There’s a lot that goes into building a successful business. Much of the work is done behind the scenes. If you’re new to running your own company, you may feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn. A crucial aspect of any commercial venture is marketing and creating a brand identity.

Brand Identity Design

In order to put yourself out there in a way that your potential customers will begin to recognize, you must have a strong brand identity. Don’t worry. ’s not as complicated as it sounds. Keep reading to discover the basics of how to create a cohesive brand identity.

What Is a Brand Identity?

A brand identity is a collection of the visual elements that make up a brand. It’s your company’s image. It also incorporates your message and values. The ways in which you express these things to your customers make up your brand identity. Your brand helps you to create a business identity that reaches people and helps you to forge relationships.

What’s in a Brand Identity?

Basically, your brand identity is the visual representation of who your company is. It must be consistent everywhere it is displayed. This consistency makes your brand stand out and creates an impression that is easily recognizable.

Parts of a corporate identity design can include

These are just some of the examples of what to include in your brand identity. It needs to be comprehensive enough to translate across various mediums, so your elements will be unique to your company.

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What Makes a Strong Brand Identity?

The elements you include must work together in a strategic manner in order to be effective. It should be unique in a way that stands out among the competition and represents your key identity. It should also be memorable. It will need to make an impact. Be sure your identity

elements are flexible so that they can grow with your business. Everything must work together in a cohesive way, and the pieces should be easy for designers to apply.

How to Build Your Brand Identity

The first thing you’ll need to do to create a cohesive brand identity is to define your purpose and positioning. Determine what the purpose of your business is. What is your mission? Define your values and goals.

Decide who your audience should be and what you have to offer them. Know your competition. This information will help you to then turn your messaging into a visual representation of your business. This is your brand.

You’ll need to then determine your brand name and tagline. Chances are, you may already have a name. Keep it simple and remember that you will need to use these elements everywhere. Another component of your brand identity is a logo.

It should be something that is simple and timeless. It needs to be appropriate and relevant to your image. Your logo should be versatile so that it can be used on the packaging, advertisements, , and more. Your logo can be added to tangible promotional items like window decals, mugs, magnets, and more. Typography is also essential and should complement your logo.

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Your color palette will be added to the other visual elements of your brand identity. Colors convey quite a lot of meaning. Be sure the ones you choose reflect who you are. Don’t go overboard. Go with just a few main colors to represent your brand.

These are just the basics of how to create a cohesive brand identity. You now have an idea of what goes into this creation and can move forward with confidence to enjoy the creative process.

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