Have you ever asked yourself the question of why use of a banner is so crucial for the YouTube channel? Or What is its function? If so, you have come to the right place as I will provide you with the best advice to get the most out of them. Keep reading, take notes, and put into practice on your YouTube channel!

What is a YouTube banner?

A YouTube banner or a YouTube channel art is that big image at the top when you enter your channel. This image can be an excellent opportunity to project your visual image and better position your personal brand.

Even if you are not a brand, people can also have a personal brand. It is known as “Branding” in marketing, but basically, they are all the elements that identify you as yourself and all those parent things that you want to project to your future followers and clients. So that’s why it’s super important that you pay attention to all the visual details on the different social media platforms.

Steps to make a YouTube banner?

The of YouTube channel arts tends to be very specific to individual brand identity. If you don’t have an idea about making your own image appear on your YouTube channel, go to find help from some easy-to-use YouTube banner maker tools.


Create a YouTube Banner

If you spend time with the BeFunky editor, you can create impressive thumbnails that reflect your brand on YouTube and surprise your followers with original effects. When you finish your design, you can save it in your BeFunky account or download it as PNG or JPG.

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Create a YouTube Banner

We cannot miss one of the DesignCap YouTube Banner Maker’s proposals. It offers a set of tools that make it easy to create thumbnails and give it a personal touch. You have to log in to DesignCap and choose “YouTube Channel Art.”

It will show you a series of designs with the corresponding size and measurements. In the first step, you can select a template. Then add photographs (you can upload your images), text, charts, modules, and other elements you want to create your own design.

You can change the layout of the template by choosing from hundreds of preset fonts(you can upload your own font as well) and a few other elements to customize your banner. Then you can download it as PNG, JPG, or PDF.


Create a YouTube Banner

Without a doubt, one of the quintessential YouTube banner makers is Canva. This tool is pretty easy-to-use and does not require graphic design knowledge. It has a large number of images, although you can also use the ones you want from your personal stock, illustrations, lines, frames, backgrounds, and texts.


Create a YouTube Banner

I recently found another online alternative to create YouTube banners without the need for programs, that is, directly from your browser. It’s Edit. Edit is a free, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform that will allow you to create attractive banners for your YouTube channels thanks to a wide variety of templates updated to the latest design trends.


Create a YouTube Banner

Due to this powerful tool, we can quickly create all kinds of designs, just like a professional designer. The good thing is that FotoJet allows us to customize our designs using the banner creator with dozens of free-to-use templates.

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You don’t have to know much design skills to create awesome YouTube banners! FotoJet has a great package of tools, graphic objects, and templates to turn your creativity into real designs for YouTube.


Create a YouTube Banner

It is a smooth and pleasant work with Stencil to create YouTube banners. Unrealistically simple web designer for your unique social media graphics that will take your social accounts to a whole new level. Just that he’s a real one like you and me, keep each creation as professional as possible with hardly any time and effort. If this is something that intrigues you,

The stencil is one of the tools that will help you immensely. Bloggers marketers and even small businesses can take advantage of Stencil as the easiest solution for their social media posts and social media banners. You should also take into account how fast Stencil is. It will take you as little time as possible.

The quickest approach to creating social media visuals is to pick a background, add some text, and you’re done. However, there is much more you can achieve with Stencil. Although you are limited with the free plan, you will still have enough options to create true web art masterpieces.

Tips to make a super YouTube banner

Take care of the size, because depending on which device they see you is how your banner will look. It would help if you sometimes took care that your logo, critical texts, or images are not cut off. I’ve seen many channels with great banners, but they cut off when you see them on your cell phone.

Be consistent with other social networks. Try to use the same graphics, fonts, images, colors, etc. So the people who visit you will be able to identify you much faster because they know how you “look” on the internet.

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Use that space to put important information. Many YouTubers put how often they upload videos or the days they upload. It could be a good idea to put in some words that describe your channel like “Makeup tutorials” or “Marketing tricks.” And you could also put a little reminder for them to subscribe.


If you are one of the users who is continuously uploading videos to the YouTube social network, you must consider the banner design. YouTube banners play a significant role when you want to attract other users to your channel.

In this way, you should start by offering a perfect YouTube banner, which is original and different from the others, since this will be the first impression, making the person decide to see your content.

I hope that everything I have dealt with in the post has been handy for you, and you can leave me your questions and recommendations in the comments, as well as share on your social networks. Thank you!

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