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How to Choose the Right GPS Tracker and Dash Cam Now

GPS trackers were once a luxury in India but now it has become a necessity because of the increasing crime rate. GPS offers the real-time location tracking of a vehicle; so even if you are unable to contact the driver of the car, you will get to know the location via a GPS tracker. Working with plain vanilla GPS will not work, in case you want to monitor the driver behaviour and his driving style.

However, there is a device in the market that not only tracks your vehicle but also lets you keep an eye on your driver KENT CamEye. KENT RO, India’s most trusted water purifier brand has launched KENT CamEye, a next-gen car security device to ensure the security of your loved ones and your car.

There are certain factors you need to consider while buying a GPS tracker:

Easy Installation Process

The first thing that comes to your mind when you buy such a product is the installation. There are certain devices in the market that cannot be installed without external help. GPS trackers are usually on-board diagnostics or ODB-based devices that need to be fitted with the inertial wiring of the vehicle.

KENT CamEye offers easy manual installation

You have to install the KENT CamEye Mobile app which is available on both Android and iOS. It is a non-OBD based device; so no internal wiring is disturbed in the vehicle. The device gets mounted on the windshield of the vehicle and is powered by being plugged into a 12V power socket using a Micro-USB cable.

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Intelligent Mobile Alerts

GPS Tracker

There are a lot of GPS tracking devices available in the market that offer mobile alert but only about the location of the vehicle and nothing else. But KENT CamEye offers smart alerts like over speeding, the engine idle, AC on, loud music, device tampering and much more. These alerts help you stay in touch with your vehicle and also keep you informed about the driver’s behaviour

GPS Tracking and Route Playback

A vanilla GPS tracking device will only give you the updates of the location where the vehicle is. However, KENT CamEye is way ahead and offers alerts when the vehicle starts the trip and when the trip ends. Not only this, it even offers route playback.

This feature helps you analyse how and when your driver is using the vehicle. If the driver takes detours for personal work, the route playback feature will help you know the practice.

Data Storage on Cloud

No device other then KENT CamEye, lets you store your data on secure cloud storage. The device lets you stay connected to your car over the Cloud. The device stores the data of all the trips (including video) on a real-time basis along with local storage on a secure Cloud.

In case of loss of connectivity, all data including video is stored on local storage for a significant number of days. It syncs with the Cloud once the connection is revived.

Time-Lapse Video Recording and Live Streaming

Regular GPS trackers don’t offer any such facility but KENT CamEye offers time-lapsed video recording of all the trips. Its dual camera feature allows automatic video recording of both the inside and outside of the car when it starts moving

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