How to Create Online Voting Website without Coding Knowledge

An online voting system is designed to increase voter participation, reduce voting costs while upholding the highest security, verifiability and integrity standards. You can create an online Voting website to allow the people have access to the voting system which enables voters to cast their vote privately and easily from any place and on any device with Internet access ensuring maximum election engagement by enabling remote and disabled voters to take part on equal terms.

The voter’s privacy is highly are guaranteed via advanced cryptographic protocols. Through online polling system, election officials to assure citizens that their votes remain cast-as-intended, recorded-as-cast and counted-as-recorded. In addition to the added accessibility and security, operational efficiencies result from much-reduced costs and the delivery of more timely and accurate results.

How to Vote Online

create online Voting website

Using Any Device to Vote from Anywhere: Once authenticated, voters access a user-friendly voting interface that ensures votes are encrypted before leaving the voter´s device guaranteeing voter privacy.
Ballot Box Recording and Verification: Without decrypting the votes, voting servers check their validity; ballot box integrity is verified via bulletin boards, digital signatures and mathematical proofs.
Voting Receipts: Voting receipts allow voters to check if the vote received by the voting server has their selected options and that their vote entered the final tally.

Tools you need to Create Online Voting Website Without Coding

Opinion Stage WordPress Plugin: This WordPress plugin offers websites a highly engaging poll, survey, quiz, slideshow & form builder solution. For more details on Opinion Stage’s poll, survey, quiz, slideshow & form builder solutions, visit the Opinion Stage site. The Opinion Stage poll, survey, quiz and contact form builder plugin lets you display polls, quizzes, surveys & contact forms on your site. Running polls, quizzes, surveys & contact forms on your site lets you increase engagement, drive more traffic to your blog, and learn more about what your readers think and their opinions.

Main Poll plugin Features

– Manage all your WordPress polls from one dashboard
– Poll your site visitors using their social network identities or anonymously
– View the full poll participant list social profiles
Filter the poll participant list according to poll side votes
– Filter the poll results using social & demographic filters. You can filter the poll results by social network belonging, gender, location, time-frame and more
– Get the poll question & poll votes shared in social networks, driving social traffic to your poll and site
– Set the details of the poll social shares (e.g. poll title text, poll main image & poll share displayed in the social share) to optimize the poll share for improved visibility and click rates

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– Customize the poll feature to match your needs (e.g. show/don’t show some poll votes, show poll results before/after voting, order poll sides by most poll votes or as configured, etc)
– Customize the poll size, poll font, poll colour theme yourself or select from pre-defined poll styles and poll sizes.
– Embed the polls in different locations. You can create an online Voting website and add a sidebar poll, an article poll, or polls in a poll section on your site
– Prevent repeat voting in the poll. Use cookie-based, IP based and social profile-based methods to block repeat voting in your poll
– Redirect voters after they vote in the poll. You can configure to redirect the voters, based on their vote in the poll
– Set an expiry date for the poll, you can configure the time in which the poll will be automatically closed. You can also always manually open or close the poll. And much more

Democracy Poll: This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create an online Voting website and add a clever and convenient system to create an online Voting website with various Polls with different features. The Democracy Poll plugin is reborn of the once-has-been-famous plugin with the same name.

Even if it hasn’t been updated since far-far away in 2006, it still has the great idea of adding users’ own answers. So here is a completely new code. I have left only the idea and great name of the original DP by Andrew Sutherland. This online polling tool works with all cache plugins like WP Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WordFence, Quick Cache etc.

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– Single and Multiple voting. -customizable.
– Visitors can add new answers. -customizable.
– Ability to set the poll’s end date.
– Unregistered users can’t vote. -customizable.
– Different design of a poll.
– And so on. See changelog. Read more

WP Vote WordPress Plugin: If your company or organization holds meetings that require that a pre-determined percentage of members must vote for any resolutions to carry, our WP Vote plugin can help you achieve quorum by allowing your members to vote online. WP Vote records and creates reports on who voted, when they voted and how they voted. It is also designed to handle online proxy ballots. There a number of add-ons that can use to the extent this plugin visit the plugin home for more info.

Polls CP WordPress Plugin: With Polls CP you can create an online Voting website and publish a poll on a page/post and optionally display statistics of the results. You can receive email notifications every time a vote is added or opt to receive Excel reports periodically. The Polls can have dependant questions, this means that some questions are displayed depending on the selection made on other questions.

Main Features

Votes can be limited to one per user: Poll votes can be limited to one per user based on cookies or IP verification. Can be also set to accept unlimited votes.
Interactive questions: The questions can be shown or hidden depending on the selection made on earlier questions.
All languages supported: Visually configurable/editable for any language.
Email delivery/notifications: The poll votes can be by email to one or more email addresses.
Poll votes saved into the database: For keeping a record of the received poll votes, generate statistics and export data.

A printable list of votes: Get the list of votes received from the poll from within a selected date range and print it.
Export data to CSV/Excel: Export the poll’s data to a standard format that can be used by other applications.
Automatic reports: Provide automatic reports of the poll form usage and votes. Report on daily votes and accumulative hourly report. Printable reports for specific fields into the poll. Helps you to understand your data.
Automatic email reports: Automatic reports sent to the indicated email addresses on a regular period.

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Form Validation: Set validation rules to avoid getting empty answers.
Anti-spam protection: Built-it captcha anti-spam protection.
Drag and drop poll form builder: A basic and easy to use poll form builder for customizing the poll fields and form validation.
Customizable email messages: Specify the text of the email notifications. Supports both plain text emails and HTML formatted emails.
Multi-language support: The poll form builder allows entering the field labels and validations in any language. It supports special characters. Read more

SodaHead Polls: This WordPress plugin will add polls to your site when you create an online Voting website by creating an engaging experience for your audience and keep them coming back for more, with ‘SodaHead Polls’. Many of the web’s top publishers, including ESPN, ABC News, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros Television, use SodaHead as their preferred poll publishing and management tool to collect and display poll results in real-time.


Polls: Write unlimited polls targeted to your audience
Maps: Include advanced mapping features to help geographically display the results of your polls
Demographics: Compare and display how different demographics responded to a poll
Templates: Create, save and organize poll templates for future use
Customize: Use CSS and HTML to design the layout of the poll including colours, font, background, and more
Display: Choose to embed polls inline or fly out on page scroll
Results: Hide poll results from your users for contests and promotions. Read more

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