How to Activate the Airtel Binge Data Plan and Airtel Binge Bundle

The Airtel binge data plan is specially designed to satisfy users with heavy data needs. Anybody who wants to download a movie, binge watch a series or stream an online class, the Airtel binge bundle plans are just for you. The binge plan Airtel introduced is a daily bundle and weekly bundles.

This means it will expire in 24 hours or in 7 days. Whether the data have been fully utilized or not but with the option of rolling over. Once you exhaust this data even before the expiration time, you can still resubscribe for another plan to last you for another 24hours or 7days. The Airtel binge data plan comes in 3 choices.

  • The first is the 2GB Airtel binge bundles for 500 Naira to last for 24 hours
  • The second is the 1GB Airtel binge bundles for 350 Naira to last for 24 hours
  • The third plan is the 6GB Airtel binge data bundle for 1000 Naira to last for 7 days (best for Bloggers)

All the data bundles are very good for the purpose of downloading files, watching video tutorials on YouTube channels, or doing something urgent on the internet like presentation involving video conferencing for jobs, interviews and another purpose. You can also stream movies on Netflix and other popular movie series download series websites.

The Airtel binge data plan comes with no restriction. Works on Mobile, Modem, Tablet, PC, MiFi, Android OS, iOS etc. Works on just any device that supports SIM and can browse over the internet just like other popular Airtel cheap data bundles.

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Table of Contents

Steps to Subscribe for the Airtel Binge Data Plan

  • Dial *141# on your device to access the Airtel data bundles menu
  1. My Offer
  2. Buy a Data Bundle
  3. 6GB for N1,500 wkly
  4. Buy a Social Bundle
  5. Buy a Binge Plan
  6. Data Gifting & Sharing
  7. Check Data Balance
Airtel Binge Data Plan
  • Chose the number that corresponds to your Airtel Data Plan and hit Send button
  • You can choose either 2GB for N500, 1GB for N350, or 6GB for N1,500 by inputting the corresponding code and send.
  • Click on the confirmation to confirm and send

Or Using the USSD Code Below

N300 Binge Plan: N350 – 1GB – 1 Day – *141*354#
N500 Binge Plan: N500 – 2GB 1 Day – *141*504#
N1,500 Binge Plan: N1500 – 6GB – 7 Days – *141*1504#. Or simply Dial *141# and select Binge Plans

Remember, after you might have exhausted this Airtel binge data plan before the expiration date, you can subscribe for more airtime again and resubscribe for the bundles again.

You can enjoy all the Airtel binge bundle plans on Airtel 4G bundles with special data plans designed specifically for routers to deliver superfast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage. The bundles are locked to Airtel Routers on 4G network, meaning that the data cannot be consumed outside of Airtel 4G coverage area.

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