Video ads are commercials that are designed and distributed in a video format. Video ads are often referred to as video commercials or viral videos. Today, many companies use AdWords to advertise on Google; therefore, there is a competition to consider when planning a successful ad campaign. However, there is a great opportunity that we should not miss: AdWords for video.

AdWords for video makes easy to create dynamic YouTube ad campaigns, and best of all, not everyone is taking advantage of this advertising medium yet. So this is an opportunity in terms of advertising costs that you can take advantage of with a video ad to advertise your business on YouTube and the entire Google Display network.

Video advertising covers all kinds of online display advertising that includes

  • Text ads
  • Banners
  • Links
  • Video still shots

A wide request: In this age of high-speed Internet connection and broadband service plans, the average person has a very limited time. In fact, people are becoming more ‘blocked out’ by the large quantity of things that they want to watch or need to see.

Effective Video Ads

To fill this demand, more companies are creating more highly informative video ads to tap into this ever-growing demand. Video ads are a vast request and are being used more frequently by marketers.

Even with the limited amount of time the advertisement spends on the screen, it is an extremely effective form of marketing and can be easily incorporated into the text of an article or into a blog post. This also holds true for content videos.

This article is intended to help you create a video for a successful AdWords campaign. But first of all, let’s look at some considerations to determine if a video campaign is what your company needs.

Is video ads the right strategy for my business

It may be due to its many benefits, but it may not be the most effective for all businesses in your current situation. This will depend on some considerations such as:

Demographic situation

Everyone watches videos these days, but your target audience may be a very specific group of individuals who are not characterized by watching videos especially. In this case, there may be another strategy to address this audience on time.

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The click-through rate for your video ads can be low

Perhaps due to not being able to segment or find the audience that would be interested in your content, the click-through rate on your ads could be low by not reaching your interested audience on time.

The production of the video

There are two possibilities: you can do it yourself or hire a professional. In the first case, you must make it interesting and attractive for your target audience. There are many free video ad-makers for you to pick from. In the second case, hiring a professional can assure you of sufficient quality and appeal, but it can be expensive.

Is video still the right strategy for your business? If so, it’s time to create the video!

Brands looking to advertise are increasingly using video ads to market and instigate conversation about their products and services. Brands can leverage social media sites like Instagram to promote their product and spread the word about their business.

Because Instagram is an excellent platform for users to share pictures and photographs and has a huge fan base, advertisers have a large base of people to target, making it easy to reach an audience. This is especially true for brands that don’t necessarily feature in a lot of photographs.

Branding: Some people believe that video ads are a better medium for promoting a brand than radio, print or TV advertisements. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, video ads are actually a better medium for brand building than any other.

How to create a quality advertising video for your brand

When creating video ads, the most important consideration is whether it provides value to your audience. If it is useful for the user, if it offers information, if it answers their questions or gives them good ideas instead of just promoting your products or services. The user will have a valuable and much more meaningful experience with the video.

Take Bertucci’s, a pizzeria in the United States that created valuable advertising videos for its audience. How did you add value to your videos? Instead of just promoting their pizzas, they created videos that offer, in a fun way, tips and advice used by them to cook “the best pizzas.”

Not only do these video ads speak highly of the place and its food, but it also adds something to your pizza-interested audience, teaching them how to make a good dough or herb sauce.

To offer value in your videos, ask yourself

  • What would my audience like to know?
  • What information could be useful and entertaining at the same time?

Regardless of the industry of your business, there will be something capable of attracting users’ attention and seducing them with an experience that will leave them with valuable learning and sympathy for your business.

Short videos will be seen by more people

Users’ attention on the Internet, where they have access to endless videos and other content, is a precious and scarce resource. In addition, most users get bored easily, so if you create 10-minute video ads, where the best part is at minute 8, it is likely that not many people will get to see it.

Effective Video Ads

A short, effective video is generally less than 2 minutes long. And there is another detail: clearly the part of your video that will be played the most will be the first seconds (since after these, uninterested users will close the video or leave).

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Therefore, make these first seconds captivate your audience and seduce her to keep watching. Let them know in these first moments the value you offer throughout the video so that they stay until the end.

Focus on the keywords

This is key to avoid the second consideration described above: “The click-through rate on your video ads can below.” No matter how good your video is, if you put it in front of people who won’t find it relevant, it will go unnoticed.

It is crucial that you position your video before your target audience, that is, the users to whom it is directed and who will find it valuable for their lives.

This is accomplished by positioning the video for the correct keywords. If you are not sure if the keywords you are using are the right ones, you will need to constantly test to identify keywords that are not working well for you and eliminate them.

Determine the purpose of the video

Making videos because it is the best way to waste the budget. Before starting the creation of the video, it is necessary to identify what objectives you want to achieve with it, what type of audience it is aimed at, what message you will transmit, and how you will approach your audience.

The profile of your target users will determine the type of video ads that you will have to make and the tone in which you will express the content.

Suppose your relationship with your audience on the Internet is open, casual and spontaneous.

In that case, it will be good to treat the video with humor to relate better to the material. But, at the same time, if your company offers, for example, legal advice in a very formal online relationship, humor in a video could generate a reaction like this:

Know your audience and approach them with a clear purpose in your video to ensure you offer value and a good experience.

Use testimonials

When you go to the mechanic to have your car serviced and he tells you that it requires a transmission change to cost you dearly, you may be skeptical of this person’s verdict. But if you go to a second mechanic and tell you the same thing, you probably think the diagnosis is correct.

The same thing happens in a user’s mind when watching a video in which a company advertises itself. Again, there is the possibility that your audience will take all your statements with skepticism. However, if they see another person declare the same from their perspective and experience, this will convey more confidence and credibility.

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Get other people, such as satisfied customers, to recommend your products and services for you for your video ad. For example, suppose you are a local business. When physically serving your customers, you can invite them to share their company’s opinion in front of a camera to use it in a promotional video. You can even offer an incentive to loyal customers who want to be featured in your videos recommending your products.

Take advantage of existing content

It is unnecessary to create everything from scratch every time you want to create a new type of material since you can recycle content that is appropriate and interesting to add to your video. There are many ways to reuse resources for a video so that any content can benefit from its dissemination in a more fun and attractive way.

  • Do you have a boring statistics report in favour of your products? Turn it into an animated video that lists the benefits of your products for your customers
  • Do you have an informative content presentation? Turn it into an educational video that explains a step-by-step process for your audience.

Online video is a versatile, dynamic and stimulating form of content, so you can turn almost any piece of content into a moment of interest and entertainment for your users just by using your creativity.


Video consumption is extremly large and the competition for now not so much, so take advantage of this opportunity and generate valuable videos that you can promote to attract customers. Online video is here to stay.

When a brand features in video ads, they are actually giving the viewer a window into the company. This gives the viewer a quick and clear look into the world of the brand. Video ads allow brands to tell viewers something about their company, their values and how they relate to their customers.

They can also tell viewers how to get in touch with them so they can do business with them. Most importantly, they allow the viewer to contact them and connect with them on a personal level. These are the different types of purposes that videos serve for brands and by using video ads, you are ensuring that your ad campaigns will be successful.

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