How to Buy 2D Animation Online On a Low budget

There has been a very common misconception about learning the art of creating 2D animation. The misunderstood point is that the process of learning animation is difficult. However, that’s not true by any means. It depends on what kind of animation are you opting for.

If your plan is to get into 3D animations from the very beginning then you might have to face some hurdles. Although if your plan is to start with the basics and work your way up to 3D animations, then you will find success. The learning process could be done in a few ways.

If you are looking to be taught about animations, then the Internet is the solution to all your queries. As on Google, you can find various tutorials on how to start animations. If you want to be self-taught and do not want to have someone involved, that’s totally up to you as well.

2d animation
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For instance, if you’re new to the field of animation, you might want to seek some knowledge from Google as this journey will have some intense moments. The phenomena of creating movement in a Two-Dimensional space is known as 2D Animation.

In 2D animation, the creation of the following are included

  • Characters
  • Creatures
  • FX
  • Movements

When two individual drawings are sequenced together over a certain amount of time, an illusion of movement is created. There are usually 24 frames divided per second. Depending upon the style of animation you want to make there can be 24 unique styles done in just a second which is also knows as (24fps).

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This gives the animation a fresh and exciting look and also allows the artist to have some time and cost saved. The sole purpose for 2D animation being important is the unique impact it provides in our way of communication.

It enables you to tell stories and express your emotions in versatile ways which can approach both, kids and adults. Animation has helped in connecting with the world in a way that writing and live-action films couldn’t.

In the era of 3D animation being used now mostly in films, 2D animations have still not lost their relevancy and are still used in a number of ways. It is used most often for Mobile games, commercials for TV’s and also series of shows for adults and kids.

A famous know kid’s show which goes by the name of “Rick and Morty” is an example of 2D animation. Now the question that most commonly arises is how much does 2D animation costs and what is the margin for profit and growth in this field.

There are different rates for 2D animations depending upon the kind of work you want to get done

Usually, the artists provide you with a rate for one minute. A 60-second video could land anywhere between 3000$ to 50,000$. The cheapest purchase you could do would be just a whiteboard with the exclusion of any characters.

The major reason for animation being so expensive is the cost of the machines and software the experts use to create stuff. Also, pure dedication towards the work takes a lot of time from their day. A 60-second video could take 8-12 days to be made.

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Most apps or software used for 2D animation usually comes with a price. However, there are a handful of apps that you can use to create 2D Animation videos. A common app that emerges for beginners is “Animation Desk”. It does not require you to get the paid version to start working.

As a beginner, you will be given a short tutorial about animation. Being a learner you might not be familiar with the advanced features of animation such as zooming or rotoscoping. So, you don’t have to do that. You can merely stay on the Beginner’s level and start learning. After you’ve done enough time as a rookie, you can go to more advanced levels.

There are many more apps that are for beginners. Such as

  • Animaker
  • Goanimate
  • Powtoon
  • CreaToon
  • Bryce

The cheapest way to get animations done is through an app called “Toon Boom”. It is developed in traditional animation style and can help you create very flexibly. To make your animation succeed, there are a number of ways.

You should always put work in which is useful and relevant. Don’t overdo anything which would result in the viewer getting bored.

Don’t create something which is totally fictional and far from reality. Always frame something that can be easily understandable. All it comes down to is to focus on your story the most. Have the sheer amount of determination to create something remarkable and you will succeed.

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