovation.

So, book your dates for the coming year on the second week of February.

Dubai Gulfood 2022 is being organized from 13th February 2022 to 17th February 2022 at Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Almost 5,000 exhibitors from the global food industry from over 120 countries are participating in the event.

As an independent trader in the food and agri-commodities sector, you can use the event to seize your share in a high growth sector. This would be your opportunity to swap visiting cards, network with industry leaders, and aim at high-value business ideas and opportunities.

The Dubai Gulfood Exhibition would also be the place where you can get to know more about digital adoption and cutting-edge innovations in the F&B industry.

Partner with and make the most of Gulfood 2022

At, they bring sellers directly in contact with buyers from across the world and streamline trade in agri-commodities such as rice, wheat, sugar, edible oils, cereals, and spices. The gaps in the supply chain are filled up using an innovative business model built around technology.

How to Explore Dubai Gulfood 2022 Exhibition

Their model is easy to understand and apply and has been finding a lot of takers from across the world. They believe in using a global procurement system that works through live negotiations and a price discovery mechanism based on real-time bidding between buyers and sellers.

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The company will ensure that buyers/importers have the option to buy in bulk after assessing the rates from global exporters on one screen. The sellers also have the flexibility to negotiate multiple orders and bid for the one that optimizes their business objectives. participation in Dubai Gulfood 2022 is expected to create more opportunities for their clients in the high growth food and beverages market.

There are several advantages of partnering with

Significantly lower costs of participation

The company are pleased to announce the Global Buyers Attention Marketing Packages starting from INR 35,000 and going up to INR 4 lakh. You can choose any and be a part of this global event at lower costs as compared to the cost you would have incurred while exhibiting alone.

Momentum for doing high-value business would be handing out physical brochures during the five days of the event. You will be featured in the brochure and get noticed by your target buyers. They will also be sending out more than 50,000 e-brochures to enhance your visibility.

Chance to create a global presence help promote your business with your QR code showcased in e-brochures and also a 16-page brochure being handed out at the event. They would also provide you with a trust seal from Tradologie. So, connect with us to participate in Dubai Gulfood in Dubai and create your niche position in the F&B sector.

Benefits of participating at Gulfood Show 2022 in Dubai

Dubai Gulfood 2022 is one of the most significant events of the year for professionals in the food and Agri commodities sector.

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You can attend the event to know more about the destinations to source the products you require, understand the latest developments in the market and connect with global suppliers. The best part is that when you are in Dubai Gulfood, you are conducting business in one of the most popular hubs with a track record for safety and connectivity.

Get aware of new markets

This is the perfect venue to engage in productive conversations with over 5000 suppliers from across the world and find out new opportunities to market your products. You can expect to meet and connect with lead buyers in the F&B sector here.

Enhance profits

You can also get the most competitive prices with the exhibition providing an opportunity to source from the largest range of F&B products.

Know where the industry is headed

Make the most of this opportunity to discuss with experts on the future of F&B. Learn new and sustainable ways to produce and consume food at Gulfood UAE. This would be the place where you know and start adopting big innovations in food.

Now, the next question is why participate in Dubai Gulfood.

Know more about is the World’s First Enquiry to Delivery Trade Facilitating Platform in the Agri commodities sector. It enables end to end trade between verified ready to purchase buyers and genuine exporters. This next-generation B2B platform provides its registered members with the opportunity to

  • Showcase themselves & their companies to registered buyers of the platform
  • Participate in live negotiations with ready to purchase buyers on pre-informed trade specifications
  • Trade securely through standard & time tested trade mechanisms where sellers are always protected
  • Gain market intelligence of competitor pricing during live negotiations
  • Promote its company & its product using digital marketing activities & platform
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At present, is preparing for Dubai Gulfood. They have been successfully participating in the event for the last 3 years and are hoping to outmatch our performance this time despite the challenging business environment.

You can make the most of our system to be virtually present at Dubai Gulfood Manufacturing 2022. This way, you would be making yourself known to global buyers and visitors and that too a significantly lower as compared to the cost incurred if you were to go alone.

You can make the most of the opportunity being provided by and showcase your products, services and brand on the world stage and that too at a reasonable budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us today and gain a foothold on a highly growing food and beverages sector being highlighted at Gulfood Show 2022 in Dubai.

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How to Explore Dubai Gulfood 2022 Exhibition

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